Touma glanced at Eiri as his deep laugh echoed over the pool to where he stood by Mika, watching the food he was cooking on the grill. Eiri laughed again, not as loudly, and suddenly pushed Shuichi into the cool water of the pool. The pink-haired man surfaced after a couple of seconds, spitting water and scowling at Eiri.

Touma glanced at Mika and winked. She smiled back, rubbing her hand self-consciously over the long skirt which was knotted over her bathing suit, just above her waist. Touma glanced down, his eyes growing misty. When he looked back up, Mika winked.

Suddenly, a loud yell drew their attention back to the pool. The surface was rippling slightly, but there was no sign of either Shuichi or Eiri. However, after a couple of seconds, Eiri burst from under the blue surface, shaking and clawing his way like a scalded cat out of the water.

"Shuichi, you brat! I said…"

However, Eiri never got to finish his sentence, as Shuichi simply clambered out after him and threw himself into Eiri's arms, kissing him soundly.

Mika threw back her head and laughed, and Shuichi broke away from Eiri long enough to wink at the two of them. Then Eiri pulled him back, falling onto the warm concrete around the pool, Shuichi draped mostly over him.

Touma sighed as he looked up at the sky, thankful that there were only a few fluffy clouds-- and nothing to mar the day.

For a second, he thought about the moment a few weeks ago, when he'd stood in the semi-darkness of a small apartment and studied two bullet holes in the wall-- signs that Yuki was gone forever.

As if she sensed his thoughts, Mika wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close. And he only allowed one more thought-- the engraved words on Yuki's headstone which had been carved years before-- I hope to heaven his soul is gone.