Playing Hard to Get

Len has everything a boy would want: money, girls...the whole package. But there was only one thing he couldn't have. Rin Kagamine. What was so hard to get her to like him?


He could've afforded a better school to attend.

His parents would've given him anything, after all. Perhaps it was the easiness that made him stay.

Or it could've been the girls.

Yes, the girls were nice…

He turned to look outside the train's window with droopy eyes and a bored expression. School was getting all too easy, and he'd already dated practically half of the girls at his school in less than a year.

He'd done almost all the underclassmen, because they'd "begged" him to. And, being the gentleman he was, he'd always accept. But he'd always end up being the one to break things up before it got serious. It was either because they'd whine about wanting more from him, or wanting to take their relationship (if that was what they'd even call it) to the next level. Unless he was truly interested in them, he'd give it to her. But that was rare.

Giving it to her was based on three very important principles, since it was one of his very special talents in life. (Or, at least that was what he thought.)

First, her looks. She'd have to pretty, because he didn't want to be known for being desperate for sex. He had been born with a beautiful face, and he believed that beautiful people should be affiliated with other beautiful people.

Second, her body. He had a very nice body, and he wasn't about to share it with anyone else except for other beautiful bodies like his.

And thirdly, her previous boyfriends. If she was a virgin, he would be honored to be her first. It looked good on her record, anyway. If she wasn't (and that was usually the case), he'd have to make sure the previous ones were of "no threat". But most of the time, they were miles behind him.

To him, every girl was the same. Sure, they make "look" different, but deep down they were all the same. You had your pretties, your skanks, your transfers, your virgins…but all of them were so easy to read.

Girls wanted boys for comfort. Girls want boys that give them whatever she wants. Girls want boys for sex. Girls want boys to treat them like they've never been treated. Girls wanted boys for everything. And all of the above was what he provided.

He still had a half of the girl population to go. Maybe after he'd finished the other half, he'd transfer to a private school. Private schools had hot girls, right?

The metro train jerked to a stop to pick up the next batch of people at the next station. Businessmen and students alike hopped onto the morning train, yawning and sighing that the New Year had begun.

Unlike the average student, he was excited for the new school year. There would be tons of more easy work to do, and more time to play around. Summertime was so boring, since all the girls left for foreign countries, and he was stuck at home alone. His mother and father were so inconsiderate for leaving him moping about in Tokyo…


He turned his head and noticed that a familiar short-haired brunette had taken a seat next to him.

She smiled impishly and slowly slid a pale hand up his arm.

"How have you been doing without me?"

He returned her suggestive smile with a devious grin, since he already knew where this was going.

"I've been so sad without you," he replied coolly. "You know how I am when I'm being ignored..."

"I didn't mean to," she said in a fake teary tone. "I was just having so much fun…"

Softly laughing, he started getting affectionate as well, putting a slender finger to her leg and sliding it over her skirt.

"Having fun without me?" he teased back.

She put her hand to his cheek and then slid it down to his chin, holding his face as if it were an angel's.

"But you'll be having fun with me for a whole year now," she replied as she pursed her luscious lips. "I'm all yours."

From the outside, he remained cool and calm with an expressionless face. But inside, he was grinning. He'd already reeled her in. By saying those words, he knew that he could dispose of her whenever he wanted.

As he'd said before, it was all too easy.

Sure, she was beautiful, with a beautiful body, and with a non-threatening boy past. But so was almost every other girl at his school.

He wanted a challenge, something hard. Someone that was hard to get. At least until he'd managed to reel her in, too. He wanted someone other than this beautiful girl that was sitting right beside him.

And, as if he'd gotten his wish, a girl with short blond hair managed to wheedle her way through the closing train doors in the nick of time.

Huffing and gasping for air, she'd looked like she'd just run out the door without looking at herself in the mirror.

She was a total wreck.

Her hair was flying in every direction from static, her cheeks were pink from running in the cold, her skirt was wrinkled, and that odd white bow tied upon her head was so stupid-looking…


His brunette goddess was asking for more, but he seemed to be more interested with this haphazardly-dressed girl.

Judging by her uniform, she attended the same school as his. And judging by her legs, she appeared to be a virgin…


"What?" he asked as he continued to stare at the new girl.

She looked from him to the loser girl and then back at him.

"Why aren't you saying anything? I'm all yours, right?"

"Of course," he said, turning back to look at her with reassurance.

Desperate, wasn't she?

He slid his hand from her skirt over around her waist and gently slid her over to him. She seemed to enjoy this attention, and automatically put her head onto his shoulder. He put his head on top of hers and took in the smell of her newly shampooed hair.

Grinning, he took a string of her brown hair and put his lips to her ear.

"You're all mine."

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