I don't own Digimon. It belongs to Toei Entertainment. If I owned it, there wouldn't have been such a long gap between the dubbings of Frontier and Savers.

I was thinking about possible "what ifs" in Digimon that might be interesting. This one eventually came to mind and I decided to eventually write a fanfic off of it.

A Girl and Her Bat

Chapter One: DemiDevimon Comes Calling

Odaiba Park, Tokyo was as bustling as it normally would be on a bright sunny day like today. The children were are playing and laughing happily, not taking notice of the strange looking bat that looked like a blue bowling ball with wings that was watching them from a nearby tree.

Look at these annoying humans DemiDevimon thought disdainfully. Here they are going about their happy little lives. Too bad for them, 'cause once Myotismon takes over, fun time's gonna be over for them, especially the Eighth DigiDestined child. At this point, the bat Digimon's scowl deepened. He had almost HAD the eighth child the previous night right within his clutches. If not for the unexpected appearance of the Child of Knowledge and his partner, DemiDevimon would have had already captured the Eighth Child and delivered him to Myotismon. He could only hope that he'd have another chance at locating the stupid kid. He didn't want to be upstaged yet again by Phantomon, or worse yet, Gatomon. That lousy feline would probably rub it right in DemiDevimon's face. I failed the Master enough times back when I was trying to turn those kids against each other in the Digital World, I don't need my losing streak to continue here. Well, I won't be able to locate the little brat by hanging around here. I guess I'd better go and continue the search. With that, DemiDevimon flew off the tree branch, the fake Crest guiding him to what he hoped would be the Eighth Child.

"Miko, wait up!" Kari Kamiya called to her cat as she hurried after it through Odaiba Park. She had no idea what was up with her cat lately. First it had mysteriously disappeared last night without a trace. And now it was fleeing from her as if searching frantically for something. She was almost out of breath as she chased Miko towards the crosswalk.

At the same crosswalk, DemiDevimon was flying towards the other side. He hadn't seen any humans in this area, so he had decided to risk flying out in the open. However, as the bat Digimon began crossing the road, he suddenly found himself being spun around by the jumping cat, then accidentally trampled upon the eight-year old brunette.

"Oh, I'm sorry," said Kari, noticing DemiDevimon on the ground with a shoe mark over his face. She then realized what a strange-looking bat this was, not to mention bats didn't normally come out in the daytime. That could only mean one thing..."Are you a friend of Agumon's?"

Startled, DemiDevimon suddenly leapt back, eyeing Kari suspiciously. The brunette girl just smiled and began walking away.

She knows about Agumon the bat Digimon thought darkly. Could it be that this kid's in fact the Eighth Child? A moment later, DemiDevimon's mind was made up as he began following Kari secretly. Of course, a Ninjamon DemiDevimon was not, as he kept on slipping and getting chased by dogs as he followed her.

Soon Kari reached the apartment she and Tai lived in. "You might as well come in. I can hear you follow me," the eight-year old called down the hallway. Peering from around the corner, DemiDevimon decided what the heck and followed her in, but not without one last failed attempt to sneak in like a ninja resulting in him slipping on his own wing and falling through the front door.

"I'm going to watch TV," Kari called to the Kamiyas' new "houseguest." You can have food from the fridge if you'd like. Deciding not to, DemiDevimon instead decided to look at the pictures in the entrance hall. Just then, he saw one picture that made him groan.

There, right in the picture was none other than the accursed goggleheaded leader of the DigiDestined himself. DemiDevimon could never forget how that grinning idiot was the one responsible for ruining his plans to destroy his teammates' friendships by returning to the Digital World. So that's how she knows about Agumon the bat thought, looking at Kari. He's her own brother's partner. Still, that doesn't mean she's not the Eighth Child. After all, the Children of Hope and Friendship are brothers, so it makes sense to keep a close eye on her...

Grinning wickedly, DemiDevimon soon followed Kari into the living room.

About an hour later, Kari and DemiDevimon were still watching TV when the news broke in with a special report showing another "monster battle" that had taken place on Tokyo Tower earlier that day.

So SkullMeramon's failed as well thought DemiDevimon smirking. I TOLD Myotismon that Gatomon really bungled it when she hired those nincompoops. At least I might be able to do him some real service with this. At this, the bat Digimon grinned malevolently as he pulled out one of his Devi Darts to use on Kari.

However, he wasn't expecting the brunette girl to suddenly turn around smiling at him saying "Hi!" The sudden movement caused DemiDevimon to slip and fall off the couch onto the floor.

"Oh, the indignity," muttered DemiDevimon as he got up off the floor. Deciding he'd overstayed his welcome, the bat Digimon started flying out the door, ignoring Kari's pleas for him to stay. Still, for a human, that kid wasn't all that bad...What are you saying DemiDevimon? You telling me you've gone soft? Not to mention she could be the one that is destined to spell the Boss' doom! Sheesh, I hate it when I argue with myself. I never seem to win...

"Do you have something to report, DemiDevimon?" Myotismon asked his most pathetic servant disdainfully.

"Yes, I do, Master," said DemiDevimon, making the closest thing he could resembling a bow to the vampire Digimon. "I'm not certain yet, but I think I've found the Eighth DigiDestined Child!"

Myotismon was a bit surprised (considering that he believed that if any of his servants would find the Eighth Child, it would be Gatomon), but he could still use this to his advantage. "Very well, then. Continue spying on the little brat until you are certain of his identity, then bring him to me!" With those words, the door to Myotismon's carriage slammed shut and lifted off into the night as its inhabitant laughed evilly.