Find the person's Adam's apple (thyroid cartilage). Move your finger about one inch down the neck until you feel another bulge. This is the cricoid cartilage. The indentation between the two is the cricothyroid membrane, where the incision will be made. Take the razor blade or knife and make a half-inch horizontal incision. The cut should be about half an inch deep. There should not be too much blood. Pinch the incision open or place your finger inside the slit to open it. Insert your tube in the incision, roughly one-half to one inch deep. Breathe into the tube with two quick breaths. Pause five seconds, then give one breath every five seconds. You will see the chest rise and the person should regain consciousness if you have performed the procedure correctly. The person should be able to breathe on their own, albeit with some difficulty, until help arrives.

I really wish I knew what the fuck that meant.

I have nothing sharp on me, for one. No razor blades, no needles, not even those trite little forks you see at the diners. I'm really going to have to pull something out of the hat here.

Alright, alright. I have to work quickly and calmly. I pull a quill out from my back- I really don't use them much, even when spinning- and start feeling around for his cricoid. Is that what it's called? Anyway, I feel and indent, and I plunge it in- probably something I shouldn't have done, but I'm no doctor- and make a little sideways cut. I remove it, and my bro is flailing around on the side of the road. What the fuck? Is this normal?

"Hey, settle down. It's going to be fine, Tails. Chill out. Blink twice if you hear me." I say, because god forbid if any dirt or something gets in his throat and he fucking dirts himself to death I'm not going to hear the end of it from D'Coolette

Right. The tracheotomy.

I stick my hand in, making the slit a little bit bigger. This is to put the tube in to give air-


Son of a bitch, I have no tube.

I search my pockets. No tubes, or anything. There's a mini-flashlight, though. Real tiny, like the shit you put on your keychain. I start pulling and pushing shit out of it. When I'm finally satisfied with the lack of obstruction in the once-flashlight, I carefully insert it in the kid's neck. Hoping that he hasn't suffocated yet.

I start puffing in and out into the tube, using my free hand dialing 911. Waiting for the chest to rise and fall.

It's not coming.

It's really hot in here.

Okay, that's not what I first thought. I in fact started wildly kicking and attempting to get the gag over my mouth open. I hit my head against the trunk roof and I think there's a large bump on my head. And Amy's driving over rocks and shit off-road.

I thought I had gotten rid of her.

I see a screwdriver on the floor of the trunk-same one which that bitch used to stab me, I suppose. It's red.

This is not the way you treat a fucking princess.

Amy is mental and on the way to killing me- I guess she already killed Sonic, so that's irrelevant. I'm on my own now.

I take the screwdriver, and I almost try to strangle the grip, and then I stuff it into the little crack that I see in the latch. I try to pry it open, and I get a little bit of room. Through the crack, cool air hits me like a sledgehammer and I can see that we're going fast, really really fast. But where am I going?

I stuff my foot in the space, trying to pry it open, and after a little bit of effort I realize the trunk has been open all along.

I have terrible upper body strength.

I consider jumping out the car, and for the moment, I get set to, but the car makes a swerving right and the trunk slams shut, and I bang my head against the trunk wall.

Then the car stops, I hear a car door slam (naturally sending my skull flying towards the nearest hard object), and footsteps coming closer.

It's really hot in here.