All right, folks, as all you long-time Digimon fans can probably guess, there's going to be a bit of tragedy in this coming chapter. However, don't let that stop you from continuing to read, because there is definitely going to be a lot more action in this chapter as well.

Chapter 3

Puppetmon's Gift

It seemed as though nothing could stop Myotismon from getting his hands on the Eighth Child now. However, when he had taken out Puppetmon, there was one thing he had completely forgotten concerning the puppet Digimon:

Wood floats.

As the marionette began swimming his way back up to the surface, he was suddenly distracted by a shiny glow that was heading down to the bottom of Tokyo Bay. What's that? Puppetmon wondered as he began swimming towards the glow. He soon grabbed it to discover that it was Kari's Crest. But why would Myotismon want to throw it into the river? the Mega-level Digimon wondered as he grabbed it. Only two possibilities occurred in Puppetmon's mind on why Myotismon would want to get rid of the Crest: either he'd decided that it was better off lost forever than ending up in the hands of DigiDestined, or (Puppetmon gasped at this possibility) the vampire didn't need it anymore-and the only reason he probably wouldn't need it would be if he had a better way to get Kari into the open. Puppetmon soon began desperately swimming faster towards the surface.

He soon broke the surface and began floating in the air. Unfortunately, by now, Myotismon had already left with his prisoner, and Tai and Agumon were nowhere in sight. Puppetmon sighed. In a matter of minutes everything he'd been attempting to do since arriving in the Real World had fallen apart, and unless he acted quickly, Kari and DemiDevimon would be doomed. He quickly began flying away, barely taking notice of the mysterious and evil-looking fog that had begun forming in the cemetery...

"Kari, no!" Matt shouted as Phantomon began carrying the Eighth Child away from the battleground in a dark bubble. Myotismon's ghostly henchman had attacked him and Sora and had beaten their partners senseless with a Tuskmon and a Snimon. In an attempt to save the DigiDestined, Kari had revealed herself as the Eighth Child and given herself up to Phantomon. Furious with himself for failing Tai's request to keep his younger sister safe, the Child of Friendship angrily began punching a nearby brick wall.

"Matt, you can't blame yourself, this isn't your fault," said Sora as Garurumon and Garudramon slowly recovered from their fight against Phantomon's minions.

"She's right, you know," an immature-sounding voice suddenly spoke up from behind the two humans and their partners, causing them to spin around to find a certain marionette Digimon.

"Who's that?" asked Sora confused.

"Wait a minute-You're Puppetmon, aren't you?" Matt realized as Puppetmon nodded in confirmation. "Kari told me about how you helped DemiDevimon recover his lost memories and made him realize that he was her partner."

"Huh? Kari's partner is DemiDevimon?" gasped Sora in surprise. After everything the bat Digimon had done to her friends back in DigiWorld and her in particular, to find out that he was meant to be part of the DigiDestined team was unexpected, to say the least.

"Yes," said Puppetmon impatiently. "And the way I see it, you humans have two options right now: either you can just stand there and continue beating yourselves up over this whole thing, or we find a way to rescue Kari and DemiDevimon! So what's it going to be?"

Matt sighed. "You're right," he said to the puppet Digimon as he put on his "determined face." "Let's do this!"

"Wait!" exclaimed Sora. "Do you think you could do something about Lilymon first?" Garudramon picked up the petrified Ultimate-level form of Mimi's Digimon.

Puppetmon stared at the flowery sprite. "She was hit with Myotismon's Nightmare Claw attack, wasn't she?" he asked Sora, who nodded in confirmation. The marionette sighed. "I've never tried this before, but it should work," he said as he suddenly shot white beams from his eyes that hit Lilymon (this is the same attack he used to bring his mansion to life in the "Ogremon's Honor" episode).

Slowly, Lilymon began regaining her pink-and-green coloring before finally recovering and sitting up in Garudramon's claw. "What happened?" the flowery Digimon asked herself before suddenly seeing Puppetmon standing there. "Puppetmon," Lilymon growled as she suddenly made to attack the puppet Digimon.

"Wait, Lilymon!" Sora shouted standing between the two Digimon. "He's the one that helped you!"

"How do we know that for sure, Sora?" Lilymon said suspiciously. "This could be a trap to lead us straight into Myotismon's clutches."

"I know none of you have a reason to trust me, but maybe THIS will help prove myself to you!" said Puppetmon as he suddenly pulled out the Crest of Light.

"Kari's Crest!" exclaimed Matt. "But Tai said Myotismon threw it into the river!"

