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Chapter 36: laying it all on the line

Please note: Spanish and some Japanese translations are in [ ] ~ I have decided to cut down on using Spanish translations (only where needed)

Reader's ~ POV

Gin stands in the desert assessing what is going on around him, Tousen is with Hisagi, Hajime and the others are battling in the courtyard, his prize is alone about to defeat Epsada ten … he hears Azien's voice say, 'Now Gin go ….get her and bring her to me'

With a scary grin on his face, he says, 'Hai' and continues on with his mission.

He will finally after so many years face her, let her know it has been him all these years manipulating her life.

Yes he wants to see her face…he has been waiting so many years to see the look in her eyes...waiting to see her eyes change with her emotions … to see her pain and anger

As he comes closer to her, he knows she will want to battle him; he is looking forward to it, he will not hurt her because Aizen has uses for her, but he will prepare her for Aizen by breaking her spirit.

His mouth waters with anticipation, as he stands watching as she lands the final blow beheading Epsada one.

Kanari tenses up as she now senses GIN standing behind her…

She takes a deep breath as she stands with her back to him; on her face is a smirk …for years she has waited for this moment.

To face the coward…the coward who sent assassins to test her skill… the coward who after so many years reveals himself.

Kanari still with her back to him says, 'Ichimaru Taicho…how long has been?'

Mind games ~ Reader's POV

Gin looks at her as he walks around her saying, 'Ja don sem surprised'

He now faces her as she says, 'No … I am not surprised'

She wrinkles her nose in distaste as she looks into his eyes saying, 'you have a distinctive smell'

He tilts his head as he looks at her grinning saying, 'Oh, wen dija come up wit dat?'

She looks at him, her eyes they are hazel in color and she is smiling saying, 'when you sent those two assassins' years ago'

He pulls back as he looks at her with surprise, saying, and 'hija know I did it, Ja jus quessin?'

She laughs at him as she says, 'Your beloved Aizen, he stalked me for years, when things would happen to me, his eyes …. They held no surprise'

She looks closely at him with a smirk saying; 'You …you always did his dirty work'

She looks him up and down saying, 'always in the background'

She now starts to walk around him saying, 'yes … your assassin long ago, right before I ran his head into the ground told me it was you who hired him'

She stops and looks at him, Gin notices her eyes still have not changed as she stares into his saying, 'when I heard you killed the other, that just confirmed what that fool said was true'

She laughs now as she rolls her eyes saying, 'it was you that was TRYING to make my life hell'

He is taken back by her eyes…her eyes have not changed, she is not showing any fear or anger, she is calm as she looks upon him talking

She looks at him, her eyes have not changed but her body language is challenging him as she says with a seductive smirk, 'so tell me what was it… what was it that scared you off… was it my Taicho, my Ni Sama or was it my husband that made you stop your silly games'

Gin did not expect her to talk to him like this, he wanted to break her spirit, he is taken back to the point of being angry, and it is showing on his face in his eyes which are wide as he looks at her.

Kanari sees Gin is becoming angry as she now, wipes the dust of her pants and arrogantly sits on the dead body of Epsada ten, looking down at him with a taunting look of expectation … expectation that he will answer her question of what or who make him stop his silly games.

Still with a smirk on her face and her eyes maintaining her Hazel color, she tilts her chin up saying, 'I am waiting Ichimaru Taicho'

He looks at her, he is really confused….this was not expected as he says, 'Wat ja waitin for'

She looks at him now with a disappointed look, as she rests her head on her folded hand saying, 'Still playing games …. What a pity I thought we had gotten past all of that'

He scowls as he looks at her saying, 'Wat ja talkin bout'

She stands stretching and yawning as she rolls her eyes, turns her back to him walking away saying, 'you bore me with your games… I am leaving'

He is now loosing it as he pulls his Zanputkou, pointing her saying, 'Wat de hell… ja turn yor back on me...and walk away like I'm…I'm'

