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Edmund wandered through the wood, searching. He knew it was here somewhere. The Just king had been hunting for it for hours.

The rain was pouring down, and Susan was going to have a fit when he returns, but he can't leave without seeing it one last time.

The grass had grown tall, hampered for years. Now, it had a reason to grow and flourish. Narnia was truly alive; it had awoken from its slumber and with it came the trees.

All tyranny had perished in the flames of battle, leaving only beauty and the rain.

Miraz died only hours after the battle had ended. It was like he had lost the will to live. The healing dryads did their best, but Miraz didn't want to wake up. The remaining Telmarines had opened their homes to the Narnians. It would take time, but things would smooth over and peace would invade the land. With Caspian as the guide, Edmund was positive that serenity would find its way here.

Grey clouds hovered overhead. They weren't sad clouds, or even solemn, just refreshing like a spring time shower. Walking with measured footfalls, Edmund had been traveling through the forest, his feet squishing into the mud and leaving tracks behind him.

Then he spotted it, withering, but surviving, in the distance: the tree that had become his salvation while trapped here. Racing through the meadow, now blossoming with little yellow tulips and other wildflowers, he plopped down in the mud beside it.

The trees were all awake, so why not this one? Edmund laid his hand on the wilted bark of the tree. A smile spread across his face. It wasn't dead. Not yet. This tree was a survivor; a late sleeper.

Turning around so his back may lean against its trunk, Edmund titled his head back and let the rain hide his tears.

"Don't worry," he whispered. "You'll wake up. You're just a bit of a late bloomer."

Edmund sat like that for hours, listening to the steady beat of the rain and the hum of life brewing inside the tree.

"Edmund!" a voice called out. Trotting into the meadow on two brilliant black steeds, his elder siblings rode into view. Peter and Susan dismounted their horses and strode toward him, stern looks on their faces. Edmund was glad that his tears would not be seen in the showers.

Peeking at them, he lifted one eyelid and grinned. "Hello."

"We've been looking for you, Edmund. Why would you wander off like that?" Susan started in on him.

"Just thinking, I suppose," he responded.

"Well, come on. Let's get back before we all catch a cold," Peter advised, a look of understanding in his eyes.

Pulling himself off the ground with a heavy sigh, Edmund clambered on to one of the stallions with his sister. Stealing one last glance at the tree, Edmund said his silent goodbyes and steered the horse back home.

The tree would heal and become the greatest in the whole forest. No one knew of its strength or potential. That lone tree would prove to them all someday that it was one of the best. The world would never understand it, though, that's what set this tree apart from the others. It has seen darkness in its truest and most base form. Because of this, the tree would know what true happiness was. Without darkness, the world would have no light.

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