Title: The Good Life

Author: Priestess Skye

Word count: 1,130

Genre: Romance, fluff

Rating: K

Note: This is in special thanks to Youkai Yume who is allowing me to use her 'Everyday Love' series as picture prompts. Check them out at youkaiyume . deviantart . com (minus the spaces). This particular one is from Everyday Love 5 – Text

It really was a wonder how the man would put up with her day in and day out, Kagome thought as she straightened the linens on one of the tables in the hotel hall. The mere fact that he didn't complain about her catering for one of his competitors spoke mere volumes as to his support, and touched more than he realized. Or maybe he was just that secure in his own business and his own success. She had been very reluctant to even meet with this client initially simply because of the nature of his company, yet it had been Sesshoumaru who had pushed her forward. Daily, he had allowed her to drive him to work while she used his car to run errands, purchase foods and centrepieces, interview potential staff, sit with the internal communications staff sharing menu ideas, recipes, discussing expectations.

Four nights now she had gone with very little sleep as she tested her recipes, tweaked the ingredients on them to get exactly the taste she wished. Then the last two nights everything had changed when the company decided to go with a breakfast rather than a luncheon. Even now, she had spent the predawn hours preparing the rolls that were about to be handed out and prepping the food about to be served. So far, everything was going swimmingly. The hall was filled with executives wearing their designer suits, all with a smart phone in their hand. This used to be a sight that would give her pause. Dating Sesshoumaru, this was normal. Even he was constantly attached to his smart phone, though he was pretty good about leaving it at home when they were out and it was just the two of them.

The CEO of this company didn't know her, had never met her and she was sure he wouldn't recognize her though she had attended her fair share of public functions at Sesshoumaru's side. However, working with a caterer was far beneath him as it was a task delegated to the admins of other departments involved. She wasn't sure she would have been hired if they knew of her connection to her boyfriend, though she had signed a confidentiality agreement when she did accept the position. She had honoured it, not wishing to mix business with her personal life.

And Sesshoumaru understood that too.

Her demi-god may be a jerk sometimes, but at least he was an understanding jerk.

The black skirt suit she wore blended in with the others so she didn't noticeably stand out. The only difference was the pair of flats she wore on her feet as opposed to the heels she saw on the feet of many other women. Again, both gifts given to her in honour of her first event. Smiling, she watched as her servers began to deliver the bowls of fruit to each table. They would eat, then sit and listen to the speeches. She knew how these events typically functioned having had the opportunity to sit in on them many times. "Table five, chair three," she murmured to a female server who came looking for several empty plates. "She's lactose intolerant so requires a special lactose free milk. You'll see a small rhinestone on her name tag on the table." She handed the miniature pitcher for coffee over before arranging several danishes on a serving tray. "Deliver that one to the table on the south side of the room and then come back for the others."

The aroma of freshly baked bread and ham filled the room and it amused her that even the smart phones were set aside when there was the prospect of food. They were all children, every single one of them, playing adults when they weren't eating. She could hear the talk of stocks and trades and technology as many continued to talk shop during their meal. She ignored it all too, again, used to this from her own foray into this world.

"Table six, chair four," she instructed another server as she handed her a few slices of a wheat bread. "Gluten-free. Apparently this is a very important client so let's make sure it goes to the person."

No dishes were clattering, nobody was yelling and she had yet to hear a single complaint. She hoped sincerely that the rest of the morning would continue like this. She was pleased with the way her hollandaise sauce turned out and even more pleased with the presentation of her eggs Benedict. She placed a sprig of parsley next to the English muffin on a plate that had yet to be carried out, and nodded as the server reached for the tray.

Things were going swimmingly. Fresh croissants and pastries on the sides, fruit at each table, and a meal fit for a king being delivered to each participant. She couldn't help but smile at the look of satisfaction on each of their faces as they brought their forks to their mouths. This was how it should be, Kagome thought. She only wished she could share her triumph. Right now, she could see Sesshoumaru packing his briefcase so he could start his day, coffee in his free hand. This was a ritual she had enjoyed sharing with him these past few weeks, the both of them getting ready together, leaving together, and spending as long as they possibly could together. She didn't even get to join him in bed last night she was so busy baking and putting on some last minute touches. She wanted to share this with him.

"Take over here for a minute," she whispered to her head server before she ducked outside of the room. Slipping her hand into her jacket pocket, she removed her own smart phone; a gift from Sesshoumaru after her old phone met its fate with the toilet bowl water, and opened her text messaging software. With a smile, she began to type. She may not be able to start the day with him, but at the very least she could help start his day right. With luck she'd nab him, with his suit on, overcoat slung over his arm as he was about to put it on, just before he left the house.

Have a great day 3


Hitting send, she returned to her affair. Life was good.

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