She quickly turns around looking at him laughing saying, 'let me finish that for you … you are a Joke… you have always been a joke… and just when it was about to really get interesting ...you got scared and backed off'

Just as she turns and starts to walks away he swings his Zanputkou …Screaming, 'you litla bitch… I will kill you'

His swing is blocked and he is suddenly thrown to the ground, His furious eyes are met by a pair of soft brown eyes and a calm voice saying, 'Gin, you would kill the mother of my children…'

Kanari stops, she is still calm as she turns her head saying, 'Aizen Taicho'

Reader's ~ Pov

Hajime, Katsuro, Marasu, and Kenpachi sensing Kanari is now standing with both Gin and Aizen stop, lower their Reisatu and continue to approach the area with caution.


Hisagi and Tousen both had sensed that Kanari now stands with Aizen and Gin in the desert…

Tousen glancing over to Hisagi, his voice is still weak as he says, 'you must go to her she cannot fall into his hands'

Hisagi looks down upon his Taicho saying, 'She will not fall into his hands… can you sense her … she is strong and in control'

Tousen says, 'Do you trust those feeling enough to risk her life?'

Hisagi hearing his words swallows hard, looking down on him saying, 'I trust my wife, I trust her to know that if I don't stick to the plan she and my son will die'

Tousen says, 'She should have left me to die'

Hisagi hearing his words starts to smirk, saying, 'Taicho, have you not realized how much she …they…'

He takes a deep breath then says, 'NO…. how much we love you, she has taught me that we are family… and family is most important'

He looks down at Tousen as he speaks saying, 'Her eyes when she speaks of you are full of life, and just like she needs me, she needs you'

Hisagi voice becomes stern as he says, 'this is hard for both of us, but I will not deny her or my son…so please rest'

Tousen glances at Hisagi as he now weakly stands saying, 'you have healed me to the point that I can go to her'

Hisagi looks at the men barely standing in front of him saying, 'Taicho' before he could finish what he was going to say; Tousen says, 'I sense something different about her, we must go to her…now, to ensure she is ok'

Hisagi knows she will be upset, but he too senses something and pulls Tousen into his arms saying, 'Hai' as they vanish...

A pleasant conversation ~ Reader's POV

Kanari stands in the desert, she turns and faces Aizen, on her face is a non-threatening smile, her eyes are still hazel as she looks upon him, softly saying, 'Aizen Taicho, I am honored that you would think I am capable of mothering your children, but as I have told you many times I am a married woman, so that cannot happen'

Aizen still standing over Gin laughs as he pulls the man to his feet and signals him to block her way.

Aizen walks over to Kanari, takes her hand, kissing it saying, 'Arashi Taicho, your marriage is all but over, in a short time I will find your husband and kill him; therefore you will no longer have that excuse'

She looks at him, still maintaining her calm as she gently pulls her hand from him, saying, 'Do you really think I will allow you to kill my husband?'

Once again she starts to walk, this time Aizen is walking along side her nonchalantly saying, 'I told you what it is I want from you'

Still smiling she softly says, 'and I told you …NO'

Aizen stops walking and looks at her saying, 'This will not end well for you…please Kana give yourself freely'

Kanari looks at him, she is finding it hard to maintain the color of her eyes, but she breathes deeply looking into his eyes saying, 'It will not end well you either'

She glances at Gin as he tries stand behind her saying, 'either of you'

She steps away from him then faces them both saying, 'you will reframe from calling Kana...my name is Shuhei Sama… like I said I am married'

Aizen jesters to Gin telling him to attack her he can be overheard saying, 'Do not mark her face and her eyes, I want to look into them watch them change color as I take her'

Reader's ~ Pov

Gin had waited for so long for this moment, to prove he was the only child genius in all of Seireitei, he grins as he releases his Zanpakuto Shinso saying, 'Shoot 'em dead;

Kanari still has not called forth Spadonari, as she evades the attack of his spinning blades.

