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Chapter 10

Against all logic and reason Lilly allowed her eyes to close, savouring the feeling of Scotty's gentle caress on her face and breath at her ear. Slowly, the hand that was on her face threaded softly into her hair and down to the back of her neck. Lilly was glad she was sitting down at this point and Scotty although appearing calm was anything but.

At any moment he was waiting for a classic Lilly reaction; to pull away and say it was a mistake. When she stayed there with her eyes closed his heart thundered in his chest, could she feel the same way about him?

Ever so slowly Scotty leant his head towards Lilly's, stopping briefly before brushing a ghost of a kiss over her lips.

Lilly felt Scotty's presence grow closer; she knew what was coming and for once didn't want to run a mile in the opposite direction. She wanted to know what it was like to kiss Scotty Valens; she'd been dreaming of it for long enough, even if she didn't want to admit it.

As his lips whispered a kiss over hers, Lilly's heart rate went into overdrive. She gasped, her eyes flying open to fall once again into those chocolate brown eyes. Of its own volition, Lilly's fingertips moved to touch the lips that had just been upon hers.

"Scotty" this time the breathless voice was laced with desire.

"Lil, I…" Scotty ran his hand through his hair.

"Close your eyes" Lilly cut him off, eyes hazy.

"Huh?" Scotty had an adorable look of confusion on his face.

"Just do it Valens" Lilly used his own line on him.

Scotty grinned, and did as she asked. With a feather light touch, Lilly traced Scotty's face before bringing her lips to his in a kiss filled with a longing and need that took his breath away. When Scotty returned the kiss with equal passion Lilly would have melted in to a puddle if it were not for Scotty's strong arms holding her close.

The two parted when there was a vital need for oxygen. Flushed and breathless, Lilly cast her eyes downwards, shocked at the intensity; no-one made her feel that way. Scotty placed his hand under her chin, tilting Lilly's head up so their gazes met.

"Wow" he breathed looking deeply into her azure blue eyes.

"Yeah" Lilly was speechless for some time, "what happens now?"

"Now, it's up to you" Scotty said running his thumb over her cheek, "I've wanted to do that for a long time, but if you feel it was a mistake, then I'll respect that."

Lilly observed her partner, the one who was always there for her, made her heart race and when he held her, made her feel more safe and protected than she ever had in her life.

Scotty was worried by her prolonged silence; was she thinking of ways to let him down gently? He hoped not because that kiss had meant more to him than anything, and she'd responded.

"It's ok if you don't feel the same Lil" Scotty fiddled with a cushion edge, "I'll just see you tomorrow."

When Lilly didn't respond straight away, Scotty started to get up, wondering if he had just made the biggest mistake of his life.

As Scotty started to move, his words sunk in jolting Lilly back to reality. She reached for his hand and looked into his eyes, "stay. Please stay with me."

Scotty's eyes widened, she actually wanted him to stay. As it was getting late Lilly led him to her bedroom, she wanted him to hold her, make her feel safe. After getting ready for bed Scotty climbed in next to her and took her in his arms, Lilly smiled as she laid her head on his chest; his erratic heartbeat matched her own.

"Scotty?" Lilly ran her hand over his toned chest.

"Yeah, Lil" as good as it felt, Lilly's hands were doing nothing to calm his racing heart.


"What for?" Scotty was once again confused; she seemed to have that effect on him.

"Not giving up on me" Lilly admitted.

"I'd never give up on you" Scotty placed a soft kiss on her hair, I love you, but he wouldn't say that yet.

Lilly raised herself up, leaned over him and placed her lips over his. What started out as a tender kiss, soon became more of an electric storm as the two found each other's kisses addictive, each one more passionate than the next, with hands and lips exploring what they'd only ever dreamed of doing.

A while later Lilly and Scotty were still reluctant to let go of each other.

"Scotty, I'm glad you stayed" Lilly placed a kiss on his neck.

"Me too" he replied holding her tighter.

Lilly woke up the following morning with a smile on her face, wrapped in Scotty's arms.

"Mornin' beautiful" Scotty smiled sleepily.

"Hey" she replied caressing his cheek.

She took a deep breath, things were definitely looking up. If this was what being in love with Scotty felt like, she did not want it to end, and by the way he was holding her, the feeling was mutual.

"Scotty, can we keep this between us for now? You know what the guys are like" Lilly looked up into Scotty's eyes.

"Whatever you want, I don't mind keepin' it quiet" Scotty kissed the top of her head as she relaxed back into his arms, wanting to stay like that always.

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