The Third Chapter – Wondering.

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(5 weeks after Alison's disappearance.)

Hanna quickly wiped her tears as she coasted her bike past the DiLaurentis' house. She glanced up at the second floor window on the far right end of the house – Alison's bedroom. She wondered if Mrs. DiLaurentis would let her go up and sit in Alison's room, but she was too afraid of rejection, and embarrassment, to ask.

Besides, Alison had never left any of them in her room for very long. The only time they ever stayed in Alison's room alone was while she went to the bathroom. Now, looking up into Alison's room, Hanna wondered if that was because Alison didn't trust them. That was highly possible, since Alison seemed to have more secrets the longer they were friends.

When they first met Alison in the 6th grade, none of them had thought anything of each other. To Hanna, Spencer was just the smartest girl in her grade. Aria was just this artistic girl in a few of her classes, who kept mostly to herself. Emily was just the most athletic girl in her grade, because she had been on the swim team forever. Lastly, Alison was just the most popular girl ever.

Hanna looked up at Alison's window once again. She couldn't actually see inside, since Alison's neon pink curtains were always closed, for fear of Toby Cavanaugh peeking in. Not that Alison had that to worry about after The Jenna Thing, which got Toby sent to a boarding school in Maine. Hanna had almost felt sorry for Toby, but hey, nobody made him take the blame, right?

As Hanna continued to coast down the street on her pink bike, she looked up at Spencer's house. She had talked to Spencer once after Alison's disappearance, only because she needed someone to talk to and Emily and Aria hadn't answered their phones. Of the four girls she called her best friends; Spencer had seemed like the one she was least close to.

She wasn't sure why she had never been that close to Spencer, but she had a feeling it was because Spencer lived beside Alison. Because they lived next door, Hanna had always believed, along with Emily and Aria, that Spencer and Alison shared some special rich girl bond. Whenever Alison's family went to eat at a fancy restaurant, and Alison could only take one friend, she always chose Spencer.

Hanna thought that maybe it was because they lived right beside each other, and to take Spencer was more convenient for Alison. But Hanna also wondered if it was because Alison was ashamed of Hanna, Emily, and Aria. She wasn't sure why that would be, because they were all supposed to be inseparable.

However, on the night of The Jenna Thing, Alison and Spencer had been talking in the guest bathroom, alone. Hanna wondered why Alison would talk to Spencer instead of any of the other girls, but she wasn't sure as to the reason. Maybe it was just her imagination running away with her, but it seemed that Alison had been pulling away from all of them since March of their seventh grade year. That is, all of them except for Spencer.

Hanna's mother would be taking Hanna somewhere, and they would drive by Alison or Spencer's houses and see the two girls together, but just them. Hanna wondered if Aria and Emily noticed this about the two, but she would never get to ask them now.

She wondered if Alison was like the glue that held them all together. It was true that without Alison meeting them that day while they all happened to be volunteering, none of them would have become friends.

Once she got home, she walked up the stairs to her room and took out her diary. She called it The Diary of Hanna Marin but really it was a diary about Alison. She had begun writing in this diary the day after Alison had disappeared, the day it had become official. She always started her diary entries with the same three things, even though she wrote in it almost every day.

The Diary of Hanna Marin

Number of Days since the End of 7th Grade: 35

Number of Days since Ali D. ran out of the barn: 35

Number of official days Ali D. has been missing: 34

Number of Days since I've talked to Emily: 27

Number of Days since I've talked to Aria: 29

Number of Days since I've talked to Spencer: 33

Number of times I cried today: 4 (I'm getting better.)

Number of times I almost cried today: 3

Number of times they talked about Ali D. on the news today: 12 (that I saw.)

Number of Dreams I've had about That Night in the Barn: 6

Number of Dreams I've had about Ali D.: 9

Hanna closed her diary and shoved it back under her mattress, trying not to wonder about Alison anymore. She didn't want to think about all the things the five of them had done together.

Alison had been the most popular girl at school, and once they became her best friends, they were also the most popular girls at school. Hanna wondered if Alison was dead or if she'd simply run away. She knew Aria, Emily, and probably even Spencer were wondering that very same thing.

Could Alison have run away? If she had, where did she go? Where could she go? Wouldn't someone of seen her, since her picture was all over the news, nationwide? Was Alison really dead, like everyone thought? If she was, did she kill herself? Who would've killed Ali D.? Why couldn't Spencer find her that night? What if Spencer had found her, and helped her get away? What if Spencer had killed her? Could that be possible? Was Spencer even capable of that? Was anyone else even around the barn that night? And most importantly, could Hanna and the others have saved Alison?

Hanna sighed, hating it when she let her mind take over like this. She didn't like to question herself like this, because it didn't do her any good. All if did was make her feel worse and worse about the whole thing.

And that was the last thing she needed right now, because she already felt like somehow she could've stopped Alison. But she couldn't of, right? It wasn't her fault that Spencer and Alison had been fighting, like always, and Alison had fled. If it was anyone's fault, it was Spencer's.

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