Bella's POV

"Edward, are we really gonna go to college for a year or two?" I asked Edward after Emmett thought we should still go due to my extreme self control.

Edward sighed "Of course we are Bella. You might as well if your gonna be repeating high school for the rest of forever, then you might as well go to college for at least a little bit. We already have a house near Dartmouth, and we somehow got you in," He laughed at my face "so we should probably go." I opened my mouth to protest, but it got cut off with his urgent kiss. Keep your reason. Keep your reason, What about Renesmee. Come on don't get caught up. Don't get caught up. I finally convinced myself to pull away from him enough to speak my unspoken thought.

"What about Renesmee? What will she be doing when we're at college? Rose can't take her, because she'll also be there." I smiled at my proven point, but it quickly vanished when Edward started laughing again.

"Bella, Love, do you think that only Rose will take her? Sure usually she keeps everyone else from seeing her, but Esme would simply love to have her to herself for once. Then of course there's Alice," I opened my mouth to protest but he was too quick and put his finger to my lips instead, "and I know she'll also be going but who said that all of us are going to have classes at the same time?" He took his finger from my lip and ran his hands through my hair instead. How in the heck can I possibility keep my thoughts straight when he's trying to dazzle me again!? But how can I convince him otherwise? He has everything against me but I just wanna stay here, in my own little house, for a little while.

He smiled at the expression on my face. "No fair!" I complained "You have like everything against me! And then you gotta turn on your dazzling face." I sighed as he fought back a laugh. I crossed my arms over my chest and I guess that sent him over the edge. He burst out laughing.

"I'm sorry, Love, but your just so hot when you're confused." He laughed again. "And how am I possibility dazzling you?" He leaned in closer toward me, stroking my cheek for effect. "I'm simply talking to you the way I always do." I sighed and looked away from his intent gaze.

"Exactly" I said "You are talking to me like you normally do, but at the same time you are also always dazzling me, therefore distracting me." I looked up at his gaze again to see his eyebrows pulled together and his lips puckered. He was trying to understand what I was saying as usual. This time it was my turn to laugh at him. His lips pulled up into a forced smile.

He kissed me again, probably trying to mix up my thoughts again. He pulled away quickly this time probably trying to distract me. "Ok, so let me get this right. You don't want to go to Dartmouth because you are afraid no one will want to take care of Renesmee, even though no one wants to part with her right now, am I correct?" I couldn't speak so I just nodded my head. "But, you know just as much as I know that Esme would be delighted if she got some alone time with Renesmee. You have nothing to worry about."

"Do I even get a choice in this?" I asked. He shook his head no so I gave up with a sigh and leaned forward resting my head on his chest. "Okay, but," He tenses at this, "Will Renesmee be able to go with us? Will I still get to see my baby night?" He chuckled and I leaned away.

"Of course Love," He said while putting his hand to my cheek and rubbing it. "We'll all be going to live there, so it will be just like here in forks, but at a totally different place."

"Okay, Okay" I sighed impatiently "I'll go and get it over with." He laughed and started to kiss me again.