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The next day, which would equal a week later since Matt showed up at her house, she drove to Cameron, hoping Matt would be home. She knew he was ever-so busy with being the ECW champion and catching him home could be a hit or miss situation. She shuddered passing the place where the accident accorded less than two weeks ago, but forced herself forward, knowing she was doing the right thing.

Lights on the livingroom and by the looks of it, Jeff's silhouette, standing next to another over six-foot figure from inside, gave Amy the assumption that Matt was home. She sighed thankfully for this and killed the engine to the car she was renting.

Amy looked forward again, second guessing herself. What if Matt wouldn't even talk to her? He could really still be very angry. She shook her head though, thinking, I've come this far. Might as well do it all the way.

She hated how she felt lately. Amy was not one to second guess herself so much and have low self esteem. She was fiery and confident, but Shane's death had done so much negatively to her.

The once top-dog in the WWE divas climbed from her car then, slowing making her way to the entrance to Matt's house, the house she once called home. The size of it made her miniature, which only made matters worse. "C'mon, Amy. Suck it up."

"Amy?" a voice asked, completely surprised tone and all. She flipped around to see none other than, Beth Britt, another person she once called a close friend. She had not seen Beth in so long, at least a year. Beth had not been around when she was in the hospital for two days in Vass, North Carolina. "Hey. Sorry to hear about Shane."

Amy nodded. "Thanks."

Beth nodded too, rocking on her heels, car keys dangling from her small hand. "So… what are you doing here?"

She realized that it was probably very strange to see an ex of Matt's at his house unexpectedly. "Oh, uh, I need to talk to Matt about something. It's important. Is he home?"

Beth nodded, though snorting. "Yeah, he is. But he's been in such a pissy mood lately. I wouldn't want to talk to him right now, just to warn ya."

Amy groaned internally. "That mood is probably because of me. Can I come inside?"

Beth's face flashed with confusion, though she did not ask. "Yeah, sure, come on."

Amy followed Beth up the steps of Matt's house, going inside after unlocking the door. She entered slowly, seeing both the Hardy Brothers talking. Soon as Matt saw Amy, his face clouded with anger.

"Amy," he said shortly.

Jeff's eyes shot back and forth between Matt and Amy, unsure of what was going on already. Beth grabbed Jeff by the arm, knowing something was up and that they needed to be alone.

"Hey," she finally whispered once they were out of the room. "Can I please talk to you?"

Matt replied, "I believe you had your chance to talk to me, Amy."

She sighed. So stubborn. "I'm sorry, Matt. You can't stay mad at me like this. I had just lost my boyfriend of over two years. To say I was still unsure of what I wanted was an understatement."

Matt just snorted, then finally replied, "You told me you still loved me. And then left me. I think you said enough, Amy." It annoyed her that he kept saying her name.

"Matt, I do love you. I loved Shane too. I spent over two years of my life with him. We had sex. We talked. We loved each other. Shane knew I'd never be with him for life though. He knew you were the one I truly loved. I needed to realize that he'd not hate me for doing this."

Matt glared at her. "You should have known this from the start, Amy."

Amy was getting mad too. "Matt! Do you not understand that Shane had just died. I was upset, I was guilty. I had been a mess, hell, I'm still a mess. To go and kiss me and add to that mess was not helping me any. You have got to cut me some slack here. I'm just human. I make mistakes."

"Yeah, we can see that from your past," Matt grumbled.

"Matt! Stop it. Look, I came here to apologize. Something… I don't know what, told me to try again. Told me that I should be with you. That you are the one. Told me that you'd understand. Maybe that something was wrong, I don't know. I figured you would too… deep down. Something told me you still loved me like you said you did. Was that a lie?"

Matt's eyes darkened. "Of course not."

"Then why are you denying me now? I gave you my explanation! I'm starting to loose faith here, Matt. Here I am, basically giving you everything here. Don't tell me that I have to go back to my house in shambles again."

Matt whispered, "Don't loose faith."

"Then what?" Amy prompted. "Talk to me, Matt. That's all you have to do." Amy shuddered, remembering he'd used the same words on her not too long ago. "Talk to me then. Stop being so damn stubborn and realize the facts. I love you, you love me."

Matt stared at the ceiling. "Amy…"

When I lose faith
When I lose ground
And everything, oh, comes crashing down
You raise me up
You lift me up
You give me love
You redeem me

"Yes, Matt?" Amy whispered.

And there it was again, there was that look that nothing could compete with. Too pairs of eyes stayed locked in a gaze, unmoving. Matt's chocolately, alluring eyes captivated Amy and she wondered how she ever left him all those years ago. Shane knew it, everyone knew it and for once, she knew it too. Matt was her soul-mate. He lurked toward her then, though the gaze didn't unravel. He brushed their hands together, kissing her lips softly.

"I love you," he whispered.

When I'm out standing on the ledge
You pull me right back, back from the edge
You take me in with just a look
With just a touch

Their tongues explored the once known territory of each other's mouth, body interlocked in a heated embrace. Matt broke off her, only too recapture the same gaze from seconds ago. "I love you," he whispered once more and kissed her again, like she had been by him ever before.

You redeem me
With your love
You redeem me.

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