A/N: Hello peoples! As you may have figured out, I am an Alice/Decus fan. HOWEVER, I am also a Sheelos fan. I decided that i would do a two-shot on the Tower of Salvation scene in the original ToS if you chose the Kratos path. I have never had the heart to kill poor Zelos, so i'm just going by what I know and am changing a few things in the scene for the sake of this two-shot.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, or any of that other crap. If I did, not only would killing Zelos never have been an option, but Alice and Decus would be alive at the end of the game and would've became good guys or something like that.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!: This chapter is in Sheena's PoV (point of view)

My heart was breaking.

Zelos was standing in front of us, and barely at that. His perfect body was marred with deep stab wounds and his body's crimson elixir was seeping from the exposed flesh and pooling on the paved floor beneath him. I stood there, helpless. He was going to die; there was no way around that. Seeing him suffer so brought bitter tears to my eyes.

I was chained to the spot by my sorrow. I desperately wanted to run over to him.

I was paralyzed by my fear.

The fear that he would never know.

Finally, the strength in his lower body gave out and he collapsed.

I watched as the last grains of sand in the hourglass trickled down. Zelos had used most of his remaining moments to tell the others where Colette was and to vaguely explain his motives. The others went on ahead, but I stayed behind. I ran over to Zelos, screaming his name and collapsed onto my knees the very second I reached him. To my surprise, his chest was still heaving and I could hear shallow breaths coming from him.

Unable to say anything, I leaned over and pressed my lips gently to his, expressing what I could not with words. I finally broke the kiss.

Zelos's eyes opened just a little and weakly, he smiled at me. His smile quickly faded.

As his eyes were closing for the final time, I heard him whisper, "Sheena… I love you…"

Then just like that, he had passed on…

My heart is filled with regrets.


The thing I regret the most…

Is what I never told him…

"I love you too…"