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Matt yawned as he trudged around the first floor of his house, looking for a certain object before he would head up to his hot tub for the night. Maybe it was just chance luck, or perhaps fate, but it couldn't have been a more perfect (though, the situation would not be so) time for him to be twenty steps from his door.

Knock, knock, knock. Matt frowned at the noise, wondering who could be at the door. It was nearly one-thirty and he was sure his brother or friends weren't coming over. Matt sighed; did some crazy fan find his house? Shaking his head in annoyance, he headed forward just as someone knocked again.

"I'm coming," he muttered, while the knocks got frantic. Matt sighed, looking into the peephole, only to see a person he'd least expect outside the door, tears streaming down her face. Matt's eyes widened in astonishment and he opened it quickly. "Amy!" Matt roared, "What is going on?"

Amy stood there in a t-shirt and jeans in the cool October weather, eyes puffing, cool tears staining her pretty face. "M-Matt. I need help," she whispered. Matt then saw the blood on her hands, soaking through her jeans too.

He ushered her into the house before yelling, "Amy, are you hurt? Where did that blood come from?"

She shook her head, running out of the house and pulling him down the lawn. "We n-need to h-help him," she whispered. Matt looked confused. Help him? Help who?

Matt stopped short; pulling the smaller Amy back and making her look him directly into his eyes. For just a moment, there was a zap of electricity while the too shared a locked gaze. "Amy, take a breath. What is going on?" Matt asked clearly.

"Shane, he's hurt," Amy moaned. "Badly."

Matt's face tensed at the sound of his ex's boyfriend's name. What did Matt have to do with this? "Yeah?" Matt asked uneasily.

She sighed. "I wanted to show him your house but we swerved and got into a car accident. He's hurt and I can't find my phone… can I use yours to call for help? My car is just up the road." Her entire vocabulary was shaken and her voice wavered in and out, stutters filling the words.

Could Matt say no? Of course not. "Sure, go right ahead," Matt said softly, handing over his cell. Then heatedly, he added, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Amy moaned. "Just stay with me. I don't want to go back to him alone." Matt, who never heard Amy as afraid as she was, only nodded. Shockingly, he would have said yes to anything. She almost smiled when she whispered; hugging him, "Thank you, Matt."

When the walls are closin' in on me
And I can't find my way out
When I've seen as much as I can see
I just turn my eyes to you
And I know that I'll get through it

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