Playing Hard to Get

By: Nietono-no-Shana


The white sash above Len's locker was really starting to annoy him. It stuck out from the small crevice it had managed to seep through, lolling and swaying with the wind as boy after boy filed past to open their lockers and take out their regular shoes.

It reminded him of that eccentrically-brazed girl, who had been placed atop a desk with closed, peaceful eyes as she clutched…

Scoffing with an indignant frown, he snatched his shoes from his cabinet and slammed the metal door shut, making the surrounding guys flinch and turn to look at him.

He never lost his cool.

Not until now, at least.

Perhaps that was because things weren't going his…-!

He paused as he slipped on his regular walking shoes and withheld himself from ridiculing. Usually, he wouldn't have cared about someone so lowly as that white-ribbon blonde. She was an outcast, a loser. She was in love with a man who was at least 4 years older than her. And yet, he still wanted her.

Suddenly, Len's eyes widened as a small light bulb in the back of his head clicked. He pivoted as he turned around to glance at the limp piece of white fabric, as it desperately hung like a chew toy. It was weak, feeble, frail…

…And what if Kaito were to be in this position?

A malicious smile deviated on his smooth lips as he swung around and exited the changing rooms. Taking his cell phone from his pocket, he flipped its top open and began to scroll down the numbers (and there were a lot of girls' numbers, too) until he'd found…!

"Len!" came the high-pitched squealing of Miku as she pranced down the school's pavement. In a blink of an eye, she'd already managed to arrive at his side and scoop her arm into his like a butterfly in a net.

Without mouthing a curse or a sigh, he merely glanced over at her uncaringly and then returned to look at his cell phone's brightly lit screen.

Her happy air immediately deflated and her annoying chagrin transformed into a deranged furrow.

"Len, why don't you look at me anymore?" she cried. "You just seem so…different now!"

"Different?" he repeated, tapping a text message key on his phone.

"Yes. And I want to know why."

He could already imagine her blue eyes sparkling with a fierce intensity he'd never seen before. (Perhaps that was because he'd never gotten her mad.) Her ferociousness unfazed him, and he continued to gaze down at his phone's screen with a pair of heartless eyes.

Infuriated with his blatant and ignoring actions, Miku shoved her arm out of his and stepped in front of him, despite being a tad bit smaller. She put her hands firmly on her hips with an offended frown placed on her mouth.

"Y-You're–" she began to gulp. "You're…cheating on me, aren't you?"

Instead of a flinch or a sigh of confession, Len's posture did not change, and he remained tall, stiff, and steady.

He merely blinked back at the pigtailed princess he once was interested in.

Her pigtails began to look childish, and her dimpled frown had somehow transformed into a puckered expression. Her skin was incredibly white, and he noticed that she'd been putting on way too much blush. Her flavor was dry and bland, and had already been sucked of its once-tasteful spice…

"No," he finally replied. "I'm not."

"Yes you are!" she shot back, her eyes almost coming to tears. "I know you are! You're seeing someone else, and that's why you're not interested in me anymore!" Her toughness had reached its peak, and she began to break down into sobs.

Usually, this would've been the perfect time to pick up a girl: when she was in a state of misery, she would always be willing to cling onto someone for support.

But now, he just didn't care.

Miku had been right: he was interested in someone else – and that someone had already been wooed by another.

This, in his opinion, was foul play.

The aftermath of Kaito's infliction still pulsed through Len's veins, and his rage only grew more and more by the minute.

That's why he was going to get back at this imbecile that dared to get in his way. And he would make sure that the stereotype of "playing hard to get" was broken.

But for now…

Instinctively, he took another glance at the crying pop star.

Even though he was bored with her spice, perhaps…?

He walked over to her and yanked one of her arms.

"Let me make it up to you," he said.

11:45 PM.

Running a hand through his blonde hair, he sighed with exasperation and let his head fall on top of Miku's fluffy pillow. He turned his head to look over at her, who'd already been sleeping like an angel hours ago. He'd only had to run a hand down her body and a few French kisses here and there, and she was already out.

How boring…

As if getting his wishes, his cell phone began to vibrate madly on the countertop and he quickly snatched it before it woke Miku up. Looking at the caller ID, Len tightened with panic as he saw who was calling him. Sweat was already making its way down the nape of his neck, and he hesitantly put the phone to his ear.

"Hello?" he whispered.

"Where are you, and who are you with?" came a sultry voice from the other line.

