Chapter 1: Prologue – the beginning

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Readers POV

"Hey, wait you are going too fast" she says as she runs to catch up with the new first year Shinigami academy students.

She was Kanari, from the outlands, the place outside of Rukongai where the poorest of the poor resided, she was different that the rest of the villagers, she stood 5'4", her body was that of an athlete it was strong she had full and firm breasts not too large and not too small they fit her body, a small waist and beautiful shapely legs, Her skin as soft and the color of milk chocolate, she had long black straight hair that when she let it down hung just below her waist, usually she wore it in a messy type of bun, pulled away from her face.

Her face has strong features, her nose was straight, her cheek bones where high, and her lips where full and soft looking, like pillows, slightly slanted eyes.

Her eyes are what really made her stand out they had the ability to change colors. Her eyes, also where the death of her, they betrayed her thoughts, normally they would be a light Hazel color, but when she became really emotional, they would turn colors from the darkness Blue to an icy teal blue meaning, the situation has turned dangerous for whomever held her glaze, if one word could describe her it would be stunning.

Her attitude was that of a young girl willing to learn and establish herself as a Shinigami.

She had waited years to be accepted into the Shinigami Academy, and now she was finally there.

She running to catch up to a new friend she met on her way over the hall, Rukia.

Rukia was a little shorter than Kanari and had a way to make you want to be her friend, Kanari did not know anyone, and was glad to meet her,

Kanari did not have any family and she very rarely met or seen anyone who looked like her, so meeting and befriending Rukia was also the highlight of her day.

"No, you are moving to slow, so hurry up I will not be late for our first class" Rukia replied as they entered into the building looking for their class.

As she attempted to run and catch up to Rukia, Kanari was trying to keep track of her papers, not looking where she was going, and she ran into something semi hard, and fell on the floor, hard.

She screamed "Ouch, what was that"; and a male voice is heard saying, "what the hell!"

She could tell from the robes that he was wearing he was an upper classmen.

He had piercing brown eyes, tattoos and a light scar which ran down the side of his face, if not for the fact that he was not in a good mood, from what she could see from the floor in which she still sat, you could say he was very handsome.

He is Hisagi...

Kanari just stared at him with a little admiration mixed with disbelieve that he did not help her back on her feet; but her temperament turned to instant contempt and anger which was reflected by the rate in which her eye color amazing changed from hazel to Icy teal color as he shouted at her saying "Who the hell are you… my papers are everywhere… Why can't you watch where you are going, you idiot now I am late,"

As he picked up his papers, Hisagi took note of the female Shinigami's eye color change, but made no acknowledgement of it or any attempt to apologize, and stormed off without a second glance leaving Kanari on the floor in tears of anger, to sort out her papers.

Rukia walked over to her friend and helped her to salvage her paper and pride and together they walked off to class.

They entered into the classroom, relieved that they were not late.

Kanari, still dishevel by the incident in the hall, tries to take her mind off of it, and decides to straighten out the papers in her hand, while doing this she notices, that she has several extra papers; which are not hers.

She thumbs through the papers thinking, 'Well what do we have here; several advanced Kido spells, huh. I bet that rude Baka will be missing these…. I will just put them in here for now…. Wait advanced Kido…'Humm … Binning Spell Number 98'.

As if sun came out and warmed her skin, Kanari all of a sudden felt a lot better. Her eyes turn from an icy teal to an aquamarine color which meant she was relaxed, because she knew they will meet again and soon, and the next meeting will not be like the last.

He would pay for being rude to her.

Rukia, who is gathering her papers saying, "Kanari, Kanari… come on what are you doing, we have Kido class"

Kanari still reading over the advance spells is smiling as Rukia grabs her arms and starts to pull her in the hall saying, "Why ...why are you so slow, what are you doing over there"

Kanari looks up with a mischievous grin on her face, "I am just looking over these papers, that Baka dropped this morning"

Now the two slow down to a fast paced walk Kanari shows Rukia the papers and starts to explain saying, "Look they are advance Kido binding spells, they are very easy, I can do this, how is this advanced?"

Rukia looks at Kanari like she had fallen on her head, instead of her bottom this morning… "Baka come on let's go"...

Rukia rolls her eyes thinking to herself, 'Geesh, I am going to have to keep an eye on her'

Rukia, in a rush to get to class, now places her hands on her friends arm, and suddenly pulls her friend; Kanari starts to stumble along saying, "but Rukia… Rukia… I can….I can do this" Rukia replies with a look of Shut up… and keep up

Walking into the Kido class, as the two girls take their seats they notice there is a large crowd of students surrounding several people.

