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Chapter 1- Parting Gift

The maternity ward of Konoha's hospital was filled with the gentle murmur of quiet conversation, the occasional pitter-pattering of hurried feet, and the scream of a mother in birth.

The birthing had started at roughly ten hours ago in the middle of a congratulatory feast for the happy parents as the due date drew nearer. But unforeseen circumstances arose when the mother clenched her swollen stomach with shaking hands and began to gasp for air. It appeared the birthing wasn't waiting any longer.

Now, immediate family stood outside the delivery room while the parents inside struggled to bring their child into the world. Another hour passed until the sounds of a squalling child and the mournful sobs of the mother reached everyone's ears.

Confusion overtook them as they contemplated why was the mother crying when her child was safe and alive? Answers arrived in the form of a ruffled and tearstained father holding a crying bundle wrapped in white cotton in his arms half-heartedly and without tenderness. And when he addressed the small crowd his voice was laden with sorrow and shame.

" W-we had twins. But one was stillborn."

The head of their clan and their brother by marriage spoke with a detached air. " Do you have a son?"

The father simply shook his head and shifted his still crying cargo. "No, our son is dead."

His wife's step-sister touched a hand to her mouth in shock before rushing into the delivery now turned mourning room where her little sister lay crying with a white clothed and unmoving child in her arms. Soon the room was filled with crying wives and reassuring husbands.

All but the actual father and a small boy of five stood outside of the room.

The child tilted his head and regarded the man quizzically, his midnight black and silky hair falling softly to one side of his face. Shouldn't his uncle be grateful that one of his children was still alive? Did it really matter that much that the child remaining was a girl?

Speaking of said child reminded him that she was still crying rather loudly. No doubt hungry and seeking the warmth and comfort every newborn was supposed to receive. The father apparently found the crying annoying enough to come out of the daze he was in and look down at the child with obvious distaste and contempt.

Seeing the boy for perhaps the first time the man shifted his bundle and held it out to the boy. A gesture that screamed more than words.

The five year old merely took the squirming and screaming babe and went to sit in one of the chairs surrounding the waiting room. He watched silently as his uncle turned and went immediately into the room of mourners.

Watching the man's retreating back he realized belatedly that the crying had stopped. Looking down for the first time at the face that had inadvertently caused such pain his heart was immediately captured.

A small heart shaped face complimented by round rosy cheeks and a head covered in soft pink hair so fine it almost looked silver. Her little hands were drawn close to chest in fists so tiny they could fit into the palm of his hand. This little girl lying so innocently in his arms was the epitome of purity in his eyes.

Why could such a small and warm face cause such rejection in face of such a crisis?

And then it happened, the thing that would forever change his life and dictate the rest of hers. Black eyes widened into saucers at the sight of two small blood colored eyes with the symbol of a six-pointed star dominating the center.

Staring blearily at the young boy the girl child began to gurgle and squirm waving around her chubby little arms jerkily, as babies tend to do. Still entranced at the impossible sight beneath him the boy brought up the hand not currently holding the child's head and placed his index finger in range of her fists. Almost immediately upon contact the girl's hands wrapped tightly around is exposed finger and continued to stare up at the dark figure above her making small noises of content.

But just when the stars began to spin slowly, drawing him in even more, the spell was broken by his father coming to stand before him. Snapping his head up at the approaching figure he instinctually drew the child closer to him in such a way that his father couldn't see her face without demanding it.

"We're going home. You're mother is staying to console your aunt." Glancing down at the small child in his son's arms he scoffed. " Give that to one of the nurses and we'll be on our way. It is a shame that the girl wasn't the one to die instead." He turned to walk back to the still mourning room. "Let us hope again that your mothers coming child is also a boy to make up for this loss."

At his father's cold word's something in the boy broke. Still holding the baby tenderly he watched as people he had known all his life cast her away to be something ashamed of. This precious bundle in his arms that had him thoroughly enchanted was now looked upon as an ugly smear upon their great clans name. The injustice of it all had him clutching the baby almost defensively to his chest.

A few nurses and the doctor made their way into the already packed room and spoke condolences and began to usher the bulk of the crowd out. No one even glanced at the still alive child now sleeping softly in his arms, and something else broke inside of him.

The door to the room began to close, barring any passing eyes from the happenings inside, but not before the boy heard the beginnings of the conversation.

"Is there any chance of another child in the future?"

"It is possible Mr. Uchiha. But with the vaginal tearing and difficulty of the birth I'd warn against any future pregnancies. It's a miracle your daughter was born alive at all."

He didn't hear anything else as the door finally clicked shut.

A nurse eventually came to try to take the child away but he refused to hand her over. He refused to hand over such a small and undeserving babe to a cold and heartless world that didn't even want her. A world that didn't even know what a miracle she really was. How could they throw away one of their greatest gifts?

He knew what her eyes meant in a world such as theirs. He knew what would befall her if her gift fell into hands that would use her and morph her into yet another living weapon. Being the only son to the clan head he knew all about it because he already lived it.

And that was not a life he would wish on anyone, especially not someone as fragile as this child.

A firm resolution began to sink into place as he continued to hold warm and softly breathing child in his arms. He would protect this girl from the cruelties that would befall her. He'd make sure that no one ever found out about her gift before she was old enough to understand the significance of her own existence and keep all those who would use her at bay. He'd make sure no one would ever even look at her because they'd be too busy looking at him. Yes, he'd become the prodigy his father wanted so badly. And he'd divert their attention to him so that she could go on living peacefully for as long as fate would allow.

The sound of the door opening snapped him from his daze. His father was striding towards him again and looking distastefully at the sleeping child still resting in his arms.

" I thought I told you to give that thing to a nurse."

He bowed his head in mock shame. " Yes father."

The man grunted. " Do it and let's go."

The boy stood up slowly, still clutching the child to him gently, and made his way to one of the nurses now exiting the room. Handing the child over, albeit reluctantly, he watched as the nurse strode away further into the hospital before turning to follow his father.

At the lobby the old and wizened receptionist smiled sadly while bidding them goodbye, "Good night Fugaku-sama, Itachi-san."

Striding through the automatic doors he stopped to glance one last time at the glowing building.

"Come along Itachi." His father's voice made him turn around and continue on his way.

That day, Itachi lost most of his innocence, but he also gained a goal in life that would change he will of the future.

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