"And he was a dummy to do so, and believe me, I know dummies," said Puppetmon chuckling. His tone soon turned serious again as he continued: "Now what are we waiting for? We have to rescue Kari and DemiDevimon!" The two humans and three Digimon nodded in agreement as they soon began heading towards the TV studio where Myotismon had set up his new base of operations.

Inside the convention center, Myotismon had rounded up all the children Phantomon and his army of Bakemon had captured and was now having DemiDevimon go through them in order to discover which one was the Eighth Child.

"Remember, DemiDevimon: if I discover you're lying to me, I'll have to destroy all of these children, and I know you don't want so many innocent deaths on your conscience," the vampire chuckled darkly as DemiDevimon continued looking at the children. Thankfully, none of them was Kari.

"Myotismon!" Gatomon's voice suddenly shouted as she leapt down towards her master. "I just got word from Phantomon claiming that he's captured the Eighth Child!" By bringing the news to Myotismon directly, Gatomon was ensuring that if the right child had been captured, she'd get some of the credit, while at the same time avoiding the blame by saying that it was Phantomon who found the foolish human.

Myotismon stared at his treacherous ex-servant evilly. "Did you hear that? You've lost!" the vampire Digimon exclaimed triumphantly. However, DemiDevimon wasn't paying attention, so worried the bat was about the news of Kari being captured.

Nearby, a certain fashion-obsessed brunette was watching this exchange concerned. How was Myotismon able to get his hands on the Eighth Child? Mimi thought worriedly. She was suddenly interrupted from her musings by Myotismon's voice: "Now that we've finally found the Eighth Child, I've no use for these brats anymore," the vampire said to Gatomon disdainfully, gesturing around to the children and other hostages inside the convention center.

"What do you want us to do with them?" Gatomon asked evilly as the Bakemon hovered behind her.

"Let's not destroy them right now, they may be useful to me later," said Myotismon thoughtfully. "I'll just put them to sleep until I figure out what to do with them." As he said this, a pink fog suddenly began filling the entire room, causing the humans to one by one fall unconscious. As Mimi began to succumb to the fog's effects, her last conscious thoughts were Lilymon...Where are you?

Tai and Agumon raced towards the convention center in an effort to free Tai's parents and all the other hostages inside. The former was a bit worried about Kari, but knew that Matt would do everything in his power to try and protect his younger sister.

However, as they approached the center, they suddenly heard a familiar laughter and looked up to see Myotismon flying away, clutching the treacherous DemiDevimon in his hand while his bats and Gatomon followed. "It's Myotismon!" Tai gasped.

"But where could he be going?" wondered Agumon.

"Let's worry about that later and try to take advantage of his absence to free my parents," said Tai as the two of them snuck inside the convention center. Unfortunately, almost immediately upon entering, the Child of Courage and his partner found themselves being attacked by a horde of Bakemon.

"Agumon, Digivolve!" shouted Tai.

Agumon Digivolve to...GREYMON!

"NOVA BLAST!" the giant dinosaur Digimon shouted as it let loose a massive fireball that deleted all the Bakemon in one shot.

"Looks like they didn't stand a ghost of a chance!" joked Tai as he and Greymon headed into the middle of the convention center to find his parents, Mimi, and everyone else fast asleep on the floor. As Tai hurried over to Mimi, he suddenly saw the green light of the Crest of Sincerity shining on her chest as she slowly opened her eyes.

"Tai!" exclaimed Mimi upon seeing the DigiDestined leader. "Thank goodness you're here!"

"Mimi, what happened to everyone?" Tai asked as he gestured to all the people sleeping on the floor.

"Myotismon put us all under some kind of spell to make us fast asleep since he found the Eighth Child," Mimi explained.

"Oh no!" gasped Tai. "That means he has Kari!"

"Huh? Kari?" Mimi asked confused.

"I'll explain everything on the way," said Tai as he and Mimi got onto Greymon's back. "C'mon, let's go!"

As Matt, Sora, Garurumon, Garudramon, Lilymon, and Puppetmon arrived at the TV studio, they were amazed to find that they were being waited for by three familiar faces.

"Izzy! What are you doing here?" Sora asked as Garudramon landed her on the ground and Garurumon stopped to allow Matt to dismount.

"Gennai sent me an E-mail message a while ago explaining that the TV studio is the center of Myotismon's fog barrier," the Child of Knowledge explained. "Tentomon and I attempted to sneak inside, but we were almost caught by a bunch of Bakemon. Luckily Matt's dad was able to save us, and I've been passing the time by educating him about Digimon."

"Matt! I told you to stay out of sight!" Mr. Ishida scolded his son upon seeing him.

