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1000 Paper Cranes

Harry paced lovely back and forth with a dread filled heart. Tom should have been home at least an hour ago and it wasn't like him to be late.

Just then, the fire turned green. It was Lucius. Tom had been taken hostage by Dumbledore. Harry fainted.

When he came to, there was a bump on his head and the dread had doubled. "Tom, my beautiful Dark Lord," he cried out woefully. "What is Dumbledore doing to you?"

'Probably torturing him and turning him against you.' Said the evil laughing voice in his head quietly.

In the midst of all the terror and tears, Harry remembered a story his grandmother had told him. If you fold 1000 paper cranes, then whatever you wish for will come true.

Harry called a house-elf, ordered a supply of paper and set to work, folding cranes until his fingers was sore and covered in paper cuts. It took a week. He was just finishing up the very last Crane when Tom walked in the front door.

"Tom!" Harry screamed and threw himself into Tom's arms. "It worked! I folded 1000 paper cranes and it brought you back to me." He was so happy, he felt like he was dancing in the fields of flowers. Tom kissed him on the head.

"Actually," Tom said, pulling away perfectly, "I was rescued by the Ministry. They're on our side now. Thanks to Lucius." Tom sighed. "I've got to go meet them to discuss the details of our alliance."

The horrid dread came back. "But you're coming straight back here to be with me, right?"

Tom checked his watch. "Sure. But I've got to go meet the Ministry now. You know, say thanks for saving my life." He left and the door banged behind him.

Harry choked back a sob and started folding another Crane.