The Enforcer Chopper night patrol and the SWAT Kats never cease to be startled by the sight of the winged Kat perched atop the clock tower a few hours before midnight at least two to three times a month.

His wings are spread to the night air and his eyes glow with an inner light. He usually opts for dark clothing so that he's nearly invisible against the night sky except for full moons then he casts an eerie shadow.

Seeing him this warm summer night, T-Bone was moved to comment, "I wonder why he does that?"

"Maybe it has something to do with his raptor side, T-Bone. Some raptors are nocturnal and hunt only at night. If that is the type of predator he has in his make up then it makes sense he would feel the need to be out late at night." Razor mused quietly.

"Huh! Wonder how Sarena handles it?"

"Like any good wife, just gives him his space and welcomes him home when he returns. She loves him a lot, buddy." Razor said with conviction.

"Yeah, I know. He's a lucky Kat." The burly tom said in agreement then turned the Turbokat away to continue their patrol leaving the mutant Kat to his solitary vigil.

Feral watched the SWAT Kats jet cruise quietly by on their self-appointed patrol. Lifting his head he sniffed deeply of the rich aromas on the wind. The smell of motor oil, industrial fumes added to the salt laden air from the bay were a smell he was used to in this crowded city.

Razor wouldn't have been surprised to know he had hit it on the nail that the reason the Commander was here occasionally was indeed because of his raptor makeup.

He would feel restless when he went to bed some nights despite the comfort of Sarena by his side. Feral would try unsuccessfully to settle down but it never worked. When that urge would strike, he just had to get out into the night sky and soar.

Perching on the highest spot next to the Megakat Tower gave him a sense of peace. He would sit here for more than an hour clearing the cobwebs and the stress of the day from his mind then take off to soar above Megakat Park and finish with a sweep over the cool waters of the bay before finally heading home.

The restlessness, claustrophobia in small spaces, and more violent response to danger were small prices to pay for the freedom of flight.

Shaking his wings vigorously, he stepped back into his apartment and stripped off his clothes, tossing them into the laundry basket. Requiring no light to see by since his eyes could see as if it were daylight, he made for the bed and stared down at his wife. He smiled warmly at the sight of her turned toward his side of the bed with a paw reaching out in sleep.

Taking a deep breath then slowly letting it out, he released the rest of the stress in his body. He folded his wings and crawled into bed with his back to Sarena. Like always, she could sense him in her sleep and would press herself close to his wings and drape a warm arm over his waist and sigh. Smiling in the dark, he let contentment steal over his soul and allow sleep to claim his mind and body. Tomorrow would be another busy day.