It was a cool evening night, there was evidence of a light rain fall. Beads of water covered the sleek surfaces of parked cars down the main shopping block of Downtown D.C.; Neon lights of store and restaurant signs reflected off those dew covered cars. The air had the fresh crispness that only seemed to happen after the cleansing wash of rain.

One couple walked out of a restaurant hand in hand. They walked slowly down the street stopping every other store window looking and talking about the items that caught their eyes. They did this for three blocks enjoying the beautiful world around them. After the third block they turned into to a small parking lot. The man walked his date to her car, they said good-bye and shared a kiss before she got into her car and drove away. The man headed to his car which was parked in the dark corner of the lot.

He reached into his pocket and fished for his keys. Right when he was about to unlock his car door, a big diesel truck drove past the lot. The loud engine and the sound of tires splashing up the puddles of dead rain caused the man to turn around. But as he did, some movement from behind an SUV next to him caught his eye. Just before he had time to react, a man with wild red hair lunged towards him letting out a crazed scream. However before the figure could attack, three people appeared out the shadows with guns pointed at he red haired man.

"Freeze! NCIS!" The oldest man of the group shouted.

The man's wide green eyes darted back and forth between the three people with guns. He looked back at the man he was going to attack only to see the end of a barrel pointed right between his eyes.

"Joseph Scott, get on the ground slowly and put your hands behind your head!" Another man demeaned behind him.

"Do it now!" This time a woman with a strong accent shouted.

Joseph looked frantically around him, at the people holding the guns. Then what seemed like ages, he slowly lowered to the damp asphalt, locking his finger behind his head. The woman holstered her gun and pulled out her handcuffs as she moved closer to Scott. As she was cuffing him and reading him his rights, herself and the other NCIS agent pulled the man to his feet and lead him to their car.

"I'm glad that's over." Brad said to Gibbs who walked over to him, both men holstering their guns.

"Thanks for your help."

"No problem. But I have to say, that was pretty terrifying." Gibbs threw him a question look. "You know, the whole walking around with the knowledge that I would likely get attacked by a psycho part." Brad leaned up agents his car, ignoring the fact his clothes were soaking up the beads of water.

Gibbs studied the young police officer for a moment. "You did good."

Brad let out a laugh with fading adrenaline. "Yeah well, I'll just stick with the slow uneventful night patrol in my safe squad car if its all the same to you." Brad said with a sure grin.

A smile appeared on Gibbs face as he turned around and headed back into the shadows.


The team was never more relived to close a case than this one. Joseph Scott confessed to everything, the attack on DiNozzo and the murder of Alan Kurr, seeing nothing wrong in what he did. He was then taken to the hospital to treat the infected gun shot wound in his left leg. Even though they had a confession, Abby matched his DNA to what was under Tony's fingernails and the plastic strap that killed Kurr and matched the bullet that was still in his legs to the NCIS agent's gun. Both Brad and Danica stopped by NCIS headquarters that night to give their report and make sure that everything was finished. Then they gave their good-byes and gratitude for putting this crazed man behind bars.

The next afternoon, Tony's hospital room was filled with is fellow team member. Abby was seated at the foot of his bed; Ducky was occupying the plastic chair while McGee was propped on the Doctor's stool. Ziva was leaned up agents the window's ledge as Gibbs stood by the door, getting to watch all the people in the room. Laughter and stories filled up the small hospital room which put a smile on the lead agent's face. Scott was in custody, Tony was fine and was going to be discharged in two days, and last night he had a good night's sleep for the first time in three days.

A few hours later, everyone started to leave. Ducky was first, then McGee and Abby. Before Ziva left, she leaned in and gave Tony a small hug speaking softly to him.

"I'm sorry Tony about the other day."

"It's already, forgotten." Tony gave her a reassuring smile as she left, leaving just Gibbs.

There was a blanket of silence between the two men. Gibbs studied his senior field agent's features. He had color back in his face and the only thing that was hooked up to him was the IV.

"I want to see him." Tony suddenly spoke up.

"Who?" Gibbs was a bit thrown of by the comment.

"Scott, I want to see him."

Gibbs moved closer to the bed. "Why?"

Tony sighed, Gibbs could tell that whatever Tony was about to say, the young man felt embarrassed. "Because even though I know he is in custody and all," he paused for a breath. "I'm still slightly terrified, of men I don't know, because I don't know the face of the guy that attacked me." Tony finished weakly. Even though he was able to speak longer without a breath after every three words, it still drained him of energy.

"Why does it have to be face to face?" Gibbs watched as green eyes hide behind their lids as Tony seemed to sink deeper into the bed.

"I don't know boss."

"Get some rest DiNozzo." Gibbs placed a hand on his good shoulder. "I'll see what I can do." He gave it a slight squeeze before he left the hospital room with his agent already drifting off to sleep.

[The End]