Written for vnfan for her birthday

Feeling her hands running through his hair as she pulls herself closer to him is almost enough to distract him from the delicious temptation that is her scent.

As always, almost is never enough.

It's not enough to stop him from kissing down her neck, pulse thundering beneath his lips, tempting the beast with every beat. No where near enough for him to stop his tongue from slipping out and licking the hollow of her collarbone, shuddering as he hears the groan escape from her as adrenaline filled blood rushes just beneath her skin.

Every touch is monitored, careful not to press too hard, bruising or tearing her delicate frame as his hands travel downwards, needing and insistent. Every part of his body is aching to be enough and to be inside her, but never able to get quite close enough. Each cell screams Bella, not knowing which desire he will fall to first; the call of her blood or the urge, the want, building inside of him. The brush of her fingers that makes contact with his flesh brings him slightly closer to falling apart at the seams, taunting him to throw away his inhibitions and take what is his, losing himself within her.

Its then that he realises that he's already lost inside her and has been for months.

Her scent, her body, everything about her has him completely intoxicated, unable to clear his mind and think rationally. Some part of his mind whispers that there is an important line he is crossing as he moves further down her frame, but he pushes the thought away as her body responds to his touch. Hands grip at his neck tightly, and she tries to pull his lips back towards her own, but he resists, long trail of kisses continuing down until his nose gently brushes the swell of her breasts, and he is there, resting above the very the thing that drives the monster inside him wild, heart fluttering erratically as she whimpers under his touch.

Sounds and smells clouding his senses, his lips come apart and he finds that his teeth are pressed against her flesh, against where her heart foolishly thinks it is protected beneath her ribs, dangerously close to puncturing through. His eyes and lips snap close and he turns his head so that his cheek rests on her chest, listening as the sound of her beating pounding in his ears, counting as the blood pushes its way through the passages.

That sound is enough to rein in the beast. As much as her blood calls to her, this is the thing that keeps it calling, keeps him coming back; keeps them both living. Without this small fragile pulsating piece of her, she'd be dead and he'd be nothing. Slowly, he is able to tear himself away from her pounding heart and make his way back up to her face. He locks his eyes on her large brown ones, shining with excitement, and he can feel a smile cracking on his face to match hers.

Edward takes her lips in his lightly, and feels her hands in his hair once more, pulling tight and holding herself as close as she can to him. He holds his breath, trying to keep himself in the moment, trying to fend off the beast within.

The man had won this battle, yet the war will continue to wage on.