Missing Alison

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Takes Place the summer after 7th grade, and Ali's disappearance.


(2 Days After The Disappearance of Alison DiLaurentis)

Spencer Hastings sat on her bed, staring out her window into the DiLaurentis' backyard. She was really worried about what had happened to her best friend in the whole world, Alison DiLaurentis. Spencer's television, which was muted on the news, showed a picture of Alison. The picture was Ali's 7th grade picture; 7th grade had just ended two days ago.

Two days ago was the worst day of Spencer's life. Two days ago she, Ali, and their other friends, Emily Fields, Aria Montgomery, and Hanna Marin had sat in Spencer's family's barn, while Ali attempted to hypnotize them. Spencer and Alison had gotten into a fight about the blinds being open rather than closed, and Alison had fled the barn.

Spencer had chased after her, like any good friend would do, but she hadn't been able to find her best friend. The girls had went home, not sure they wanted to continue their sleepover with Alison. They each had received calls from Alison's mother, asking if they knew where she was, and they had covered for her just like they knew she would do for them. The next day, Ali's mom called again, this time she was panicking. By the end of the day, Alison DiLaurentis had been announced missing.

Spencer felt really bad, thinking maybe somehow it was her fault. She knew it probably wasn't, and Alison had been gone by the time she got outside. Spencer jumped when her cell phone rang, and she quickly checked the number, hoping it was Alison. However, her hopes were wrong, as it was Hanna.

"Hello?" Spencer answered, and was greeted by the sound of sobs.

"Spencer, what have we done? We should've told Ali's mom when she called that afternoon that Ali had run out of the barn, and we couldn't find her afterward. Why did we tell her she was with us?"

"We were just doing what best friends do, Han. Ali would've done it for us."

"But what if Ali's…you know, dead?" Hanna cried, and Spencer felt her eyes getting wet also.

"Who would want to kill Ali?" Spencer tried reassuring Hanna, but really, she was reassuring herself.


"Toby is in Maine or wherever, Hanna. He couldn't of done anything to Ali."

"I guess so." It was silent for awhile, while both girls thought this over. "Spencer, do you think Ali will come back?"

"I hope so, Hanna, I hope so."


(5 Days After Ali's Disappearance)

Emily Fields sat at her desk, spinning in circles on her chair. On her muted television, the news was yet-again showing Alison's 7th grade picture, where Ali was smiling brightly. Emily thought about the letter she'd sent Ali not that long ago. Did Ali ever get that letter? If she didn't, and it came to her house, would her parents open it?

She un-muted her television when Spencer appeared on the screen. Spencer was standing there, hands deep in the pockets of her capris, looking at Ali's house.

"Here we have Spencer Hastings, a close friend of Miss DiLaurentis. Miss Hastings, you were with Alison the night she disappeared correct?"

"Yes, I was. Alison, me, and our other best friends were planning to have a sleepover in my parent's barn as a celebration of the end of 7th grade."

"And did Alison seem any different that day?"

"Well, Ali did have her moments. One second she was perfectly fine, and the next minute she was teasing us."

"What do you mean teasing you?" Spencer looked back at Ali's house as she thought about her answer, but as Emily watched, she knew exactly what Spencer was talking about.

"Ali, it seemed, had something over our heads. It was like…she knew things about us that she'd tell if we didn't do what she said."

"I see. And what exactly did Miss DiLaurentis say before she ran out that night?"

"Well, like I've said, Ali and I were arguing about whether the blinds should be open or closed while she hypnotized us. She got mad at me, and ran out. That night is such a blur…I'm not sure if I ever remember what was said." Spencer shrugged, a solemn look covering her face.

"Well, we hope Miss DiLaurentis returns home shortly."

"Yeah, we all do." Spencer turned to look at Alison's parents, standing on their front steps.

"Thank you, Miss Hastings." The camera cut out, swinging past Ali's house and parents, to the street.

Emily muted her television again, not wanting to hear anything else. So, she realized now that Spencer had seen Ali's little tricks too.


