Humans Can Be Predators Too

This is dedicated to my dear friend AnnaBolina a.k.a. Anna who has been in the hospital for way longer than any person as sweet as she is deserves. I hope to see you walking around soon Anna and we'll eat a lot of mac and cheese together! :D Now, onward, MARCH!

Clay quietly sat at the table, and looked around at everyone. If I didn't know any better, than I would say that he was trying as hard as he could to start a dramatic monologue. "It started about fifty five years ago." His voice was barely audible. "I came down here at the first signs on my clan rejecting me. I don't believe you were here at the time, or I wouldn't have come."

"No, we weren't. We were all in different parts of the world at the time." We all looked at Jasper, who then drew himself back into the shadows.

"I came onto this land and I knew that I smelled others, but when I investigated more closely I found that none of you were here anymore, so I decided to stay for a while. I moved into a small apartment close to the forest so that nobody would ever ask about me, and when they did I said I was a trapper.

"I spent my days here at leisure. I had ordered countless books online and was pouring over them by day, and at night I went to hunt. It was exhilarating to hunt without my clan. I never had to worry about sharing any of the food.

"I never knew that werewolves lived in these parts, or I never would have treaded so deep into their land. I was lucky though, because I ran into a woman who was more interested in me not getting hurt then alerting her tribe.

"She walked me to the boundary line and told me never to cross it again, if I wanted to live. Then she sat down on her side and I sat down on mine."

"I know what you are," she told me. "I've heard about your kind from the elders of my tribe. You're not as pale as the other ones though."

"I tried to play it off like I had no idea what she was talking about, but she someone how knew what I was. The best part was, she wasn't afraid of me. The badgered me with questions the entire night, until the rising sun began to peek through the canopy.

"I told her that I had to leave, and she said she had to do the same. We both walked our separate ways to our separate lives. I went on for a few days, trying to get her out of my mind. Her beautiful tan skin, the darkness of her hair and her eyes, but most importantly the way I didn't feel thirsty around her. I felt comfortable. But the best thing was, I didn't even know her name and I knew that I loved her.

"I went back to the place that we sat and found her waiting for me, sitting on her side of the line. I ran up to her and she stood up to meet me."

"I knew you would come back!" She said as she threw her arms around my neck and buried her face in my chest. "I knew that you felt what I had felt." I held her for the entire night. We did nothing else, there was no need to. I had found someone who had made me feel comfortable even though she knew what I was."

My mother sighed and my father huffed. "Who was this girl," he said in a harsh voice, "is there any possible way that she is still around?"

"Her name is Rachael Black and I have no idea if she is alive or not." My entire family's eyes instantly got wider. "She was the only person I had ever made a connection with in my entire life."

"Black?" My mother was looking at my father with wide eyes and her voice quivered when she spoke. "Are you sure her last name was Black?"


"Dear Jesus, help us now."

"What's wrong?"

"You never made the connection?" I was surprised that I had spoken in such a harsh

"Of course I made the connection. But my clan told me about Jacob only a few years ago. Besides there are plenty of Blacks aren't there?"

"Not in this state." I shifted my weight from one leg to another. "Keep going."

"She started to come to my apartment during the days that we could spend together. It was the only way we could see each other in normal situation, because I was not allowed to go onto her land. I knew, after a year, that I wanted to marry her so I proposed and she said yes.

"She was barely more than a child, a young girl of no more than twenty one years. I was still a young vampire, and we believed that we could find a place where we could both exist in peace. The only problem was her family."

"We have to tell them, Clay." She was walking around my living room from the chair to the fire place over and over again. "They are my family they will have to understand."

"They won't, they've never even met me, Rachael. They will hate me for asking to marry you and never even meeting them. They might not give their blessing to us."

"They will have to." She said quietly as she placed one of her tiny hands on her belly. "We're going to be starting a family of our own soon." She smiled up at me and to see her face glowing I felt like the luckiest man in the entire world. No one was ever going to take this bliss out of my life."

"I can't believe that you were married." Jasper took a seat next to Clay and folded his arms as he leaned against the back of the chair. "Do you still have your wedding ring or anything like that?"

"No." Clay's response was short and curt. "I don't have one. I never got the chance to wear one."

"But I thought you said that you got married. You decided to not marry her in the end?" My father was practically shouting at Clay, accusing him.

"I never said that we had gotten married. I said that I had asked her to marry me." The room went silent and I saw that Clay was shaking. "If you want me to tell the story then let me tell it. If you're going to make up your own stories then I can just leave."

"No, Clay." My mother put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "Please continue with what you have to say."

"We had no choice but to go onto her land to see her family. They absolutely refused to leave their reservation land for anybody. When they first saw me they knew what I was and they were not curious like Rachael was. They were furious, and they were out for my blood all over their walls.

"Their men morphed and were after me in the blink of an eye. They were all fast and I had never tried to outrun a werewolf before. They chased me past the boundary line across the state until I was able to steal a car and drive back up to Canada. I tried to come back across the line but they had wolves stationed all across the border, tracking me.

"After months of trying to get back to Rachael I was forced to go back up to my clan. I never told them what I had done on my travels, and they never asked me. After a few years I knew that I would probably never have the chance to see her again in my life. I learned to forget about her, but I never stopped loving her."

"So how did you feel knowing that you were going to come back to where you met her?" It was the first time Carlisle had spoken after he had vented against Clay.

"I figured that I would not be able to see her, even if she was alive. Those lines are ones that I will never cross again."

"And your son is…?"

Emmitt laughed loudly. "You have your son as your teacher? That's amazing!"

"He doesn't know that he's my son. I don't have any intention on telling him that he is my son. I have no intention of talking to him at all."

Carlisle spoke again. "What is his name?"

"Jeff Nevinski."

"I will be sure to contact him tomorrow."

"Why?" Clay flared and stood up. "I don't want him to have a part in my life at all. He looked like her."

"We have to meet him. It's the right thing to do, Clay." Carlisle stood and held a hand out to Esme. "I need to rest; will you join me, Esme?"

She smiled wide and took his hand. We all watched them leave the room.

My father went and took my mother's hand, glaring at Clay. "This doesn't mean that you can stay here, boy. We have a lot to talk about, still." My mother led him out of the room with her ease of controlling my father.

The rest of my family filled out of the room without a word to Clay until we were left alone. I moved to go and place my hand on his shoulder but he flinched away from me.

"I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about Rachael Black when I came here. You still seemed so sad about Jacob, and I was never sure when I was supposed to tell you about her."

"I understand, Clay. I don't blame you for falling in love with her. I guess we both have a weakness for the Black clan." He smiled up at me and I left him and walked outside.

It felt like I was walking aimlessly. I walked without a purpose without a thought in my mind other than Jacob Black and the child that I was supposed to give him. I remembered the night that he was taken from me, in cold blood. I remembered his funeral. I remembered the loss of our child. When I stopped walking I found myself at our home. I placed a hand on the doorknob, intent on going in and sleeping in our bed, sitting on our couch, playing on our piano.

I jumped as I felt my phone vibrate and let go of the handle to pull it out of my pocket. I looked down to find I had a text message from James.