Rukia asks another student who is sitting the other side of her what is going on… his response it that there are two Taichos in the class to witness the Kido testing.

Both Rukia and Kanari reply in unison saying, "Kido tests'' ….."What do you mean?" The student replies saying "Yes, the instructors must test our level of Kido, and from there we will be placed into the appropriate classes, and the Taichos must witness the test".

Kanari rolled her eyes and replies saying, "Whatever"; then continues to read with deep interest the spells she had in her hand.

Kanari, does not know any Taichos, and unlike the other students she never inquiry as to who they were, her focus has been on getting into the academy and learning its secret, Taichos, she held nothing against them they just where not important at this time.

Rukia, is excited as she asks "So which Taichos do we have witnessing our test?" The student replies saying, "Aizen Taicho and Tousen Taicho, also they have an upper classman with them named Hisagi, he is supposed to be highly trained in Kido"

Rukia turns to Kanari, with even more excitement saying, "hey… hey... Kanari are you listening… Aizen Taicho and Tousen Taicho are here, I hear they are very powerful Taichos…"

Kanari glances up, shrugs her shoulders and returns to her task of reading the spells. Rukia, finally noticing her friends attention is not on the Taichos, looks at her, reaches over and takes one of the papers from her and starts to look the paper, saying 'what is this … What are you doing?'

Kanari, with an annoyed look, says "Hey!" She looks at the paper Rukia took then says, "Just keep it; I can already can do that." She returns to the other sheets of paper, still without giving any recognition to what Rukia had said about the Taichos.

The Kido Sensei, claps her hands saying, "Excuse me; students please take your seats….we will now start."

Kanari looks up as the Kido Sensei starts to introduce the guest and she sees something that puts a dangerous grin on her face….

Hisagi…, as soon as her eyes, acknowledge that it is truly him, they start to change color to an icy teal. Hisagi starts to look around the room and their eyes make contact and stay locked. Hisagi holds his stance and does not move, but he feels a cold wave go down his spine, knowing something is about to happen, and it is going to happen to him.

Feeling Kanari's strong Reisatu start to slowly raise, Aizen and Tousen both glance over at the two, as if reading the situation Tousen speaks up and recommends that the class moves to the Kido grounds to begin the testing.

Readers POV

While walking to the Kido training grounds Aizen tells the Kido Sensei and Hisagi to go ahead, he wanted to discuss something with Tousen.

Aizen turns to Tousen saying "Did you feel that?" As he replies, Tousen's head is tilted down as if he is a little confused saying. "Yes, that girl her reisatu is strong and controlled, I did not sense it until she allowed to be raised."

"What is it Kaname?" Aizen asks while raising an eyebrow... Tousen stands silently and then says, "Her reisatu feels familiar, it is warm, and has colors like my own." He glances up as if trying to shake off a bad feeling, then starts to walk toward the Kido grounds. Aizen, looking at his friend says, "I feel it too, my friend" he continues speaking saying, "let's really test her and see what happens" Tousen glances over at him and says nothing, but thinks as he nods 'what is he up to.' The two men continue to walk to the grounds in silence.

Hisagi POV

Once on the Kido grounds, the Kido Sensei and Hisagi start to hand out several simple Kido spells to the students, telling them to read and learn the spells quickly.

Kanari never takes her eyes off of Hisagi, he has broken eye contact, but now and then, he looks over at her with a curious look, wondering why she keeps watching him, thinking 'she can't be that upset can she?'

Hisagi knows he was wrong and he should apology, but now is not the time. His rude behavior was due to his running late to meet with Tousen Taicho, he graduating in a next month and he would like to be a part of the 9th division in which Tousen Taicho is in command.

In his rushing, he ran into this girl, and now he is in Kido class with his future Taicho and what he perceives to be a hot headed girl.

Hisagi sighs, thinking, 'unless he can calm her down, this could get bad.' He takes a deep breath and continues thinking, 'just go over there and talk to her'. With his eyes now looking into her icy teal eyes, he turns towards her, as he starts to walk over to her;

Aizen Taicho and Tousen Taicho walk unto the grounds and call him over. He stops, takes a final look into her eyes then turns and walks toward Aizen Taicho deciding he will have to apology after class. As he walks toward Aizen Taicho, he thinks, 'what is with her eyes, is she a witch'

Readers POV

Rukia was been quietly watching the interaction between the two and now cautiously approaches Kanari, who still had not taken her eyes off of Hisagi, saying, "What are you doing?" Kanari grins, still keeping her eyes on him saying, "nothing." Rukia is now standing in front of her friend holding the paper the instructor gave her saying, "You need to learn the spell."

