Finally. Here it is. The first chapter of the sequal to The Return of Dani Phantom. This happens probably only a few weeks after the last chapter of my first one. If you pay attention to the title and the summery of this one, you may have caught some key words that will help predict what this one is all about.

I should warn you ahead of time that like the last one, I still am one who likes to stay with the original story of the TV show. So I'm afraid Vlad will still not be in this one, as he is supposed to be dead. least not in the way that you would expect. However, there is still going to be some referances to him and you may be interested to find out about the main villian I will be writing about in this story.

Disclaimer: Danny Phantom is created by Butch Hartman. I do not own any of the show's original characters. Just of the design of the older version of Danielle you can view on other websites.

So here it is.

Clash of All Time: Sequel to The Return of Dani Phantom

By R(dot)tistiC (Also previously known as Blackjay's older sister.)

Chapter 1: Someone is Watching

In the dark, spacious and eerie green universe known only as the Ghost Zone, a giant clock tower floated stationary in the middle of space. It was surrounded by giant gears that steadily rotated as the giant clock on the tallest tower of the structure ticked away the time with slow and quite audible sounds that echoed throughout the minefield of gears.

Though the overall appearance of this spiky, and floating building was enough to send chills down anyone's spine, those who understood best knew that appearances could be quite deceiving. For within the stone walls of this eerie green tower, lived one of the more friendly ghosts of this entire spirit reserved dimension.

Clockwork, the Master of Time, was the name this ghost was known by. He was a powerful sage with pale blue skin and red, yet kind looking eyes. One of which had a long, vertical and jagged scar across it. He wore a light purple tunic with gray gloves that were overlaid with several watches on each wrist. A black belt held a pocket watch at his waist and a long, purple cape was wrapped over his shoulders with a small, black gear pinning it in place with the cape's hood always up and covering the wearer's head. The Ghost's chest was a transparent little door to another clock that was actually embedded inside his very form as if to replace a heart. He held a long staff, whose end had a sort of vice-looking shape that held a clock that resembled a stopwatch. Through this staff was his ability to manipulate time and foresee events that had or would take place at any time.

What would usually catch people completely off guard and who were newly introduced to this ghost was the fact that his appearance in age was always changing as if he himself was shifting back and forth through different times and stages of his life (or afterlife, seeing as this was a ghost). At first, he would seem like a tall, strong, able-bodied young man until he would suddenly change into a skinny, gangly old man with a long white beard. Then sometimes he would shrink into the form of an infant with his staff looking like a version of a young child's toy. These changes were always so spontaneous and unpredictable in order and time they would take place.

The only thing that didn't change whenever these age transitions were made was the sage specter's wisdom and knowledge of how to use his power in the best way possible.

Currently, The Master of Time resided in the topmost room of his clock tower that was filled with giant gears in the ceiling and sticking up in random places of the floor. These gears worked the entire clock tower, whose face was huge, transparent and the only window to the outside of the room.

In the center of this chamber, Clockwork himself gazed at the face of a gigantic windup clock. But instead of a face with hands and numbers to tell the current time as would be expected, in it's stead was a vertical pool of light. The pool that waved steadily, distorting the image that the ghost was gazing at in the form of the old, bearded man, leaning on his time-staff as he floated only a few inches off the ground. See, he had no feet to stand on, just the ghostly vapor trail that replaced the lower extremities of most ghosts.

This windup clock that framed the pool of light was his window into time, which he used to watch any event he chose. His most favored subject to view was a young boy by the name of Danny Fenton, at this time at the age of eighteen, with thick, jet-black hair, blue eyes and the average looking outfit of a T-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes.

Though, Clockwork knew better than to mistake this young man by his normal, every day appearance. In another life and another form entirely, this boy was the world-famous superhero known as Danny Phantom who had ghost powers of his own that he used to protect others from the ghosts that were always going on a rampage to haunt and bring fear and harm to innocent people. This ghostly appearance was made up of a black and white jumpsuit, with a combination of a white D a P logo on his chest. His hair turned from black to snow-white and his usually blue eyes would turn to bright, glowing green ones.

Danny Fenton had been infected with ghostly DNA at the age of fourteen after getting caught in an accident that involved a ghost-portal that his parents had been constructing. He kept his resulting powers a secret for a long time, especially from his own parents. They were so obsessed with ghost hunting, that they were always arguing about finding and capturing ghosts so they could either dissect them for research or find creative ways to destroy them.

The only two people who knew this boy's darkest secret were his two best friends, Tucker Foley and Samantha Manson, who had been there to witness the accident themselves when he unintentionally activated the ghost portal.

As time went on, though he had been framed and despised by society when he first got his powers, Danny continued to use his powers for the greater good of the people and with the help of Sam and Tucker and his older sister Jasmine (Jazz for short) who eventually found out about his powers herself, young Danny fought to defend the helpless against evil specters until his reputation changed to that of a worldwide hero.

Now, four years later, everyone knew him to be half ghost and understood his intentions to use his powers for good. This was especially including his parents whom he later came to realize loved him no matter what kind of DNA he had.

However, though the boy's life was a reasonable one, despite his abnormality, it did come with its challenges, such as the one Clockwork was watching him face even now on the lit circle in front of him.

