Ryan sat in the middle of home room in his usual desk with a small smile on his face; around him everyone was talking excitedly about what they had done the past summer. It was the first day back and everything seemed all new and excited to the seniors. Though Ryan knew that the minute lessons were even mentioned everyone would go into a frenzy about exams and college. Sharpay was sat behind him talking to Zeke about their summer in New York, Ryan just had to smile at the memories. Memories that were his and that Sharpay new absolutely nothing about.

"So Ryan, what did you do this summer?" Chad's voice broke him out of his day dream and he looked up at the big haired jock who was smiling at him. Chad wore his usual brightly coloured tee's and baggy jeans, and Ryan was allowed to admit that he looked good.

"The usual," Ryan shrugged because he couldn't tell him what he really did, he couldn't tell anyone. But that was okay, a secret is just a secret. "Sang, danced, shopped."

"Sounds fun." Chad grinned, Ryan smirked; his summer had been extremely fun.

"You're in my English class next right?" Chad asked as he not so gracefully sat down on Ryan's desk.

"Yeah," Ryan replied. English was his second favourite lesson, next to Drama of course.

"Can you sit next to me?" Chad asked, Ryan laughed it sounded very first grade but nodded his head anyway. "Thanks." Chad smiled gratefully. Ryan figured he was only being asked as a second resort because over the summer it seemed that everyone had paired off; Troy and Gabriella, Sharpay and Zeke, Jason and Kelsi, Taylor and Danny.

Home room passed quickly, their teacher letting them gossip about their summer because having the whole class in detention on the first day back would have been a record even for her. When the bell rang, Chad walked by Ryan's side behind Troy and Gabriella. "I heard we got a new teacher," Chad said in passing.

"Can't be worse than the last one we had," Ryan laughed as he remembered Mr Jackson who was practically bad and couldn't read, how he got to teach English had been beyond the entire class. Chad laughed at the joke and then they walked into the class. Chad sat next to Ryan in the middle of the room, Troy and Gabriella to one side, Kelsi and Jason behind and Sharpay and Zeke in front, Taylor sat with Danny next to Gabriella.

"Hey Ryan," Kelsi called and Ryan turned around in his seat. "How was your summer? Sounded like you had a really good time in New York."

"I did it was..."

"Right class quiet please." Ryan froze, he recognised that voice. He turned his head slowly and when he saw the man in the front of the class he felt his blood run cold, and his eyes screwed shut as he slid down his chair.

"Dude you okay?" Chad laughed next to him.

"Erm, yeah?" Ryan said weakly as he sat up and propped his head on the table.

"I'm your new English teacher, my name is Owen Masters." The tall man, with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes smiled at the class. His face was pale white and he looked a lot younger then his actual age of 25. "I'm not going to promise to remember all your names because this is a big class and names isn't really my thing, so I know this might be embarrassing but I want you to go around as I take the register and say one thing about yourself." Ryan groaned under his breath, now there was no way he was going to be able to hide. Not like he could hide for the rest of the year any way.

"Okay, you first." Owen pointed to Taylor and the ridicule began. Ryan tried to focus on everything people were saying, the class wasn't very original he started to listen more when he realised they were now on his row. Which meant any time ...

"Hi my name's Chad and I'm into basketball..."

Ryan gulped, he looked up and Owen was just staring at him. Blue eyes met blue eyes and Ryan gulped again trying to wet his mouth so he could speak, he sighed and shakily said; "I'm Ryan and I like drama." He knew he was sweating and he knew it wasn't attractive at all. As Jason started to speak he knew Owen was still watching him but he turned his attention to Chad who was looking at him a little worried. He smiled weakly and then stared back at Owen who had moved his gaze to the rest of the class but his body posture had tensed since he saw Ryan.

The class was horrible; the work was harder than last year but it didn't help at all that Ryan's mind wasn't focused on the work at all. "Dude will you snap out of it." Chad said next to him, pushing his arm slightly causing Ryan to yelp.

"Sorry," Ryan mumbled.

"Everything okay boys?" Owen asked as he stood next to Ryan. Ryan felt his body heat so close and he wanted to reach out, he knew if he was just to move a tiny bit he'd be able to touch him again.

"Would be if Ryan could concentrate," Chad smiled.

"Difficulty in concentrating Ryan?" Owen laughed. Ryan blushed under the gaze and he wanted to hide away under his desk but instead he just turned his attention to the book he was supposed to be reading. "So do you like the book so far?" The class's assignment was to read a chapter of a book they would be studying for this term. So far Ryan hadn't even read a page, when he tried his eyes would scan over the same line again and again.

Ryan just nodded his head and watched as Owen walked away, he sighed and counted in his head the minutes till the lesson would finish. When the bell rang he shoved his stuff in his bag quickly. "Ryan, a word please." Owen said just as Ryan was about to head for the door. Ryan gulped he didn't want to hear this part.

"What's going on Ry?" Sharpay asked as she smiled at the teacher.

"Nothing I just need his help in filling in a questionnaire on how he thought my first day went," Owen said. It sounded plausible and Sharpay brought the lie and walked out.

"We'll be in the canteen Ry," Kelsi smiled.

"Cool see you in a minute." Ryan smiled he just hoped they hadn't seen his nerves. Chad smiled at him as everyone made their way out laughing and joking with each other. When Troy closed the door and walked away Ryan became nervous.

"You lied." Owen stated, he drew his arms over his chest. "You told me you were nineteen!" Ryan knew there was anything he could say, Owen was right he had lied. "Do you know how much trouble I could get into?"

"I wont tell anyone," Ryan said quickly.

"I could loose my job, my teachers license I could get thrown in jail!" Owen was getting angry now, Ryan could tell. "Please tell me you haven't told anyone."

"I haven't, I promise." Ryan said sincerely. He was going to tell his sister, but he didn't want her to know that their summer had meant a lot more to him than it had to her. After all she loved shopping and watching the musical productions, but at the end of the night when she went into her hotel room and phoned Zeke, Ryan had wondered around the bars and met up with Owen almost every night. It felt good having a secret, a dirty little secret.

"Good." Owen sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "How old are you?"

"Sixteen." Ryan said quietly. "Seventeen in a month." Ryan added hoping that counted for something.

"I'm nine years older than you." Owen said mainly to himself. "This is bad."

"It doesn't have to be," Ryan said. "I wont tell anyone what happened. I promise."

"Good." Owen smiled at Ryan who felt his stomach flutter with butterflies. "You look good. Do you always dress so flashy for school?"

"Always." Ryan grinned. "You look good too, sir." Ryan smirked. Owen grinned at the blond boy.

"You better go." Owen said and gestured to the door. Ryan nodded and picked up his bag from where he had placed it on the table.

Ryan's hand was on the door nob, he turned around and stared at his teacher, "For the record, you did a good job today." Owen smiled again, a beautiful smile that captured Ryan's heart and the blond boy nodded his head and walked out of the class room and went to find his friends. So far his first day back had been eventful and it wasn't even lunch time yet.