Kanari replies "I know what spell I am going to do and it is not that one"

Rukia is now pulling her friend to the back on the line to speak to her in private. Once out of earshot Rukia looks to her friend saying, "Stop staring at him and calm down… Your reisatu is …..WHAT... WHAT do you mean you are not doing the spell...? What spell are you going to do?"

Then the realization hits her, the reason Kanari was ignoring the Taichos is that she had been learning the advance spells she found Rukia's eyes are large as she whispers, "Wait no ... Not that". As the whispers come out of Rukia's mouth, Tousen Taicho steps up to them both as if listening to their conversation he glances over to Kanari and saying, "You... what is your name?"

Kanari, who had never broke eye contact with Hisagi, finally breaks eye contact and because he is interfering with her mental pursue of Hisagi, she looks up at Tousen Taicho with a look of irritation, her icy teal color eyes rolling saying, "I am Arashi Kanari….and you are?"

Tousen noticing the girls reactions to him, and decides to ignore it for now.

Kanari, now just realizing she is talking to a Taicho and is now breathing deeply trying to quickly lower her reisatu, and her eye color starts to turn aquamarine...

Tousen replies saying "I am Tousen Taicho, Kanari and you will start our testing for today… come with me"

Tousen starts to walk with Kanari away from Rukia, but before she leaves Kanari she takes the advance spell from her and smiles…

Rukia nervously starts to move to a safe distance while maintaining a look of concern, thinking to herself, 'what is she going to do' …..'This can really turn bad'… 'Please. Please don't let her do something stupid' ….

While walking with Tousen Taicho to meet the other Taicho and the Kido Sensei, Kanari's eyes again once start to change go back to icy teal, as she glares over to Hisagi giving him a dangerous grin. He breaks eye contact and moves toward the class to continue to hand out spells,

Once eye contact is broken, Kanari calms herself to allow her eyes to change back to aquamarine.

Once she and Tousen are in front of Aizen and the Kido Sensei, Kanari asks in a timid voice, "Taichos and sensei, since this is a test to rate our Kido skill for placement, can we perform a Kido spell which is at higher level than what is on the sheet we have been given?" .. Aizen raises his eyes just a little, Tousen stands quietly, while the Sensei replies, "Kido can be dangerous, and should not be done just because you think you can do it"…

The sensei continues saying," Kanari your entry scores were the highest, but…. "Kanari stops her saying in a soft voice, "Yes, Sensei, with all due respect, my entry scores are the highest, but there was nothing in the entry exams that had to do with Kido, this is the first chance I have to prove my skills"

Kanari looks to the Taichos and her sensei saying, "I have the spell in which I would like to perform here in my hand." Aizen looks are her, takes the spell sheet, looks over it, and then hands it over the Kido Sensei. Kido Sensei gives the spell page back to Kanari, then quietly tells Tousen the nature of the spell, both Taichos glance at each other and as if reading each other's mind, nods in agreement.

Aizen then steps toward, Kanari saying, "I am Aizen Taicho, Kanari." Kanari gives the Taicho a respectful nod, he then looks her in her eyes saying, "how strongly do you feel you can do this spell, Kanari?" …

Kanari looking straight at Aizen confidently replies, "Very strongly Taicho!" Aizen looks pass her, steps up and speaks loudly so all of the students can hear their now public conversation, saying, "We will allow you, Arashi Kanari, to perform this Kido spell, which you have selected for yourself, but if you fail and cause hurt to anyone, you will be removed from the academy and arrested, do you accept these conditions?"

The students and Hisagi suddenly become quite and look at Kanari with wide eyed amazement... Rukia, shaking her head 'NO' looks at her friend with disbelieve.

Kanari's eyes turn icy teal, as she stands with an arrogant smile, she raises her reisatu at least 2 levels, she turns, looking Aizen straight into his eyes, as he is silently taking note of this, she loudly responses saying, "Hai and I need a volunteer."

She and Aizen, both turn to Hisagi, he looks and starts to quickly walk toward the group, with a questioning look on his face. As he walks toward them, Aizen glances and nods to Kanari. She quickly turns toward Hisagi and whispers the Spell incantation, while performing a slight gesture of her hand. The Taichos and Sensei all note her stance while casting this spell is that of a Taicho.

To the classes and Hisagi amazement, he is suddenly impaled with bars of light. The bars are hitting him with lighting speed and accurateness. The last bar hits his chest hard causing him to hit the ground HARD.

Seeing this everyone on the Kido grounds are left in complete shock and silence.

Hisagi, his face initially reflects surprise, but slowly starts to turns to anger. He makes eye contact with her, thinking her reisatu cannot be strong enough to hold him, he tries to break the binding spell, but he is held down tightly.