(10 days after Ali's disappearance)

Aria Montgomery shoved the last video into the box, before picking it up and carrying it down the steps. Her parents were going to drive her to the police station so she could turn over the videos of Alison, her friends, and herself that she'd made over their time as friends. She wasn't sure if the videos would help the police any, but she thought that maybe they could use them in some way.

She wondered if Ali was okay. She wondered where Ali was now, and who she was with. On their way back home, Aria asked if they could stop at Ali's so she could see if there was any news, although she knew there wasn't.

She stepped out of the car and walked slowly up the walk, toward the DiLaurentis' house. A reporter came over and told her that the DiLaurentis' weren't home, but asked if she had time to be interviewed for the news. She shook her head and ran back to the car.

She'd seen Spencer on the news the other day, but couldn't bring herself to talk about Ali.


(3 Weeks After Ali's Disappearance)

Hanna Marin had begun keeping a diary the day after news spread the Alison was missing. She sat on her bed, the television muted like the other girls, with her diary open in front of her.

The Diary of Hanna Marin

Number of Days Since the End of 7th Grade: 21

Number of Days Since Ali Disappeared: 21

Number of Days that Ali's disappearance had been official: 20

Number of Days Since I've talked to Emily: 13

Number of Days Since I've talked to Aria: 15

Number of Days Since I've talked to Spencer: 19

Number of times I've cried today: 8 and counting.

Number of times I've heard someone ask if Ali was dead: 24. No, I'm not joking.

Number of times I've wished that Ali hadn't tried to hypnotize us: a million

Number of times I've wished Ali would come back: ten zillion

Number of times I've wondered if Ali is dead: 6

Number of times they've said Alison DiLaurentis' case on t.v. today: 18

Number of times I've wondered if someone murdered Ali: 9

Number of times Spencer has been interviewed: 3

Number of times Aria has been interviewed: 0

Number of times Emily has been interviewed: 1

Number of times I've been interviewed: 1

Number of times I burst out crying in my interview: 3

Number of times my eyes welled up in the interview: 7

Number of times Ali's parents were interviewed: 19

Number of times I've seen Jenna Cavanaugh interviewed: 3

Number of times Toby Cavanaugh was interviewed: 3

Number of times Jenna said Ali was a close friend: 6 (2 in each interview)

Number of times a reporter has referred to her as Miss DiLaurentis: 17 and counting.

Number of times they've showed Ali's 7th grade picture on t.v. today: 8


Spencer Hastings looked out her window. Every time she thought about Ali, she felt some strange reason to look at Ali's backyard. It was almost as if her mind was trying to tell her something, but she couldn't figure it out.

She stared at Ali's backyard, where the hole was still there, since the gazebo hadn't been worked on since Ali's disappearance. She looked at that hole closer, it almost seemed eerie now. She wondered what it was about that hole that kept her drawn to it.

She glanced up at Ali's window and thought she saw a flash of blonde hair. She knew that couldn't be true, Ali was the only one that had blonde hair, her mothers was naturally blonde, but it was died brown.

Spencer looked up when she heard a tentative knock on her door, and it opened, revealing Alison. Her eyes grew wide, and Ali gave her a funny look. Ali's eyes drifted to the news on t.v., and frowned.

"What the freak Spence? Did everyone really think I was MIA?" Sometime around Spring, Ali had started saying MIA, missing in action.

"Well, duh."

"God, people around here are stupider than I thought."

"Where have you been for three weeks, Ali?"

"I was…hiding…oh Spencer…the hole…" Ali started to fall over, and a loud crack startled Spencer from her dream.

She sat up in bed and looked at her open door, Ali wasn't there. She jumped up and ran over to her window, looking down at the hole in the DiLaurentis' backyard once again. This time, she felt a fuzzy feeling, as if Ali was really right there.

But that couldn't be true, could it? Why would someone, if anyone did, murder Ali and then dump her in the backyard? They'd have to be crazy.

AN: Okay, there's my creepy little oneshot. I, personally, liked Hanna's part the best, I thought it was really original. And of course, I had to tie in the hole, and the only way that seemed right was to tie it to Spencer. Please review.