Mario Visits a Soapland

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Chapter One

It was your usual, pleasant, beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom...

"Nice of the princess to invite me over for some TOAST," Mario stated cheerfully as he merrily made his way into Toad Town, the bright capital of the Mushroom Kingdom. "I just love my toasted TOAST."

As he was about to head into the nearby green-colored warp pipe, he was encountered by several green-shelled Koopa Troopas, who all ran towards Mario with nun-chucks. Mario grabbed a Fire Flower and started firing the red hot flames towards the Koopas, causing them to run away. As he continued firing the fires from the Fire Flower, Mario chucked the red-colored plant aside and headed into the warp pipe, jumping on the other side and heading towards his house, only to have the roof collaspe on him.

Moaning, Mario popped his head out, and thunder boomed loudly as it started pouring. Mario looked around, and he grabbed an umbrella, using it to cover himself from the rain. However, blue lightning zapped the black umbrella, zapping Mario in the process. Coughing, Mario got out of the rubble and headed back into the warp pipe, going through a strange dimension as he exited on the other side, ending up in a troical jungle.

"Mamma mia," Mario stated as he rubbed the back of his head, blinking. "Where the heck could I be now-" BOOM!!! An explosion sent the red-capped, Italian American plumber soaring, landing ion a tropical fruit tree. As Mario fell, the yellowish bananas hanging from above fell on him one at a time, injuring his head. As Mario moaned weakly, several chimps heard and started currying towards Mario, cheering as they all jumped on him. Mario screamed, and he started chucking his own red fireballs at them, but the chomps kept coming. As Mario started running, he left a trail of bananas behind him, which was not good as the chimps grew infuriated.

As Mario ran as fast as he could, sweat pouring down from both sides of his head, he tripped in the marshy mud and fell on his back, the bananas falling on him. The chimps all surrounded Mario and pounced at him all at the same time, scratching at his face. Mario screamed in pain as he tried to struggle free, but with no luck.


Mario panted after screaming, sweat coming down from both of his sides as he looked around him, and sighed. It was night time, and the iconic plumber was in his blue pajamas, his overalls and red cap tucked away on the hanger. Sighing of relief, Mario went back to sleep, to enjoy his pleasant nap.

But little did he realize... he had another nightmare.

"ACK!!! Bowser... please... don't! I didn't mean to stomp on your tail! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

The End