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Pairings: Hiiragizawa Eriol and Daidouji Tomoyo

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Professor Eriol Hiiragizawa graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing two years ago, he passed the National Licensure Exam with flying colors that same year. He worked at Tokyo General Hospital whilst getting his Masteral Degree. At the age of 22, he was already a professor in Tokyo University whilst working at the Japanese Heart Center, Fujioka Hospital for Communicable Diseases and Tokyo General Hospital. He specializes in Psychiatric and Medical-Surgical Nursing. He teaches Psychology, Theoretical Foundations of Nursing, Drug Solution, Anatomy and Physiology, Gerontology and a Clinical Instructor for Level 3.

I sighed as I close my laptop, I tried searching for Sir Eriol's basic profile but I didn't find any. All those databases I hacked, I mean, my bodyguards hacked could only offer his educational attainments and work schedules. That guy surely is a secretive one; I don't know how he can manage to keep his life private despite having so many admirers.

Ever since he became our professor, I'm always looking forward to Wednesdays and Thursdays. Sir Eriol isn't only good looking, but a great teacher as well. An absolute favourite. He uses easy mnemonics and keywords when he lectures and he always make sure that we learn something each day. Although he's kinda wicked in giving quizzes, you'll fail if you don't pay attention to his lectures.

Sir Eriol is a nice guy, and a funny one too. Sometimes when he knows that the topic is boring, he'll surprise us by singing weird songs (in example is his favourite skinny jeans" song) and starts joking around. When he discusses something, he always relates his personal experiences in it that makes him super adorable. Most of the girls in our class fight for his attention, although I'm not quite sure if they did get any.

One more thing I learned about Sir Eriol? He's a normal guy in his twenties. Remember our first encounter, the one where I saw him playing Patapon on his PSP? Well, I just find out that he plays Tekken too; I even stalk him when he plays in the arcade during our breaks. I also tried searching him on friendster, and I just find out the rumours are indeed true that he has an active account there. I spent an hour just reading his well-written blogs! He's a normal guy with normal hobbies living a normal life, he's human after all!

And because today is Wednesday, it's Theoretical! I went to school early hoping I'll be riding he same cab with Sir Eriol again, but I guess luck wasn't on my side either. After getting my things in the locker, I went straight to the faculty and checked Sir Eriol's room assignment. His desk is still empty, well the whole office is nearly empty, I was too early I guess. I get the clear folder on the SA's table and browse through it.

My class starts at 9:00am; it has been my routine to check Sir Eriol in the morning first before going to my classroom. As expected, he's in room 304 teaching TFN to first years section 21, he's wearing a blue polo today minus his white blazer, charming as always. I watched as he imparts his knowledge to his students, I admire his capability of getting his students' unwavering attention to listen to each and every word that comes out of his mouth. I see girls ogling at him and boys admiring, wanting to be like him. Seems like my morning ritual is already over, time to go to my class.

As I the door to my class, the first thing I notice was the small group of giggling girls at the corner lead by our class secretary, Harada Ayame. As I settle down, I can't help but overhear what they're talking about.

"Wow, Ayame-chan, nice wallpaper of Sir Eriol!" I cringe, that voice belongs to Harada's best friend, Aino Mikoto.

"How did you get these?" It was another classmate of ours, Kushida Megumi. She's browsing something in Harada's phone whilst giggling, "Look at this, minna! Sir Eriol looks so hot with his shirt open!" And as more people gather around the phone, the said picture elicited loud squeals.


I sighed, FANGIRLS…

Incidentally, I once again overheard Harada's group during lunch still giggling over Sir Eriol's pictures. Harada confessed of getting those pictures from Sir Eriol's photobucket account whereas the others were stolen shots she did during our discussions.

Their nightmare happened that afternoon. Sir Eriol was busy giving us an overview in Nursing Theories, it's an important topic to discuss since it will cover our Midterms Exams. In the middle of his talk about Nursing Metaparadigms, his fist connected with the wooden table creating a loud slam and then he shouted, "PUT THOSE CELLPHONES AWAY, NOW!"

That was the first time we saw our usually calm and collected professor burst out in anger. Turns out Harada's friends tried to mimicked her in getting stolen shots, but failed miserably and ended up embarrassing themselves. Sir Eriol continued the lecture despite being in a foul mood, but before he dismissed us, he divided us in groups with 3 members each. He gave us our topics to report, each group was assigned with one Nurse Theorist each and their metaparadigm. He also asked for a report sheet to be passed on our next meeting.

My group got Martha Rogers and her theory of Nursing as a Science of Unitary Human Being.

Heavens, hopefully this would be the first and last time that we would encounter an infuriated Sir Eriol Hiiragizawa.

End Notes: Once again I want to apologize for the use of Nursing terms and the whole lot of Eriol's loveliness. It's just how I see him, the perfect Sir Eriol *ducks from a thrown high-heeled shoe*

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