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Fateful Defender

Millennia ago, demons ruled this planet, risking their lives to each other via unimaginable violence. Most of these fiends, including my ancestors, were killed. Even the angels who descended to this plane were devoured and so forth. But one of them survived and conjured up a force that sealed the remaining demons into ice. But when humanity fully evolved, the demons were released by human presence and wrecked havoc on them. Fortunately, hope arrived; humans with pure souls were able to take control of the demons who tried to overtake the hosts.

Years later, since the word of demons were out by Psycho Genie, who released a once sealed Fallen Angel named Lucifer, the inhabitants were turned against each other, thus a bloody pandemonium ensued. Regardless of age, countless innocent lives became overwhelmingly helpless and destroyed, therefore only a few groups of humans and the Merged, which my kind called the humans with demonic abilities, prevailed. Eventually, Lucifer, Amon and the rest of the demons died out at last, but that didn't mean evil is gone forever. So decades later, civilization was restored. But the great tragedy and vengeance had been written, and kept as a secret among the survived generation, thus became a legend. The Merged, including Akira Fudo, a savior among the survived races, made a decision to form small groups and patrol all over the planet for anything that's truly evil, mainly involving human sacrifices, dark rituals and resurrections. The dedicated Merged called themselves "Sin Hunters".

The Sin Hunters' task is somewhat simple to do. Track down any shady-looking cult, spy on their activities, then, if violence or any bad deed happens, gets knocked out. Then most of their knowledge and memory of the cults' existence, gets erased by some Merged who mastered mind manipulation, or certain spells. Even the altars, icons and gathering places would be destroyed, too, since they'd carry demonic essence.

My name is Venus Rigel, but back then as Venus Pleiades. I'm not a human, but a dark fairy, which is among the survived demon race who saw the light. Some time ago, a Merged found me once and asked me to join the Sin Hunters. I said to him that in a month or so, I'll join the cause. I believed that their goal was too tough to handle for me. I was just a child, after all.

One day, after a hoopla of pulling the rat-in-parcel joke, I bought some staples from various shops to make a lunch; a sirloin sandwich, a bottle of grape juice, a guava and a nutty chocolate cupcake. (Hey, I like cupcakes!) I sat on a tree branch in the forest path and took out the food. As I munched, a few crows, which were my good friends, flew to me and greeted me. When there was some food left, I usually feed them to the birds. Suddenly, another crow arrived. However, she seemed frantic about something.

"Your brother didn't return yet?" I asked.

"For the past month, sadly."

"Strange. I know it's kinda too late, but where's the last time you saw him?"

"If I remember right, he flew to this direction"

The crow spread her right wing at the area where a mansion is. The other crows flapped in shock and telling me that their friends and relatives flew to there and didn't come back. I noticed something fishy about this, and figured something out, but I'm not the type who jumps to conclusions. One thought was that the missing crows might've been eaten or killed by a predator. Another thought was maybe the crows might have gotten caught in some gears within that clock tower. There are more thoughts, but reviewing them seemed too slow. I cleared my mind and cast a spell which my body merges with my shadow, allowing me to sneak around better and much faster. Afterwards, I hid in one of the girl's shadows, moving with them. Finally, I was inside the mansion, which threw dangerous vibes throughout the woods. A kind that even human criminals prefer refraining from going in. It's no wonder angels stayed away from this.

Even though the interior of the mansion appeared normal, the nightmare would start any minute. For the moment, I hid under the table, still as a shadow. All the urns and such tempted me to rob the place, but now was not the time. The woman, Ms. Mary, left, claiming she will get her husband. Yet, I sensed something peculiar about her. Minutes later, one of the four girls, Jennifer, decided to go look for Ms. Mary. I had a hunch that she'll be okay, so I stayed and watched the other three. Seconds later, lights were out and strangely, my shadow spell went haywire, causing me to rise out of it. I knew what will happen next.

"There's a demon under the table!!" One of them shouted, jumping off her seat.

