Johnny Tremain Script- the first time they met

Written by Celina Mirarchi and edited by Samantha Plate


Rab: Sammy

Cilla: Lea

Johnny: Andrea

Myra's owner: Andrea

Camera Man: Celina

Special Effects/ Stage Crew: Robby

Narrator: Anthony


Narrator: This story is about a young boy name Johnny who meets Rab, but this is what REALLY happened. Johnny, the young fellow, was looking for a job after he had burnt his hand. Johnny has been having a hard time finding a place that will accept him, with his maimed hand. He decided to walk into the Lorne's workshop.

The Lorne's workshop was a printing press. In there, a young man was interviewing a lady, who seems to have lost her pig.

Johnny: *Walks in*

Rab: So, you claim your pig missing?

Pet owner: Yes! Myra, my pet pig is missing! Here's her picture.*Hands Rab pic.*

Rab: That's a pig? *camera zooms in on picture*

Owner: Yes, She does tricks too!

Rab: You don't say? Never thought it was possible… you know, teach a pig tricks.

Pet owner: Well, yes, she is a VERY smart pig. I must be on my way now. Please put this article in your paper. And thank you, Rab. *Turns away and exits stage*

Rab: Hello there.

Johnny: *Mouth gaping*


Johnny: Uhh… Hello…

Rab: So…*looks awkwardly with one eye brow raised at Johnny* Uhh… Can I help you?

Johnny: Oh! Yes! Sorry! Uh, can you tell me anything about the job offerings here?

Rab: *Gestures toward the table where the cheese and bread are* Sure. Sit down and have something to eat.

Narrator: Johnny was delighted of the offering and sat down extremely close to Rab.

Rab: *Moves his chair to the other side of where Johnny is sitting* Anyway, we have one job offering. But, first, why don't you tell me a little about yourself?

Johnny: Oh my! Sure thing!

Narrator: Johnny tells Rab the story of his life. Rab was looking at Johnny like he was insane.


Johnny: And that's my story!

Rab: Uhh… cheese and bread? *Holds out cheese and bread* Would you like some? Anyway we do have a job. You have to deliver the papers I make. But, I don't think that it is a job you would want…

Narrator: Johnny was thinking "There's someone else isn't there?"

Johnny: Why wouldn't I want it?

Rab: Well, you have to ride a horse. A very… jumpy horse. *Looks at Johnny's hand*

Johnny: *Shoves his hand in his pocket and slams his other hand on the table* I'LL TAKE IT!

Rab: I had a very strange feeling that you were going to say that…

Narrator: Just then, Cilla cartwheels into the room.

Cilla, a very beautiful young lady, is in love with Johnny.

Cilla: Hello Johnny.

Narrator: Johnny is too busy staring at Rab to notice her

Rab: hello, who are you

Narrator: But Cilla sees the way Johnny is looking at Rab and burst into tears.

Thinking he hears a dying cow, Johnny turns to see what's going on.

Once Johnny looks at her, Cilla stops crying immediately.

Johnny: Oh Hi, Rab this is Cilla, Cilla this is Rab.

Rab: Oh hello there. What do you need?

Cilla: I was just on my way home and saw Johnny in here, and thought I'd stop in to say hi.

Rab: If you want I could walk you home.

Narrator: As they start to leave Johnny abruptly screams:

Johnny: NO DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*cilla and rab stare at Johnny*

Johnny: Sorry, lost my cool there

Rab: Can't lose what you never had

Cilla: *after laughing* I really have to go now

Rab: Okay let's go. *rab and Cilla leave*

Johnny: *Falls to his knees* WWWHHHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Narrator: And that's how the story of Johnny Tremain REALLY went.