"I'm over at my friend's house," he said slowly, making sure his lie was fool-proof.



"Who's that?"

"A guy's."

He heard a pause from the other end, since he'd already figured out what she'd been alluding to.

"Can you come over here?"

Len looked back down over at Miku, who'd been curled up on the edge of the bed with her bed's white sheets covering up her body.

He took a strand of her long teal-colored hair into his fingers and began looping it around his fingers.

He felt that overpowering sensation again; that feeling he always got when he was in control of his own little game.

Grinning, he slowly rose from the depths of the sheets and sat up, his bare chest already feeling the change of temperature from the sheets to the cold, air-conditioned breeze.

"I don't see why I should. I don't like it when someone thinks I'm doing something I shouldn't, Meiko."

There was another pause from the other line again, and he could hear a small shift from where she was sitting.

"…I need you," she said after a long moment of respite. "No, I…want you."

He laughed internally at these magic words and uncurled Miku's hair from his finger.

"If that's what you want…" he said with a smirk.

2:33 AM

With Meiko pressed against the clear glass walls of her apartment, he slowly and skillfully wrapped his expert hands around her model-like waist. He traced the edge of her neckline with his lips, breezing against her cool, smooth skin. With every movement of his lips, he gradually moved his hands from her waistline to her chest…

"L-Len…" she breathed, her cheek against the cool glass. Her hands were stuck to the wall as she grasped the glass desperately as he continued to move his hands up her body.

He strategically placed her between the wall and his whole body, her short breaths spewing from her full reddened lips with cheeks flustered of its usual light tanned color.

Suddenly, Len's phone rang from the marble counter not too far away from where they were standing, and they both silenced, staring over at the vibrating device dumbly.

"Who is-?" Meiko began to ask in a weak voice. However, Len – without any sign of tiredness – marched over to his phone and answered the call without any objections.

"Hello?" he said.

"Just what was that text all about?" the voice asked bluntly. "I thought you got everything solved."

"Len?" Meiko said, shyly stepping away from the glass wall. "Who is it?"

"Akaito." Len answered back to her without any tone of alarm.

"Akaito!?" the voice from the phone yelled back. "Don't you ever try to cover up me with that stupid guy's name!"

"What's he want?" Meiko sighed between short breaths. She sultrily slunk over towards a red leather couch and plopped herself atop, crossing her long slender legs as she did so.

"He's wondering why I have my phone on so late," Len answered back, ignoring the caller's complaints. "But anyway," he began, turning his blonde head away from Meiko's. "What do you want?"

"What do you mean!?" the voice screeched. "I'm here to help you! Or is that not what you-?"

"No, it's what I want."

"Good. Because I was about to say-!"

"So what kind of information do you have on him?"

At this, Meiko cocked her head with wonder. She propped one of her arms onto the couch and settled her back against the chair, already getting the feeling that this was a conversation worth not interrupting.

"Well, he's clearly too young to be a teacher. He's 21 years old."

"I see."

"He graduated from abroad; from America, with an English Degree. He's originally from Osaka, though."


"And as for his past relationships…well, I see none on his official records. So he's clearly not married."


"Now, tell me: why are you so curious about this guy? Turning gay on me or something?"

Len gave a dry smile at this remark.

"No. I'm just…" He slightly stiffened, remembering that Meiko was looking at him like a hawk. He cleared his throat and gulped before continuing. "…I'm just 'curious', you know."

"Ahhh…" the other replied, clearly getting the secret. "Well have a fun night, my dear apprentice."

"Sure, thanks. 'Night." And as soon as he disconnected his call, Meiko jumped right into question-mode.

"So what did Akaito want?" she said, clearly annoyed that this "friend" of Len's had interrupted her fun.

"He wanted our homework assignment," Len said, taking another leather seat across from hers. He stretched his hard-worked hands out onto the arms of the chair.

"I didn't sound like one," she said brusquely.

"Meiko," Len said, staring into her intimidating eyes daringly, "Do you think I'm lying to you?"

Without a word, she pushed herself out of her seat and sauntered over to him. She bent down to his eye level and leaned closer and brushed a finger across his lips, which did not even waver.

"Yes, I do." she whispered.

"Then let me convince you that I'm not." He said, his blue eyes glistening with fortitude.

He gently took her hand from his lips and brought her whole hand to his and kissed it wholeheartedly. Then, he slowly moved his lips from her hand to her arm, a conniving smile hidden under the strands of his hair…

-to be continued...

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