A/N: This is my first attempt at a Cold Case fic, I've written other stuff but this is a new one for me. No real plot, just had an idea and it bounced around until I wrote it down. Why do fics always have to pop into existence when there are other pressing matters (such as assignments) to attend to?? Anyway, hope it provides some entertainment.

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Chapter 1

Kat Miller looked around the quiet office, where had everyone gone? Was she that engrossed in her work?

The sound of footsteps interrupted her thoughts as a stranger entered the office. Kat watched as a young girl, well, she could have been anything between late teens and twenties, walked in. The girl had shoulder length dark hair, startling green eyes, wearing a red tartan mini, black top, with thick tights and boots. Not the usual look to walk into homicide.

"Uh, hi, is Lilly Rush around?"

"I'm not sure where she is at the moment. Can I help you?" Kat replied wondering if a new case was about to fall into their hands.

Before the girl had a chance to respond Scotty Valens walked in with a thunderous look on his face and slumped in his chair, completely ignoring the other two. Kat offered the girl a small, almost apologetic smile.

"Scotty, have you seen Rush?" Kat asked after taking a deep breath, Scotty was not looking amused.

He gave a dry laugh, "I'm sure the ice- queen is around here someplace. If the temperature drops a few degrees you'll know she's arrived."

Kat glared at him, while whilst the girl backed up a bit. Knowing Lilly the way she did, the guy was obviously in bad books!

"And you are?" Scotty added, finally noticing an unfamiliar person in the room.

The Girl was saved from answering by the entrance of Nick Vera and Will Jeffries.

"Well, this is a surprise" Will smiled, "Lil know you're here?"

"No, I just got here. Figured I'd drop by and surprise her."

"You're brave" Scotty quipped dryly.

"Wow, you always this pleasant?" the girl quipped back, sarcasm evident in her voice.

"Okay, settle down kids" Will took control before a situation emerged.

"Aw, what cha do that for?" Nick complained, whilst moving to his desk.

The girl went over to Will's desk, him and Vera she knew. The other two were unfamiliar, but it was quiet last time she dropped by to see Lilly. She figured the quick tempered one was Scotty Valens, Lilly's partner, hadn't met him before, but heard a lot about him, from both Lilly and Christina. Maybe the latter she should keep to herself.

"The office is busier than the last time I was here" the girl commented to Will.

"Sorry we missed you, it's been quite a while" Will answered.

"Bout three years. Been keeping busy, and outta trouble."

They're conversation was interrupted by the appearance of Kat Miller, "I feel out of the loop, you know everyone?"

"I'm a friend of Lilly's, I only know Will and Vera, and Stillman. He still here?" the girl replied looking around the office.

"Yeah, he is. I'm Kat Miller"

"Jodie Kendrick" the girl shook Kat's hand, "Nice to meet you, Lilly's mentioned you before."

"Watch out, temperatures about to hit freezing" Scotty muttered, noticing Lilly about to walk in.

Vera coughed to hide his amusement, whilst Kat and Jeffries sent disapproving glares in his direction.

"That's Scotty Valens" Kat huffed.

Scotty looked up hearing his name mentioned, "He's Lil's partner, right?"

"Yeah, I am, you got a name?"

"Jodie Kendrick. I'm a friend of Lilly's."

"And she ain't scared you off, or pushed you away yet?" Scotty feigned a look of surprise.

Jodie walked over to Scotty's desk and perched on the end of it. "I've known Lilly a long time; she's like a sister to me. Helped sort my life out when things got a bit wild. I've heard a lot about you Valens."

"Rush talks about me, tore me to pieces no doubt?"

"No, she didn't. Anyway I didn't hear about you only from Lilly. I believe the phrase was 'if you're going there, see if Lil's still working with hottie Scotty'" Jodie gave Scotty a knowing look.

Before Scotty could formulate an answer Lilly walked in, having finished a conversation outside the door.

"Jodie! Hey, what you doing here? Not that is isn't great to see you." Lilly smiled at her young friend. Although the smile turned frosty as Lilly's eyes moved from Jodie to Scotty.

Lilly thought of the girl as a sister, hell, she'd been a better friend and confidante than her real sister had ever been despite there being over ten years in age difference.

"I thought I'd drop by. I've been summoned to DC for my fathers 50th, decided if I'm in this direction might as well say hi, seen as it's been ages!" Jodie replied. "Was gonna grab you for lunch or something."

"Lunch is good; I'll just grab my coat. Kat, you wanna come with?"

"Sure, if you don't mind" Kat replied.

Scotty glared after them as they left, how could Lilly be all smiles in one breath and ice- queen in the next? It was her fault he was mad, and apparently it was his fault she was mad.