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Well, sorry for the long delay, but I had some serious writer's block. Just couldn't proceed with this plot. But I guess it's time to wrap it up soon so here goes.

Kagura, you are a nurse??!!

'Then please don't pick up her ideals on love.' hese were the words that were haunting Kagura for the past two days. Within that time she had attended to Sesshomarou's endless tantrums and was really exhausted. Could it be that he really cared for her? Or was it just because he was high. As a billion thoughts were clouding Kagura's brain she saw the Inu-gang approaching from a distance.

"Kagura, so how is everything going?" asked Sango as she approached her.

"It's okay, he is well enough to hang around on his own, regained much of his strength." Kagura replied.

"Oooow I see!" exclaimed Myoga who for once wasn't getting swatted sitting on Inuyasha's nose.

"So, this is where both of you are staying!" cried Kagome as she eyed Kagura's shack.

"I don't believe this." cried Inuyasha as he cut Kagome off, "That high nosed jerk wouldn't go to sleep without having a king-sized bed to lie on!"

"Don't say that, he isn't THAT dense." Kagura protested, not knowing why.

"And why the fuck are you defending him? Who is he to you?"

That was one question that Kagura couldn't answer, she felt a sharp pain shoot up all over her visage. She tried to say something but words soon faded away from her mouth.

"He has probably gone to get laid by some random demon princesses of nearby kingdoms. He is probably all over her by now." Inuyasha continued.

Kagura couldn't answer, his words were piercing her like needles, her head bowed down as she tried to conceal a tear that escaped her eyes. She was a great actor and easily fooled the men, but Kagome and Sango could still make out her feelings!

"Inuyasha stop that, poor Kagura has gone through enough already." Sango shot out.

"Inuyasha! How could you say such things, you and Miroku go take a chill, while we stay here with Kagura! Men never understand a woman's feelings anyway!" Kagome shouted.

Inuyasha gave an innocent look followed by a clueless 'What did I do?' expression before taking off with Miroku.

"So, how long till he is fixed?" asked Kagome looking at Kagura.

"Not long, he is bringing food for me to cook for the past couple of days, so I guess that's a sign of progress." Replied Kagura, still shaken by Inuyasha's comments.

"Sesshomarou fetching food to cook? Unbelievable!" exclaimed Sango.

"That's so cute." Cried Kagome, "You two make such a great couple!"

"It's only you two who think so." sighed Kagura as she turned her eyes to the sky.

"No, the fact that he loves you is apparent, he just has a case of ego problems."

"Sango's right Kagura, he loves you!"

"Too bad I am not any high class princess!"

"So what?"

"Inuyasha is right, why should he care about me? I can think of a thousand princesses who would do anything to be with him, in return he might even gain a part of their kingdoms, I can offer no such thing!"

"This is stupid, Kagura, you have to stop underestimating yourself, your feminine charms are way superior to many other princesses I have seen." comforted Sango.

"The way Sesshomarou behaves, I am having doubts as to whether I am even a female. I mean he doesn't do anything, he has had enough chances to come close and …..well…….do something but he stands around like a celibate monk!"

…………………………………………………That Night at Inuyasha & company……………………………………………………………

"Don't you think Sesshomarou should have been better by now?" Exclaimed Sango, "It sure has been a while since he got sick."

"Well it hasn't happened yet so I guess that means that he hasn't fully recovered yet." Said Myoga which surprised everyone.

"What exactly is 'it'?" asked Inuyasha.

"Forget it!"

A 'SWAT' was more than enough to convince Myoga to open his mouth.

"Well," continued Myoga, "He is probably going to……well……force himself on her."

"WHAT???????" exclaimed everyone.

"You mean he is gonna rape her?" cried Inuyasha.

"Well sort of!"

"Shouldn't we go warn Kagura?" exclaimed Kagome.

"……………………" No one was sure of anything anymore.

"The way I se it there is just one thing left for me to say."

"And whats that houshi?"

"Just fuck her already, my marriage to Sango is getting delayed because of this!"

"Sango, why don't you comfort the poor guy once in a while!" added Inuyasha, "The way you two are going, we might even need to visit the red district."



"SWEET REVENGE FOR ALL THOSE SWATS" exclaimed a very satisfied Myoga.



"Take that you flea." said Inuyasha triumphantly.

"Sango, I am pretty sure the kids that we will have will grow up, but these people I think will stay childish forever." Said Kagome suppressing a smile.

"I guess it's better this way." returned Sango.

Authors Notes: Well, I won't be asking for any nice reviews cuz I am personally quite disappointed with this work. Could have been better. I couldn't portray Kagura in the way she ought to be. She isn't as unconfident as she is portrayed, but I guess the story demanded it. Man it's another shame that the story ended up controlling me instead of the other way round. But I guess it's better than abandoning it altogether.