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I was listening to Chasing Cars, by Snow Patrol, which always makes me think of two lovers lying in a field, for some reason. And I was just struck by the inspiration to make a Chad/Ichigo ficlet, because it's such a sweet pairing!

So, inspired by Snow Patrol's Chasing Car.


A breeze swirled around them, plucking at their unruly hair, shifting the grass around them.

A warm day in Soul Society, out of Seireitei, no stalker in the form of Kenpachi or missions spewing from the mouth of Yamamoto. No arrancar attacks, no random appearance of Espada. They'd taken the day to just escape from the middle of everything, the middle of the fierce war. To forget it.

To spend much-needed time by themselves.

Chad surveyed the sky through a lazy eye, the other covered by thick hair. Clear blue stretched high above them, as light as their spirits. His gaze shifted, towards the man lying next to him, peacefully dozing.

Chad twisted onto his side, propping his head up with a hand as he surveyed his partner, the man who had been by his side for years, helping defeat immature brats who mocked him for his size, his stoniness. Fighting when Chad couldn't. Protecting him with all his heart, like Chad protected him. He was the reason Chad had involved himself in Soul Society, in the Shinigami world. He couldn't stomach the idea of this brave young man on his own, without Chad at his back.

The Shinigami stirred, frowning, before slipping into a deeper sleep. Chad's lips quirked in a smile, and he reached out, brushing a strand of orange hair that was tickling his eyes. Ichigo mumbled something sleepily, and Chad smiled at the tiny little scowl that never left his face, even in sleep.

"I love you," Chad said quietly, deep voice somehow ringing loudly in the silence surrounding them. Ichigo seemed soothed by his voice even in sleep. Chad leant forward, until his face was inches from Ichigo's.

"Just kiss me, you idiot," Ichigo muttered. Chad's smile broadened into a grin as Ichigo opened chocolate eyes to glare at him impatiently. Chad closed the remaining gap between them, a soft press of his lips to Ichigo's, savouring that short, sweet contact, which they seemed to so lack in the middle of chaos.

"I love you, too," Ichigo whispered against his lips. Chad shifted closer, until he was lying at Ichigo's side, drawing the slighter man to him, in a strong embrace.