Allo Peoples!

KSR here.

i got bored a few days ago and just started thinking about the nine Jinchuuriki. After thinking about them for awhile i got an ispiration for a poem. don't care if you like it or not, i don't usually write poems, heck i don't even get the inspiration or 'em that often. So here ya go!


We've been tossed, we've been beaten, we've been kicked all about.

But now it's time, to finish the bout.

Going and going, until our spirits are chipped,

And now you look at us in anger, even though our bodies are ripped.

And so you abandon us, into the fray,

While you and your children, go frolic and play.

Now from the hatred that you put into us we return once more,

To take our revenge, to settle the score.

You laugh at us in darkness, thinking one day you'll fly,

We'll make sure you fly, straight to the hospital, right where you'll die.

So don't abandon us, thinking, "We're frail!"

Don't worry, we'll kill you, without fail.

This is something that came into my head, so don't expect something gigantically fancy.

anyway, this is kind of a response to my fanfic "Kyuuto's revenge".

speaking...TYPING of which, whoever Naruto pairs up with, i'm going to change it to that catagory.

so there ya go!