The three ran from me, scattered everywhere.

"I'm not here to harm you!" I warned.

"Liar!" Said another.

"Am not! Catch up with Jennifer and you'll be alright! If you don't heed my warning-!"

They all ran upstairs. Quickly, I shouted again.

"If you don't listen to me, YOU'LL BE SORRY!!!"

The door already flew shut, making me frustrated. Suddenly, Jennifer came back, and I hid into the shadows just in time, too. Feeling that finding the others myself is pointless, I decided to emerge with Jennifer, realizing the approaching danger ahead. Feeling the disruption ceased already, I sank into my shadow and skimmed to Jennifer's shadow. Instantly, I sank from the shadow to her feet. Then gradually, I became one with the human as I felt every part of my being intertwining with Jennifer's. This feeling was strange, but incredible.

Miraculously, my soul did not cease, but neither did Jennifer's. Normally, humans like her would prevail spiritually when a demon tries to merge. Then again, I'm not exactly evil, so two minds in one body is a rarity. Since I didn't know the interior of the mansion, I let Jennifer be in control. When we walked to the hallway, I picked up a malicious energy. After some sidetracking in the living and master bedrooms, I sensed one life force flickering like a dying flame, meaning someone was about to die. Even if I tried to save the soul, they'd still misunderstand me. I'm surprised that even after the Demon and Merged apocalypse, humankind was still dumb about us demons. Before we opened the door, I felt a painful tinge down my spine. Jennifer looked at the stained glass sunroof, and. . . .

"Mother of-!" I shouted through Jennifer's voice.

"Ann!!" Jennifer's voice came back in a second.

Ann got stabbed by some disfigured child using a huge pair of scissors, and crashed through the sunroof! Immediately, I gained control and ran to the opposite direction. Of course, whenever I did this, Jennifer's skin, eye, and hair color alters. Basically from flesh color to pale violet, dark brown to red and black to white. I continued dashing down the hallway, and cast my shadow spell to hide in one of the dark rooms. Instantly, I lost my fellow apparition. I figured he's not human at all, anyway. I thought to myself that was he the one who killed Ms. Mary? However, if I needed to know about his intentions or connections, I have to look into his soul in order to find out. But since he left elsewhere, I got out of the hiding place, and ceased control.

Various twists and turns, Jennifer acquired useful tools that would aid us through her unexpected wyrd. Eventually, we encountered "Scissorman" again, and I couldn't take it anymore, thus attacked him with sharpened fingernails on his right arm, injuring the monstrosity. I immediately rammed into him, forcing my way through with my uncanny speed. Somehow, Jennifer's back felt strange and itchy. I ran to a rather safe room, fell to my knees and began to scratch through the fabric. As I scratch, the shoulder blades grew lumps. I was surprised to this as black wings punctured slits through the blouse's back. Then again, I felt better from stretching these wings. The wings were different; they were feathered and my original wings are bat-like. I shook my head and stood up, letting Jennifer be in control again.

We kept walking and heard muffled cawing. Recognizing the calls, I played conscience and directed Jennifer's mind to release the crows. For one thing, some of my friends were slaughtered horribly, realizing my common sorrow that Jennifer and I had. Suddenly, among the crows, I sensed a human aura surrounding one. Was it Ann's spirit possessing a crow, to help Jennifer out? I was wrong when the aura's color seemed dark bluish, telling me this soul is that of a man's.

After the thanks from my feathered friends, somewhere in the second floor surprised both of us. Actually, more like found something suspicious. A bit lighter hue of red over the darker red and backsplash of the wall. A minute later, we entered the neighboring room. I took control partially, and cast a spell that make things crumble apart. Instantly, we felt the wind pushing us forward. The smell was past its rotten prime, and in that sealed room sat a skeleton, wearing a white coat, with a paramedic bag sat next to him. We examined closely, and I've seen bits of the same blue aura. We were shocked. Jennifer read the skeleton's identity, while I realized the soul from the crow belonged to Dr. Walter Simpson, Jennifer's long-missing and late father.