As Kanari starts to walk toward him, looking as if she is going to ensure he had not be harmed from her binding spell, her eyes start to change color to an aquamarine.

She bends down looking at him with a mischievous smile and begins to speak in whisper tones, she thinks only he can hear saying, "Now you Baka ... You will apology to me... And you will do it NOW"…

Hisagi is angry, with himself for letting this situation get out of hand...

Bending his head slightly in submission and he whispers back to her an apology to her for knocking her over and yelling at her this morning.

Kanari then discreetly gives the Kido spell paper to Hisagi, and slowly stands, bows , as if thanking him for volunteering, all the while whispering "this morning when you ran me over …you dropped this… you should be more careful with your papers, you never know.. A person may find it, learn it... And bring it come back to bite you with it"

As Kanari turns and starts to walk away, she gestures her hand and whispers the release spell incantation.

Hisagi is released, but still sits there on the floor watching her in amazement, as she walks toward the Taichos and Sensei to find out her fate.

Sensei passes Kanari, looking at her nervously saying, 'She did exceptionally well and she tested out of her class so she can take the rest of the day off'

Aizen and Tousen standing off to the side, after over hearing Kanari's whispered conversation with Hisagi, realizes that she had just learned the spell which is entitled 'Taicho binding spell' ,a spell that must be performed during the Taicho testing ceremony, that very morning….

Aizen, as he gives her an approving nod, says to Tousen, "Interesting …. She passed our little test better than I accepted."

They both watch as she runs pass them to join her friend Rukia who is waiting for her in line...

Tousen, as he turns to start walking back to rejoin the group, says to Aizen, "She is special... Her control of her reisatu levels is exceptional, but I cannot really judge just how powerful she really is."

Aizen stops him by stating 'let's continue to test her, I don't think her ability to quickly master things is limited too Kido'…Tousen nods with agreement then turns and continues walk toward to the group.

'Also Kaname', Aizen says looking at his friend intently, 'I must tell you this. Her resemblance of you is uncanning, and you have similar reisatu' …..Tousen now slightly irritated states quietly as he turns... 'I have no family' and starts to walk away …

Aizen quietly starts to walks behind his friend, as he glances over to Kanari talking with Rukia his mind takes in all the information he as gathered from the Kido Test, a faint grin appears on his face.


Kanari confidently returned to Rukia, who has waiting for her with several other students congratulating her for her successful performance. She now has made what seems like more friends, she smiles brightly, her first day, at the academy was better than she ever expected in her life...

As she walks to her dormitory with her new friends talking and laughing, doing the things she has dreamed all of her life, being at the academy with friends no longer feeling alone….

Her dreams have come true, she is truly happy… but little did she know her life's dream would quickly turn into a nightmare…

Present day- Kanari POV

Excuse me, Arashi… Charles says as he gently taps Kanari on the shoulder, I am sorry to wake you but we will be landing in Japan's Narita airport momentarily.

Still in a slight haze Kanari nods to Charles and request a cup of sake. she sits there thinking, 'Damn, it is that dream again." She had been having that damn dream ever since, she realized, she had no choice but to return...

She puts on her sunglasses to hide the now changing color from hazel to aquamarine, mentally thanking Urahara for her well-built Gigai, which now hides her raising reisatu.

She smiles at Charles as she takes the cup of sake, from the silver tray he holds before her.

She thinks to herself 'maintain control'.

After several deep breathes her reisatu lowers.

With her mind clear, Kanari says "Please have Jim radio ahead to ensure my car ready and in front of the immigration door, I leave immediately, I must be in Karakura Town before night fall."

Charles replies, "I will see to it, is there anything else that you will require for the trip"...

She replies, "No, I will send word by way of a messenger, if there is anything else."

Charles nods and goes to off to complete his task.

As the private jet approaches the mainland, she sips her Sake, looking out at the whitecaps violently rolling off the ocean blue.

She glances at the homeland she left 6 years ago with fear and uncertainty as to why, after all these years she had to return home, knowing the attention of both Soul Society and Aizen, would once again be on her as soon as her reisatu is detected.

She again closes her eyes, breathes deeply and continues to think back to the events that led to this present predicament in which she finds herself in and how can she end it…

Her conclusion, as much as she pondered, is still the same, someone is going to die for bring her back here.

As she takes another deep breath she hears a small voice say, "KANARI…KANARI"

She just replies to the voice softly saying, "Please Not now ….please…. just stay patient a little while longer...… We will get there soon"…

The voice replies saying, "Alright Kanari, as you wish"….


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