Chapter twenty nine

Home is where the start is

"Ash." May said as she started to cry the tears she was holding earlier.

"May!" Max yelled as he went to greet his older sister. Max looked around like he was looking for somebody. "Where's Ash?"

"His…his…" May cried. "Gone." May replied before crying into more tears. "He saved his life for us… and me."

There was silence over the whole group. May who was still on her knees crying remembered the last time he saw him.

"Don't worry. You won't." Ash replied as he kissed May lightly on the cheek. "Now go!" Ash said to May.

"Ash…" May muttered. "I'm going to miss you."


One week later…

"So this is where you guys live?" May asked Amelia and Lucas.

"Yep." Amelia replied with a smile. "I mean since your trip is leaving in a few hours Lucas and I thought you should spend the time here."

"Okay I will." May replied. "I really don't have anything else to do."

"Come in." Lucas said as he pushed the huge black metal gates. "I just hope dads home."

"At this time?" Amelia replied. "As if." Amelia said as she too entered the Ketchum property.

As May entered the house she remembered what she said earlier. When Ash was around. Before she loved him.

"Let us just enjoy the night Ash." May asked. "And anyway when is the next time you get to be in a place like this?"

"Actually" Ash replied. "I've been in a place like this before." Ash replied.

"So this is what Ash meant back then." May thought to herself.

"Here we are." Amelia said making May think back to reality.

"Wow." May jaw dropped. "I didn't know Ash was rich!"

"Well now you do." Lucas replied as he inserted the key into the doorknob and twisted it making the door unlocked. "Come in." Lucas said as he was the first one to enter the huge mansion.

When may entered the huge building May saw the walls painted with a light pale yellow colour. Near the door was a side table full of photos. May walked to them and saw all different kinds of photos. There was photos of Ash and his Bagon, Amelia with her Dratini and Lucas with his Gible. There was one photo of the three siblings together. May notice that Ash and Lucas seemed happy in that photo.

"That was the only photo Ash and I were happy in." Lucas said. "It was the whole family outing that day and we took photos and went out together as a family. That was the last day we had together until we all got seprate. I still remember Ash telling me that he wanted to have his tenth birthday here in Hearthome."

"Then who is this?" May pointed to a tall man who was next to Ash's mother, Delia.

"That's dad." Amelia replied as she also entered the conversation.

"Wow, his pretty tall." May replied.

"Yeah, people say that a lot." Lucas replied with a laugh. "I'm just glad were not as tall as him or maybe we wouldn't be able to fit into the door."

The whole group laughed with Lucas. After a few seconds of laughing May looked at the biggest photo in the middle. It was the whole family photo. Everyone was in rich suits and dresses.

"In that photo Ash was complaining about how tight that suit was and Amelia here was crying because she wasn't wearing her favorite dress."

"You sure had a great time that day didn't you?" May asked.

"We sure did." A young boy's voice replied.

The group turned around and saw Ash with his father by his side. They were walking down the stairs when they called out to the group. Ash was smiling at them and his father just smile but it didn't look like it though.

"Ash?!" The whole group replied in shock. "But how?"

"I don't really remember. But dad told me that he was on a boat and stopped at full moons island. He saw me fainted and badly bruised. He took me home and soon I recovered in a week's time."

May had tears of joy running down her face. Ash saw this and walked down the stairs with his father tagging along. May ran to ash and hugged him. Showing how much she missed him.

"Ouch." Ash replied.

"Sorry." May replied. "I missed you so much that I forgot about that you are still hurt."

"That's okay." Ash replied.

"Ash." May asked. "I really missed you."

"Me too." Ash replied as he softly kiss May on the cheek.

"Aww how sweet." Amelia and Lucas said together which made May and Ash both blush.

"Young love." Ash's father added.

"Don't add please dad." Ash blushed in embarrassment.

"Yeah dad because these two still need to make out still." Lucas laughed with Amelia tagging along.

"When I get better remind me to literally kill you." Ash replied in a unpleased tone.

"Okay, I will try not to." Amelia replied with a cheeky smile.

"Ash." Giovanni started. "It's glad to see you back here."

"Yeah it is dad. It sure is good to be home." Ash smiled.

The End?

ABOUT TIME THIS FIC ENDED! 29 chapters? Wow. I never thought I would write that many. I plan to make a sequal but i can't do until the pokemon people make a new battle frontier which might be at least in three years time. perfect, i sure i can think about what happens during that time. xD

And also today is April 1st, my birthday! im turning 16. but anyway you don't need to know that. ^^ until my next fic, cya!