We wept, holding the remains in the arms, while I read the letter of the human's last moments. These nightmarish events reminded me of my darkest hour. Even though my family is still alive and well, I've been through a lot of pain as a child. Some of my human friends were assassinated by very cruel adults, and I failed to save them. What happened was I got distracted by some charm that stunned me in place. Although I had a desire to avenge them, I just couldn't kill the assailants, but I did found out that those killers were possessed by fallen demons. Instead, I lured them out, but a few Sin Hunters and human exorcists took care of them. That's when I discovered why I'm protecting and guiding Jennifer: to prevent the similar tragedy that I suffered long ago.

The last parts of the note Walter had left gave Jennifer and me a clue where to go next. But before I ceased control again, Walter's spirit appeared before me in my sub-consciousness. However, he didn't leave me. But I heard the fallen man telling me this:

"Venus Pleiades, am I correct? Even though you're among the same kind as those horrid twins, I can tell by your eyes that you have a broken heart, which its pieces have yet to be picked up. And you want to protect my daughter's very life with yours. I am grateful that you are doing this."

"How in blazes did you know about me?" I asked him.

"When Mary captured the crows, I always possess them, collecting various information about the outside world. A few of these crows told me about you and your carefree life. I understood that the rumors of that fifty-year old apocalypse legend are accurately true. So I realized that not all demons are evil, but can be decent guardians, like what you are doing now."

"If you can't seem to go anywhere else, are you actually trapped in this mansion?"

"Sadly, yes. Unless my death gets avenged, I can't join my wife above. Please, Venus. Will you please help Jennifer and me?"

"Of course. I don't want her heart to break like mine did. Besides, I lost a few feathered friends already and that cuckoo cultist's got to go!" I rammed my fist into my hand, cracking it.

"Thank you, heh." Walter chuckled. "I understand you wanted to avenge your loved ones this way, but from your will, you've gotten stronger. Good luck, Venus. And please be careful finishing this for me."

"I will, sir. You'll rest in peace in no time at all."

Instantly, he vanished. I quickly returned control to Jennifer. Between chases, we found a rather grotesque statuette of a demon and two humans. I kind of had an idea of its symbolism to one of the deadly seven, like the Scissorman. Eventually, we found an ominous room full of candles and diabolical d├ęcor which even I felt haunted. Immediately, the statuette was placed, and a trap door opened. I felt the heat coming from below, and not only that, but a disruption to my powers. It felt so unbearable, my demonic instincts provoked both of our minds, forcing me and Jennifer's very own black wings to release. I quickly crawled out of the room and recovered bit by bit. My eyes widened when I caught a glimpse of Jennifer passing out. I caught the human girl, and took her to safety, which is a guest room.

Placing her on the single bed, I checked her forehead, then her pulse. It was not serious. Merely a kind of temporary condition that only my kind would suffer from. Suddenly, it hit me from the deep corner. A remedy that can accelerate the fever, making it end quicker. Yet, I thought for moment. If I leave Jennifer here defenseless, Scissorman will find her and kill her for sure. I could be a guard, but it would take hours for Jennifer to recover. So I decided to place enchanted seals almost all over the guest room. After emptying my seal case, I stuck the last seal on the door, and cast a barrier spell to activate the seals. Seeing them glow faintly, I left to find ingredients for the remedy. Before I did, I altered my skin and eyes to human colors (however, the eyes became albino), and changed my pointy ears to human shape. My hair and clothes stayed.

The first part of the objective hit me; Dr. Simpson's bag! The contents might have what I need to make the remedy. In swift speed, I took off to the red hall, but Scissorman spotted me. I couldn't ready my claws, but gazed a plank behind me. I leapt and rolled to the other side. I taunted the demonic dickens by shouting:

"Come an' get me, fiendish fool!"

To Be Concluded . . .