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Kagura, you are a nurse??!!

"Okay now that we are here, listen up." Kagura tried to sound as in control as possible, she could feel butterflies running astray in her stomach but still some how she managed to stammer out the rest of the sentence. "I am sitting here under this tree with my back turned, you undress, go and take the bath and call me when you are done."

Even as she said this she felt she would faint from the mere sense of excitement. Even though she tried not to concentrate on Sesshomarou, still her greatest ally, the wind itself seemed to be betraying her, it was as if the wind was teasing it's own mistress, she could feel even the most subtle vibration of his body and the royal aroma that was emitting from him was perhaps being directed towards her by some omnipotent power. 'No I shall not think of him, besides he is acting this way only because he is sick, as soon he gets better I am sure he will return to his previous impassive form.' But still she could feel the dagger piercing her heart bend increasing her dread of the day when Sesshomarou would get better. For a moment she concentrated on her fan, as she moved it from one side to another a calm breeze flew past the beautiful flower meadow surrounding the spring, setting into motion the various wild flowers that had grown in somewhat of disarray. Yet it was this disorderly placement of the flowers that attracted her even more, and for a few minutes all worrying thoughts evaporated from her mind. In a playful manner she continued to play her little game of putting the dandelions in motion and moving them to and fro in mid air. It was quite some time before she could hear Sesshomarou address her name.


"Yes what is it?" she asked, the girlish tone in her voice was really different from her actual tone. She was pleased to hear him and for the first time she didn't feel at all awkward about the fact the she was so close to a completely naked Sesshomarou.

"Well I don't really understand what you are doing but I think that it's not helping me one bit."

She was surprised at her sudden remark, "What do you mean?" she asked, astonished.

"Well for starters you must have not realized but the winds you are generating just took with them my clothes."

"What" and in some sort of a reflex she turned back, only to see Sesshomarou semi naked, her cheeks turned a shade of crimson and she immediately turned her eyes away, "Well, I Eh… Sorry for interrupting your bath Sesshomarou!"

"Apologize later once you get my clothes back." He snorted out.

"Which way did they go?"

"Well you were the one controlling the winds and now you are asking me?"

'Shit, what am I supposed to do now?'

"And bring my armor back as well."

"What? Your armor flew away as well?"

"The type of force you were generating could have even carried away a mountain. Just take a look around you!"

Now that she did take a look around her she saw that everything was in a state of utter confusion, she had become so involved in her childish game that she failed to notice even the large tree that had been uprooted, or the portion of a neighboring hill slide down like melted snow. "I am really sorry Sesshomarou, I didn't mean to do such, I am getting your clothes right now." With that she boarded her feather and proceeded to look for his garments, she was even more astonished that she didn't realize how much strength she had put into her fan. How could she, the most feared wind sorcerer in the continent misjudge her winds? It had never happened to her before! What was happening to her, 'Is this what love is?' she secretly thought to herself, perhaps too secretly for even her own senses to know.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~After some tedious searching~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"I found your clothes!" Kagura said placing the attire below a nearby tree, trying not to look in Sesshomarou's way.

"What took you so long? For one moment I thought you had abandoned me."

His statement had a strange effect on Kagura, the usually cool headed and calculating wind sorceress lost track of herself as she protested, "After all I have done for you how could even think that I was going to abandon you, I will never do so." The hidden rage as well as disappointment was obvious in her tone.

"And why is it exactly that you would never abandon me?" Sesshomarou's question was more of a mocking. He secretly enjoyed Kagura around him, although his ego would never let him accept the fact but perhaps he attempted to bring something out of Kagura.

"Well…" Kagura stammered, "It's because I am your nurse and a good nurse never abandons anyone."

Sesshomarou was perhaps a bit dissatisfied with the answer, "Kagura, You are a nurse?"

"Yeah, so?" Butterflies trailed down her stomach as she felt Sesshomarou's breath bruise her slightly exposed shoulder, he was so close, and she couldn't even feel any movement.

"I can think of a million un-nursely things that you have done." He said as his hands slid around her waist from behind.

"Well……" she was no longer sure what to say, she wasn't even sure whether Sesshomarou was properly clothed but as always managed to produce a reply, "I…eh, stayed with Kikyou for a few days and tried to pick up her ideals."

"Then please don't pick up her ideals on love." And as Sesshomarou finished Kagura let out a sigh, of relief or regret no one knew, but her hormones were running with the speed of heat. She turned around only to see a bare-chested Sesshomarou walking back towards his armor.

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