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A/N: These are an ongoing list of drabbles - stories, in this case, that are less than 500 words - that I've written in the last few months for competition and for fun. I want to express that none of these drabbles are connected in any way. I'm rating this M because some of them may be a little steamier than others...they're not all rated M, though.

Title: Master
Rating: R
Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Written for: Dramione_ldws, round 2
Warnings: limes, language, sexual references
Word Count:
Prompt: Has to take place in a library.

Draco had his witch bent over the wobbly research table—no. He had her on her knees in front of him in the Invisibility section—no. He had her back pinned against a bookshelf in the Magical History section. Ah, yes, perfect. Her legs were wrapped around his and the witch was sighing—no, moaning—no, panting as his hands disappeared under her dress….


He growled, swatting her pert bum. "I thought I told you not to call me that, Granger."


"Wrong again." He swatted her, again—harder. Moaning, she arched against him, pushing those wondrous, covered—no, bare breasts closer to him….

"How does 'insufferable slacker' sound?"

"Master sounds much better." She grinned and pressed her lips to his as her tongue found its way into his mouth to explore. He felt her fingers loosening his trousers, pulling at the zipper, reaching, and…"Oh fuck, yes!"

"Draco Malfoy!"

The daydream of the shaking and breathless wizard was over.

Instead of foreplay in the Magical History section, he was sitting at that wobbly table, receiving a glare from his annoyed girlfriend of five months, Hermione Granger. He was so feverish that he had had to grit his teeth to control himself. It had taken a moment, but he remembered the basics of why he was in the twenty-four hour wizarding library at midnight. It was practically empty.

For the last two weeks, they had spent thirteen hours each day sitting at that unstable table studying for their HCEs (Healer Certification Examinations).

Breathlessly, "What?"

"I asked—you weren't listening." It wasn't a question.

Granger had been meticulously pilfering through the mountain of textbooks, notes, and library books on their gimpy-legged table and quizzing him. He, meanwhile, had made a 266-item list of all the places in the library where he had wanted to shag her senseless. Place #267: In the dragon section while she recites the twelve uses of dragon's blood, in order. Ah, yes, good one. Merlin help her bum if she mucked up the order….


His neck snapped up so hard that he winced. "I need a break."

"The exam is in a week!"

He almost smirked. Well, he would've if he hadn't been so bloody horny and close to ravaging her right there. She was the most passionate woman that he had ever dated. She threw herself into everything, put 150% of effort into any task that she had taken on, and—Merlin, with her passion and his drive, sex between them was just incredible.

He groaned at the tantalizing memories in his head.

"Granger, I can't think—" He froze when she absently licked her lips, eyeing him mischievously.

Place #268: In the Potions section while she lists every potion in which moonstone is an ingredient.


"I know what's wrong."

"You do?"

"You need some inspiration."

"I do?"

"Mmhmm, and I know just what to do." She rose from her chair and smiled seductively. "I'll be waiting in the Magical History section—Master."