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Book One

Two Hundred Years

As I stepped off the plane in Forks, Washington, my only thought was that I was finally going back to my hometown and that the possibly of seeing my old friends great-great-great grandchildren would be a little weird.

My mother, Isabella, was thrilled at the idea of being able to go back to her home, and was even happier that the entire family would be living together again. My father, Edward, was indifferent. He said his only joy was to see me and my mother happy, and that would sustain him.

My mother put one of her cool hands on my shoulder as we waited for a taxi. "Remember, Reneesme, be sweet to your Aunt Alice. She's more sensitive than she looks."

My father returned and took my mother's hand and laced it in his. "I'm sure, Nessie will be fine, Bella. She never tries to make anybody feel bad, and it's not her fault that she has such an extraordinary gift." He smiled at me as the cab pulled up.

"I just want her to be a little more sensitive to the matter, Edward, that's all that I was saying."

"She will be fine, get into the cab, honey."

The cab driver had an astonished look on his face when he saw my mother, and went to open up the front door for her. However, my father took one look at his mind, and made my mother sit in the backseat with me.

It took nearly two hours before we were able to reach the house, and I had to admit that I was sincerely glad to be at home again. Grandma Esme and Aunt Rosalie were waiting for us on the front porch, huge smiles plastered on their faces.

The cab driver stepped out to help with the bags and I heard him mutter, "They all must be freaks or something, not all of them can look that beautiful."

"Mom, Rosalie! I can't believe that you waited for us, it's almost one in the morning!" My mother rushed up the stairs to meet Esme and Rosalie gracefully came down them to wrap me in a huge.

"It's been so long, Reneesme! You look gorgeous! Just wait and see what clothes your Aunt Alice and I picked out for you for the beginning of the school year! You're going to love them. But first-"she took a step back and examined me "let's have the rest of the family look at you!" She led me up the stairs and into the living room where I was greeted my hugs and kisses from everyone in the family.

"When did you get so beautiful?"

"Every boy in town is going to want a chance to date you, honey!"

"I need to get my gun oiled."

"She has much better style than her mother did at her age."

All I could do was smile at everyone. I hate talking, and everyone in my family knows it. Instead, they all placed a hand on my face and I showed them all everything. From me packing, to the plane, to the cab, to seeing all of them.

Rosalie took my hand in hers. "I am sure Reneesme wants to go to bed. Remember, she is the only one that still needs sleep." Everybody laughed politely, and said goodnight to me. I hugged my parents and walked up the stairs following my Aunt down the very hallway that they had chases me through when I was a child. When we reached the very last room, she opened the door and led me in.

"This used to be your father's room, remember?" I looked around and saw his old stereo, TV, movies, CDs, leather couch, and bed." I nodded my head and flopped down on the bed. She sat down on the edge of the bed and patted my leg. "I thought that I should tell you first, Clay is going to be staying with us for a little while."

"Why?" I jumped off the bed, one of my human quirks. "Why would he come here?"

"The Denali clan is going to send him here, they feel that it would be good for him to be able to see, and experience, another clan."

"That clan." I moved towards Rosalie and sat down next to her and I gently placed my hand on her face. I showed her everything. The clan moving in, a lone howl, ripping, whimpering, and then the horrible silence that followed.

She took my hand off her face and laced my fingers in hers. "I completely understand, Reneesme. But Clay had nothing to do with any of that, he had only been born a few months earlier, and you know he wasn't there when it happened."

"I know that," I mumbled as I crawled into the bed.

She laughed her bell like laugh, and it filled the room. "Of course, how soon I forget that you need sleep so unlike the rest of us." She moved and opened the door. "You're so like you father, but you have the looks of your mother." Then she closed the door and I heard her descend down the stairwell.

I tried to get comfortable in the bed; but I couldn't. Clay Sharp was part of the clan that had killed my best friend. How could I possibly forgive him, be around him, without ripping his throat out with my teeth? For years I had imagined how wonderful it would be to kill all of them, and it took my mother and father holding me down from doing it.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of somebody knocking on my door. "Nessie?" It was my Grandfather, Carlisle. "May I come in and speak with your for a moment, or is now not a good time for you?"

"Sure." I sat up in my bed and tried to get the curls out of my face. "Come in, Carlisle."

He glided into the room and sat down on the edge of my bed, placing one hand on my foot. "I wish we could have talked more last night, but you seemed like you were very tired." I put my hand on his face and, in my way, asked him about Clay. "Yes, it is true; he is coming here and staying with us for a little while. I promise everything will be all right."

I touched my hand to his face and showed him my thoughts. It was a cold night when The Denali clan came and tore him to pieces. There was a lone howl, and it was over.