A former government, ghost-hunting squad called The Guys in White had gone out of business since being imprisoned for trying to hunt down the world's Ghost-Hero and his family, even after he had saved the entire planet from being destroyed. They had left some artifacts behind in their research facilities, which included some things that they had found in the mansion of another know ghost hybrid, Vlad Plasmius, who was Danny's archenemy that tried to destroy the boy's father so he could take the mother as his own queen after taking over the world. Vlad had disappeared after failing to do so and had not been seen or heard of in two years. The Guys in White, in turn, took the liberty of raiding the evil specter's house and found certain artifacts that they tried to use to bring Danny down.

One of these artifacts they had discovered was The Crown of Fire, worn by the all-powerful Pariah Dark. Pariah Dark was the tyrant king of all ghosts, whom Danny had defeated at age fourteen by separating the Ghost King from his Crown of Fire and locking him in the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep. Vlad Plasmius had secretly taken possession of the Crown of Fire after that battle was won, but never learned how to use it properly before disappearing, leaving it to be found later by The Guys in White. Although, without proper, protective hand-covering, they could not even touch the crown without burning themselves, so they hardly got to properly analyze it to even discover the immense power it contained before they were eventually jailed.

Soon after The Guys in White's arrest, a ghost named Princess Dora came to Danny, reporting that her brother, Prince Aragon had stolen the Crown of Fire from the Guys in White's now abandoned research lab and was using it to try and spread tyrannous dominion over the kingdom he had in the Ghost Zone. He was struggling to contain its energy though, for only the Ghost King had the power to control the Crown of Fire. And even then, he had to have it accompanied by The Ring of Rage (which he had possession of in his sarcophagus to this day) to truly unleash the Crown's might with full control and awareness.

Needless to say that Aragon was bringing unintentional destruction upon his own realm because of that lack of necessary power. Dora had insisted several times to her brother that the artifact was dangerous to try to wield, but Aragon was refusing to give up the powerful crown, always trying to ensure that he would soon gain complete control of its energy. Though, the accidental ignition of his own nearby guard's helmet feathers had clearly proven otherwise.

In response to Dora's plead for assistance in this matter, Danny snuck into Aragon's castle in disguise as one of his knights in an attempt to pilfer The Crown of Fire and put it someplace where no one could try to use it. Danny's plan had gone wrong at the last phase, however, and he was found out before he could obtain it.

Now, according to the current view Clockwork observed on his time window, Danny (now in the appearance of his ghost form) was being tied up with glowing violet cords by several armored guards. Normally, a human could pass through things in the Ghost Zone at will as any ghost could in the human world, but these violet bonds that held the teenager's arms to his sides prevented Danny from using his ghost powers to even change back to his human form and break himself free.

Clockwork watched as the boy was then dragged out of the castle and onto a ledge that hung over the acid green moat that surrounded the stone structure where he was then chained to several weights that would keep him submerged under the water once he was pushed in by the two guards that stood on either side of him.

Several of the prince's royal subjects were gathered around to witness the execution of this young worrier and as Danny stared down into the moat, he could see several crocodiles prowling around in the murky green water below him.

On the opposite side of the moat, prince Aragon himself stood on the top of a rock formation that stood higher than the ledge Danny was being held on top of.

This wasn't the usually magnificently dressed prince you would find in everyday fantasy books. He was an ill-mannered, selfish one who had light-blue skin and red eyes that became blood-shot and fearsome whenever he was angry, which happened quite often. He wore a purple tunic with black boots and a dagger at his waist with an image of a skull as the handle. His dark, tattered cape that was pinned around his shoulders with a skull shaped brooch flowed in the wind along with his gray, shoulder-length hair. He wore a large, emerald ring on one of his fingers and around his neck was a golden chain that held a special, green amulet that resembled the eye of a dragon. This amulet was the source of the prince's power to transform into a ferocious, black, fire-breathing dragon. What Danny really had his eyes on was the crown that floated only an inch above this prince's head. It was The Crown of Fire that replaced the thorny green one Aragon once wore in its stead.

Prince Aragon looked down at Danny from his perch with a satisfied grin that bore sharp, fanglike teeth like a vampire's. "Let this forever teach you a lesson, never to steal from me." Prince Aragon said to the boy who was struggling against the grip of the two guards. "Any last words, thief?"

Danny, instead of looking fearful or defiant, simply laughed up at the prince. "You've got a lot of nerve talking about stealing, dude." He shot back with a shake of his head.

Aragon's eyes popped at the unexpected response, but then he scowled at the young hero with the signature bloodshot eyes, raised his hand and signaled for the release. The guards suddenly pushed Danny over the edge and the teenager fell down towards the ghost-reptile infested moat. The boy hit the water with a large splash and the crocodiles abruptly dove under the water after their prey.

I'm sorry if the majority of this chapter was really boring with the details. I wanted to put in a bit of background for those who may stumble upon this story not knowing anything about Danny Phantom or have even read my first story.

Those of you who are wondering, Prince Aragon is not the main villian of this story. This is just a start-up mission for the opening of this fic. The next chapter will be coming as soon as possible. It's technically already done, but I want to smooth some things out first and put it through an edit before I post it. I'm all done with my semester finals in school now so I will have more time to work on it.

I would also like to see your responses to this first chapter before I continue to see if it's worth it to keep going.