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IMPORTANT NOTE!!!: Like I said before, this chapter is in Zelos' PoV (Point of View)

Intense pain shot up my spine and spread throughout my body, even my heart felt the ache. It took all my strength just to stand after losing the long and bloody battle.

Well, most of the blood was spilled on my behalf and it only lasted for a couple of minutes before fate had declared me the loser. But to my heart, the battle lasted forever and a day.

And it was because of one person…

Sheena stood shakily, her bewitching chocolate eyes were filled with pain, obviously emotional; I hadn't even done so much as look at her until the life was irreversibly draining from my veins.

But now tears were trickling down her cheeks. Each tear slowly broke my heart until it crumbled into dust. The pain of my wounds became too much to bear and I fell to the cold stone ground in the Tower of Salvation. My vision was slowly but surely darkening and it became difficult to breathe.

I now had a choice.

I could choose to repent in the little way that I could and tell the others where Pronyma took Colette, or I could use the few moments I had left to tell Sheena the most important thing I'd ever told anyone.

My time was short.

I had made my choice.

I told the others where Colette was being held. Lloyd protested against my decision to die, although his words were, at that moment, meaningless. I wanted to die.

At least I did, but by the time I had changed my mind, it was too late.

Lloyd, and everyone else, thinking that I had died, used the teleporter to go after Colette.

However, one person had remained.

As soon as everyone else had left, I heard her scream my name. Her tears had broken my heart, but her cries shattered my soul. She fell to her knees beside me and she gasped softly in surprise when she heard my nearly nonexistent breathing. I wanted to cry. I wanted to shed tears that were never shed, and never would be shed.

I was about to die and I had grudgingly accepted my destiny.

My senses were drifting away, but just then, I felt soft lips touch mine, quavering ever so slightly from the tears she was holding in. She had shed tears over me; tears that I didn't deserve…

When she had reluctantly pulled away, I understood what she wanted to tell me.

I opened my eyes, just a bit and managed a weak smile. I smiled, but my heart was screaming in emotional agony.

My smile didn't last long. Whatever energy I could have used to continue smiling until the moment I died, I put into my last words.

With my final breath, I managed to quietly say, "Sheena… I love you…"

Then before my life had completely faded away, I heard Sheena crying anew.

Her sorrow was the last thing I heard before I was surrounded by darkness.

I left the world of Aselia with a hole in my heart.

I told Sheena how I felt, but I now loathe myself because of one thing:

I didn't tell her sooner…

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