"I know Nessie, but that's in the past now. You have to remember that happened almost two hundred years ago, and Clay is only one hundred years old. Now, you should know that your parents will not be joining you in high school this century." I cocked my head to one side. "Your father will be working with me in the clinic, and your mother will be helping Esme with her new home decorating company. Your Aunt Alice has her clothing line, and Rose is a music instructor. Emmett has his own law firm and is taking Jasper on as a, intern." He sighed heavily; everyone is doing what they want, finally!" He reached into his pocket and took out a phone. "This is yours, it has everything you will need and is on the Cullen plan." He smiled as I shifted and took the phone out of his hand. "You and Clay will be enlisted as sophomores this year, you're a Cullen and he's a Hale."

My smile made a slight frown. I didn't want to go alone with Clay, what if he tried to do something to me, I don't even know him. "Don't worry, Nessie, everything will be fine." Carlisle stood up and made his way for the door. "You may want to start getting ready soon; I expect he's arriving in about two hours." He opened the door and stepped into the hallway. "And do try to be nice to Clay, he's just like you. Scared." He shut the door behind him and I heard my mother's sharp voice.

"How dare you try and do something like this, Carlisle! How can you expect her to be okay with this? Don't you remember what that clan did?"

"I think it will be good for her, Bella." Unlike my mother's voice, Carlisle was calm. "Clay needs a home, his own clan rejected him.

"What?" My mother sounded surprised. "Why on earth would they do something like that? Wasn't he supposed to be their prodigy or something like that?"

"When Elazear found that human girl, his hope, internally, would be that the child would turn out like Nessie's-"


"Whatever. Elazear though that the child would have an extraordinary gift. However, when he learned that Clay was plain, he shunned him to the side." I could hear my mother sigh, but Carlisle cut her off. "Clay is not venomous, and he has no power what so ever. His own father rejected him, Bella." I could hear the pleading in Carlisle's voice. "This might help Nessie leave the past behind her. It's been two hundred years, and I think she's taking this a little hard."

I bounded out of my bed and was at the door in less than a second. When I opened the door I found Carlisle and my mother staring at me. When I reached out my hand for Carlisle, he instinctively put his face forward, but I lowered my hand at the last minute and put my face right in front of him. I felt my cheeks begin to flush as my blood rushed. "Listen, Carlisle." I heard my throat growl, a sound I had only heard myself do once before. "I don't care if Clay comes here or not, but if he mentions him," I bit my bottom lip, a habit I'm told my mother did when she was human, "I have no problem with leaving this clan and moving to a different one."

"Reneesme!" My mother put one of her cool hands on my shoulder, but I shrugged it off.

"I mean it, Grandpa. One peep from that little rat and I will leave this clan and go join the one from the Amazon." Leaving them both with open mouths I turned and slammed the door in their faces.

I had been so exited to come here, and I was just now realizing what a mistake it had been. I had returned to the one place that I had run from.

I walked into my closet and began to thumb through the garment bags that my Aunts had put in there for me. There were skirts, and dresses, blouses, and of course everything was pink and white. I can take white, it makes my hair stand out, but pink is just ugly.

I walked over to my dresser and found that my Uncles had some doing in my selection of clothes when I opened a drawer. Jeans, sweaters, long-sleeves, and t-shirts. All of which were in whites, deep blues, blacks, and reds.

I pulled out a white sweater and some dark jeans. "Alice will love this," I muttered to myself as I ran a brush through my hair; not something I needed to do, but a human quirk I'm told.

I walked to the side of my room that was completely glass, and I opened the window. I put my toes on the edge and put my arms out to my sides, and then I let myself fall. I loved the feeling, the wind rushing through my hair. I tucked into a flip, something Emmitt had shown me, and I began to run into the forest.

I ran all the way to my house, the one that Esme had built for me and my husband on our wedding day. It was a small house in the deepest part of the woods, where he and I had spent so much of our time together when I was growing up. Outside the house was a swing set; and I recalled out shared interest on having children to push on it.

I sat down on the nearest swing and began to rock myself back and forth, thinking of all the time that we had shared together. I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn't even hear my father walk up behind me, until he put one of his hands on my shoulder.

"Reneesme?" I turned to look at my father. His jaw was tight, and his eyes showed only the deepest concern. "Why don't you show me what you though happened between you and Carlisle this morning, honey?" I placed one hand on his face and his closed his eyes to see everything clearly. "I understand why you're upset, Reneesme. What Carlisle said was no small thing." He turned from me and began to walk towards the house. "I remember when your mother and I walked you two here on your wedding night. You looked so gorgeous in your wedding dress." He turned back towards me and sat down on the swing next to mine. "No one is blaming you for feeling upset. You have every right to be upset with that clan. I think you need to give Clay chance, he's been thrown out of his own clan and needs a friend."

"I know." I mumbled.

"Okay." My father stood up and reached for my hand to help me off of the swing. We began to walk back towards the house when I stopped and looked back at mine."



"I really miss Jacob."

"I know honey, I know." He put his arm around my shoulders and we began our walk back towards the house when I realized something. It had been almost two hundred years since I had said my husband's name without crying. Almost two hundred years since the Denali Clan had ripped him to shreds.