My English class is being forced to read this book Lord of the Flies. It's not bad, I really like it, but I just had this crazy idea. What if the guys all turned into… GIRLS!! I know I'm crazy, but it's how I make my living…

Let the craziness BEGIN!

It was a stormy night again. Ralph was in the shelter that was the flimsiest of the three that were actually built. Piggy, Simon, and Samneric were all there too.

"If it gets any windier, the whole shelter's going to come down!" Piggy cried, scared as usual.

"Piggy, go to sleep, everything's going to be fine by tomorrow," Ralph was tired from attempting to build a fourth shelter with only Simon's help.

Samneric were sleeping soundly next to each other, like always, in a corner. Simon was also asleep in the opposite corner. Ralph was attempting to fall asleep, but his game of "supposing" that usually sent him into a fitful dreamland wasn't working this cold and rainy night. Piggy's whining wasn't helping either.

"But Ralph! I'm scared! I don't like storms!"

"Piggy, will you kindly shut up? I'm trying to sleep here!"

Finally, after Piggy shut his mouth, Ralph drifted off to sleep. Piggy did too, after pretending that the thunder outside was a bowling game he and his auntie were playing.