I will not tell Trelawney I prophesized her death

Ok, this is a total joke, inspired by 'Things I Will Not Do at Hogwarts by ACDC'

Disclaimer: Do I look like a woman who has more money than the queen does?????? Of course not! (plese don't sue me Madam, please?)


'My boy, you have a-'

'If she says deadly enemy, grim, shadow over his soul or any other ridiculous thing I'll prophesised her death.' Draco whispered in Blasie's ear before accepting the soft chuckle as a compliment.

'-a deadly enemy.'

A collective theatre gasp filled the room and a few students laughed quietly, Draco rolled his eyes. When potter answered, he almost snorted with laughter.

'Well then, I'll make sure to be careful not to put my address on Voldemort's Christmas card.'

'Go on then.' Draco felt a nudge in his ribs and he noticed that Blaise was wearing a wicked grin. 'Prophesize her death, I dare you.'



Draco stood up dramatically knocking over the desk before him. When the crystal ball they were supposed to be viewing smashed, she looked up.

It just so happened that Draco got stage fright and he had lost any semblance of colour from his face.

'Draco, what-'

Trying not to laugh he choked out:

'Professor, I saw-'

He cut off abruptly (shaking with suppressed laughter) peaking her interest before finally mumbling something after about ten minutes of interrogation.

'What was that, Mr Malfoy?'

'Professor, I saw you.'

A mutter went around the class and Draco almost laughed aloud at Lavender Brown's face, what he wouldn't have given to be holding a camera right at that second.

'Professor, you are going to die.'

A scream rent the air and the teacher collapsed.

'I didn't mean right this second.' He said loudly and the classroom erupted.


I felt sad and just had to write this.

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