Gin laughs as he pulls his blades back before again attack saying, 'Ja cant dodge dem for long'

She just stands there looking at him, her eyes never changing from Hazel, her Reisatu never raising, standing there looking at him.

Gin attacks, again she evades him, again she just stares at him, again she has not drawn Spadonari, she stands there staring at him…taunting him.


Hajime, Kenpachi, Marasu, and Katsuro have reached the battle field and observe Kanari as she battles Gin.

Kenpachi's eyes widen when he sees Aizen standing watching the battle; Hajime touches Kenpachi's hand, whispering, 'now is not the time Ojiisan'

Kenpachi looks down at the little boy and swallows hard, fighting to control himself from attacking Aizen…

Hajime nods as he and the others flashsteps to the battlefield …

Laying it all on the line ~ Reader's Pov

Hajime and the others stand opposite of the Aizen as they watch Kanari evade Gin's attacks.

Aizen looks over at the group, with a slight unconcerned grin, as he calls Gin to stand down.

Kanari cautiously keeping her eyes on both Gin and Aizen backs to Hajime and the others, Kenpachi steps forward to Aizen saying, 'Well … Well … Aizen Taicho it has been awhile'

Aizen looks over to Kenpachi saying, 'Zaraki Taicho, it seems time has taught you some manners, I would have expected you to rush in here and attack me'

Kenpachi looks at the man, with a sly grin, saying, 'What makes you think, I still won't attack you'

Aizen looks at him then to the other's saying, 'No, you want something.'

He looks over to Kanari, then says, 'Yes you want something…Kana'

He laughs as he bows saying, 'I am sorry Shuhei Sama'

He looks at her with a smirk as he says, 'you have quietly, allowed us to sit here to wait for something, you have separated yourself from the others of the Gotei 13, you only trust Kenpachi, so it makes sense that he now stands with you.

Your Husband and your Ni Sama...'Aizen quickly looks away as he says, 'are here'

As he says the words Hisagi and Tousen appear, and now stands next to Hajime and Kanari.

He looks at Kanari saying, 'What is it …'

Kanari stands tall as she says, 'I want a battle … a final battle'

Hisagi, looks over at his wife alarmed, he did not know she was planning this, sensing his father's Reisatu raise Hajime places his hand on his father's arm and whispers, 'calm down and believe in them'

As she speaks she points to Aizen then to Gin saying, 'with either you or you…I will no longer live in hiding… I will be free to raise my children and live my life… this battle will decide'

Aizen has a grin on his face, he stands thinking 'never have I experienced such a naive girl, who would stand before me like this, and think I would let her go'

He looks at Kanari saying, 'So tell me… what it is you are willing to stake on this battle'

She looks in his eyes saying, 'My Family…I will stake living my life with my family'

As Hisagi's eyes are large now as he tries hard to remain calm, sense the internal struggle Hajime reaches over and holds his father's hand…

Aizen looks at her then grins saying, 'So … if you are defeated'

Her face is serious as she says, 'My son, my husband, and my Ni Sama… will go return to the human world and I will stay here willingly and raise the two unborn children I now carry as your children'

Hearing her words they all look over at her with surprise, Hisagi with a shocked look on his face pulls her protectively to him, he looks at her face then her womb saying, 'No… No'

Kanari kisses him, and then pulls away saying, 'Believe in me'

Aizen stands in shock, thinking that what he wants is there to be taken so easily, not one but two …twins.

His thoughts are interrupted as Kanari then says, 'if you are defeated… I leave here with my family and my friends …. you will stay away from me and my family…never again to communicate with us….never again shall we see, feel or hear from you'

Aizen looks to her saying, 'Well you are really something, what makes you think I will let you go, if you win'

Kanari now turns and faces Aizen, her eyes are white… showing that she and Spadonari have now joined as they say, 'we will destroy all that there is and we all will die'…

Reader's ~Pov

Masaki stands holding hands with Ana at the gate with the others, suddenly they stand and their eyes turn white as she looks over the desert, screaming ,'Please Taicho…don't'

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