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Post Phantom Lord

Pre Tower of Paradise

Don't care if Loke's secret's been revealed yet or not. May decide later in the story. Maybe he won't even show up.

Chapter 1

Jellal sighed and rubbed his temples, trying his hardest to drown out the lecture he was receiving as Siegrain. It would be just his luck that he needed to work with a bunch of old fogies to get the magic needed for the R-system. Holding two conversations at once, especially two that were so drastically different, was giving him a headache. He wished the old man would just shut up already.

"What was that?" Yajima's lecture had made him miss something Vithaldas had been saying

"I said that the towers-"

"Lost magic was lost for a reason, Sieg. There can be dire consequences from using it"

"-and if it isn't fixed soon it could result in serious consequences."

Giving up, Jellal waved Vithhaldas away "Then go fix it. I'm not stopping you"

"We…" Vithaldas cut off whatever he'd been about to say and nodded "Very well"

With the idiot gone, Jellal sat back in his chair and shut his eyes, focusing more on Yajima way over in Era. If he acted more attentive, the lecture would probably be shorter.

"You need to act more responsible. There'd be no end to the trouble we'd have if you awaken some particularly nasty spell that people went through all the trouble to make sure no one else would learn."

"No one went through all the trouble to make sure no one else would learn a spell if someone else learns it" Siegrain replied smoothly "I'm not doing anything dangerous. I'm just reading a few dusty old books"

"Most of what you're reading is in one dead language or another!" Yajima exclaimed "It would only take one simple mistranslation to blow up the capital!"

"Relax, I won't mistranslate anything" Siegrain gave his most convincing smile "I have no intentions of using any of these spells. I'm just a little curious about lost magic right now"

Yajima wasn't fooled by the smile "How long have you been practicing these languages?"

Maybe a year. Maybe less. "I'm not going to cast any of these spells. Don't worry"

Yajima's expression showed he was very worried, but he seemed to give up at this point "Just don't go casting anything in those scrolls"

"I won't"

Jellal sighed as the old coot left. He kept his eyes closed, as it was much easier to only deal with one image at a time. He drunk in all the information Siegrain translated from the scrolls, completely wiping the lecture from his memory. There had to be something useful. A particularly nasty spell that could wipe out any enemies in his path, or maybe something to speed up the final touches on the tower.

Siegrain snorted and tossed the scroll aside, pulling up the next one and starting his translations on it. He couldn't gain easy access to forbidden magic, so lost magic would have to do. There had to be something worth wile amongst all the dusty rolled up scraps of paper.

Finally, he returned the scrolls to their shelves, setting the ones he thought might be useful aside so he could return to work on them tomorrow.

Jellal opened his eyes and got up, groaning as he realized how stiff he'd become. How long had he just been sitting their? Why had no one come and seen him the whole time?

"Just my luck…" he muttered.


"Where's Siegrain?" Rage asked, looking around "I'm not too surprised that he'd skip a meeting, but still…"

"Siegrain-sama isn't feeling well" Ultear said "He'll return as soon as he's better" It took all her self control not to laugh. She'd received a message only a minute before the meeting informing her that Jellal had simply overslept, she suspected it was from spending most of the night looking at lost magic. She'd cover for him though "We have more important things to discus than common colds, though." No one would have been surprised if a common cold was all it took to keep Sieg or Ultear from coming "Why was this meeting called?"

Beluno began to speak "In light of the string of crimes in the surrounding area, I sent out a request for help. We don't have enough time to manage guild and deal with petty criminals ourselves."

"That's it?"

"Ah, no. The request… it… it was answered by Fairy Tail."

Ultear's self control wasn't great enough to keep her from laughing at this. Yajima's silencing look was ignored by her. Beluno sighed and continued "I, for one, do not think I could deal with any destruction they might cause here. I believe the wisest decision would be to cancel the request, but that would require three or more votes from the council"

"Nah, let 'em come" Everyone jumped and looked to the door, where Siegrain was entering looking like he'd just dragged himself out of bed "This could be fun."


"It's not like it'll make a difference to the public if they tear up a road here or wreck a bridge on the other side of the country. Besides, this way it's easier t' monitor them"

"You look like you got in a fight with a ten foot tall stray cat on the way here" Ultear informed Sieg as he sat down "Are you sure you're alright to come?"

"Meh" was all the reply she got. Siegrain's vocabulary had hit an all time low.

Over in Kaelum, Jellal was feeling just as bad as Siegrain looked.


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