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A couple of folks really wanted a Batman POV so I've decided to give him the epilogue. Hope it makes you all happy! (laughs) Okay, no more goofing off! Final chapter go!


(Batman's POV)

She was a fool, a silly infatuated clown forever clinging on to the edges of insanity.

Harley Quinn had once been a person of society…now she was a menace of society.

Most people will wonder, what drove her over the edge? Greed? Power? Revenge?

No, it was not either of those things. She had become a corrupted criminal simply over the supremacy of love. Harleen Quinzel had drowned in a sea of her own delusions.

I couldn't say that I cared lovingly for Quinn, but I really wanted her to turn over a new leaf. It was like trying to coax a desert to rain.

Eight hours after I interrogated Quinn, I caught the Joker.

The clown was giggling softly when we returned to Arkham, laughing harder when I handed him over to the guards.

As I turned to leave, a shriek rang through the halls… Harley's shrieks.

"Leave my Puddin' alone! Let him goooo!"

She was banging her head against the glass wall of her cell, screaming curses at the guards.

Her eyes locked hatefully at me.

"You dirty, abusing flying rat! I'll get you for this! You hear me? Mistah J and I will take you down!"

Joker grinned nastily at me.

See what I did?

I walked away briskly; leaving the clown and his hysterical girlfriend to the sedatives that probably awaited them.

My mind was troubled.

That look she gave me! So full of hate! So familiar…

A young blonde psychiatrist cradling the wounded Joker in her arms, sobbing and glaring murderously at the same time…

Climbing into the Batmobile, I drove away from the sickening asylum, not wanting to feed off of its twisted love story any longer.

It was a story of corruption and lust. It hung around the halls, whispering the silent tale to all who listened. For the people who knew her, each one had a story to tell, each one had their own feelings. Their stories echo down the halls, too, creating their own inner insanity. In the end, they mixed with the horrid romance and drifted through Arkham together.

For the love of a man, Harley Quinn had given up everything.

And for love, she had fallen.


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