Yikes. I haven't updated this story for ages, sorry : ) my life has kinda been hectic and busy as my GCSE exams are starting now! :s lol yeah so I just got the urge to update this story, so I hope people are still reading it lol

Billy's preparation was a lot less ceremonial. He walked home from his school alone having hid from his friends. As much as he liked them he did not need their silly remarks and snarky putdowns. He wasn't nervous, he felt confident, cool, happy. Richie jumped out from behind a wheelie bin jolting Billy out of his happy daze.

"Hey lovebird!" he sang clapping Billy on the back. "you've got your big date tonight haven't you?! You nervous?"

"Nope" Billy laughed "why would I be? I've known Ally for years!"

Richie laughed and stood in front od Billy to prevent him from going any further.

"Yeah, but she's your girlfriend now! She's gonna expect you to hold her hand and stuff!"

"I'll be fine" Billy said to his mate, pushging past him and heading up his front garden.

"good luck trying to sort your face out Billy!" Richie shouted after him and Billy stuck his finger up in response. He slouched into his house and called out to his mum to tell her he was here. Before she tried to make awkward small talk Billy ran upstairs and went into the he washed his hair Billy began to worry and what his friend had said. Worrying about what Ally would expect. He turned off the shower and got dressed before heading out to the rink.

Sorry this is so extremely short but my mind has already fizzeled out and then I thought it would be best to leave it here. : ( sorry again. I will update again, there will probably be only about two chapters left for this story, the actual date and Ally and Billy coming back home. : )