(I know I haven't finished all of Arthur Grown Up yet, but I couldn't wait to start this one. And I figure people will probably like this one better anyway).

It was a normal Friday afternoon in Elwood City, and Arthur Read was sitting on his couch at home reading. Little did he know that fate would soon give him some news that would lead to the biggest adventure of his teenage life.

Suddenly, Sue Ellen burst through the door, panting heavily.

"Arthur, I have…good news…" she said, hoping to regain her breath.

"You okay Sue Ellen? You seem a little winded."

"I'm sorry, but I had some really great news and I rushed right over to tell you" Sue Ellen replied.

"You could've just called."

"I decided I'd rather tell you in person" Sue Ellen replied, by now having taken a seat on the couch beside her beloved.

"Well, what is it?"

"Do you remember Lisa Simpson?"

"Sure, yellow skinned girl with pointy hair, visited our town about 5 years ago" Arthur replied "weren't you two going to keep in contact with each other?"

"We still do" Sue Ellen explained "we used to communicate through letters, but then her dad got upset at the rising cost of stamps, so now we talk through e-mail. Anyway, Lisa invited us to come spend the weekend with her, and go on a double-date with her and her boyfriend. Isn't that great?"

"Sure, I'd love to see Lisa again" Arthur said "but I'm not sure my parents would let me go to a different city for a whole weekend."

"You never know unless you ask" Sue Ellen replied "my parents already said I could go. Oh, it'll be so great seeing Lisa again. It's hard to believe it's been five years already."

"Yeah, who knows what changes she's gone through since then" Arthur replied.

A few minutes later, Arthur told the news to his parents, who were still debating on whether or not he could go.

"I'm not sure I like the idea of you going to another city without any adult supervision" Mrs. Read said "we have no idea what this Springfield place is like."

"Please mom, Sue Ellen's parents said she could go!" Arthur begged.

"Let him go mom, then I can take his room while he's gone" D.W. added.

"You're not setting foot in my room D.W.!"

"You can't stop me from going in your room!"

"Oh yeah!"


"Oh yeah!"


"Oh yeah!"

"Okay, enough you two!" Mrs. Read replied "well, I do remember Mrs. Simpson to be a fine and respectable woman, so I guess you'll be okay under her watchful eyes…"


"But, I expect you to be on your best behavior" Mrs. Read continued "follow all the rules of the household and the city. And be polite to your hosts."

"Not to worry mom" Arthur replied "I'm always polite."

"That's a laugh" D.W. said "you always shut the door on me when I ask you to play, or call me names like 'D.W. Dimwit' or 'Little Miss Ugly Nose' or…"

"Thank you D.W., we get it" Mr. Read interrupted "but I'm sure Arthur won't do any of that at the Simpson house."

"If the Simpsons really like Arthur, maybe they could keep him and I could move into his room" D.W. suggested.

"No!" both of her parents replied.

"Wow, Lisa Simpson. I haven't seen her in ages" Francine said.

Arthur & Sue Ellen had come to the Sugar Bowl with some of their friends and had told them the good news.

"I'm so jealous, I wish I was going" Muffy said.

"Well, Lisa did specifically ask me and Arthur" Sue Ellen said "but I'm sure she wouldn't mind if we brought a few friends along."

"I don't know Sue Ellen…"

"Oh don't be such a worrywart Arthur, I'm sure Lisa will be thrilled to see some of the old gang again" Sue Ellen replied "but we can't take all of you, 'cause I don't know how much room they have."

"Well I'm definitely coming, 'cause I want to do a piece on Springfield for the Frensky Star" Francine said "if a person like Lisa came from there, who knows what other interesting people live there. Fern, I'm making you my official photographer."

"Great, do I get paid?"

"Um no, it's strictly a non-paying gig. Union rules and all."

"What union?" Fern questioned.

"I would also like to participate in this excursion" Alan added "perhaps this Springfield has other intellectuals with whom I can share enlightening discussions."

"Well if we're inviting people, then I want Buster to come" Arthur said "no way is my best bud gonna miss out on a trip like this."

"Then I guess it's settled" Sue Ellen replied "all of you talk to your parents about going, and if they agree, then we'll leave for Springfield first thing tomorrow."

"I'm sure my parents won't mind" Francine said "they said I could go to Crown City by myself if I wanted."

"My parents will just be glad to get me out of the house" Fern added.

Bart: Well four-eyes, it'll be great to see you again.

Arthur: And you too. I'm really looking forward to visiting your city. Although I am worried D.W. might try to steal my room.

Bart: You ought to get an alarm system for that bad boy.

Arthur: I'm not even sure where'd I go for that.

Bart: You've got a pal who's a genius right? Have him hook one up for ya.

Arthur: Maybe I'll try that. In the next chapter, we visit our old pals and find out what they've been up to in the last five years.

Bart: Not much.

Arthur: So don't forget to read and review.