"Sorry Dad," Matt said sheepishly. Unfortunately, his awkwardness was soon intensified by Garurumon sticking his face directly into his father's.

"Good to see you again, Matt's Dad," the wolf Digimon growled happily.

"Do I know you?" Mr. Ishida asked confused.

"You probably don't recognize me, but I Digivolved from Gabumon!" Matt's partner explained.

"YOU'RE GABUMON?!?" Matt's dad exclaimed disbelievingly. Luckily, at that moment, a familiar voice suddenly rang out.

"Hey, you guys!" Joe shouted as he, T.K., and Patamon dismounted from atop a giant blue two-legged turtle Digimon with two giant tusks and wielding a giant hammer.

"T.K., Joe!" Matt said happily. He then turned to the new Digimon. "I see Ikkakumon finally Digivolved then?"

"Yup," said Joe adjusting his glasses. "Meet Zudomon!"

"T.K.," Mr. Ishida said looking at the son he hadn't seen in so many years. "What are you doing here?"

"When I saw all that stuff on the TV, I knew I couldn't stay home anymore, knowing that I could do something to help you and Matt. Mom wanted to come too, but we couldn't bring her," T.K. said. He then hugged his father. "I've missed you, Daddy."

"It's okay, son," his father replied hugging his son back.

"Hey, guys look!" Sora shouted suddenly pointing up to the sky above them. The rest of the DigiDestined looked up just in time to see Myotismon, his captive DemiDevimon, and a bunch of bats carrying Gatomon to the top of the TV station.

"It's Myotismon!" shouted Matt.

"And he's got DemiDevimon!" gasped Puppetmon.

"He's heading for the viewing platform," observed Matt. "Let's head up there and try to cut him off!"

"Right," his father agreed. "I'll show you the way!" However, before the group of humans and Digimon could begin entering the TV station, they found their path blocked by Tuskmon and Snimon.

"Not them again!" Matt and Sora shouted horrified.

"Don't worry, just leave these two clowns to me," said Puppetmon, leaping to the front of the group. Suddenly, invisible wires suddenly launched from the puppet Digimon's hand, ensnaring themselves around Tuskmon and Snimon as Puppetmon started making them attack each other. "Hello, the enemy's getting away!" he laughed sarcastically as the DigiDestined soon began running into the T.V. station while Garurumon, Garudramon, and Zudomon stood guard, prepared to back the Mega-level up if necessary.

Inside the station's viewing platform, Kari was standing there nervously waiting for her captor to appear when suddenly a horde of bats began forming a portal on the ceiling, allowing Myotismon, DemiDevimon, and Gatomon to enter the platform. Kari gasped as she saw Myotismon holding a shameful-looking DemiDevimon.

"So, the Eighth Child is a girl," said Myotismon mockingly. "Why have you chosen to show yourself to me?"

Kari was nervous, but Tai had always taught her to stand up to bullies, and that was what she was going to do now. "You were hurting all those people," the Eighth Child said simply, causing Myotismon's and DemiDevimon's eyes to widen. She then glared at Myotismon as she continued: "Someone had to stop you from hurting all those innocent people!"

Myotismon was stunned at this little girl's words at first, but it soon turned into a malevolent chuckle. "My, my, what a thoughtful little girl," the vampire Digimon said sarcastically. He then noticed DemiDevimon was looking away from Kari. "DemiDevimon, why won't you look at the Eighth Child's face," the bat Digimon's former master wondered.

On their way to the TV studio, DemiDevimon had been working on a plan to possibly get him and Kari out of the situation they were in, and now he had decided to try executing it now. Luckily my kind are known for being such convincing liars the bat Digimon thought as he opened his mouth.

"Do you really believe that that kid's the Eighth Child?" snickered DemiDevimon, silently motioning to Kari to play along with him. "I've never seen this kid before in my life. I have no idea who she thinks she is!"

Unfortunately, Myotismon wasn't fooled for a minute. "Despite your kind's reputation for being such excellent liars, you never could bluff your way out of a situation with me, DemiDevimon," the vampire said mockingly. "Phantomon, destroy her!"

"Kari, no!" shouted DemiDevimon, attempting to escape Myotismon's grip as Phantomon brought his scythe up to destroy the eight-year-old girl.

"Kari, huh?" said Myotismon. "Interesting that you know her name when you've 'never seen this kid before in your life.'" DemiDevimon inwardly cursed himself as Myotismon continued: "Unlike you, however I AM a master of bluffing."

"You know, you talk too much," DemiDevimon suddenly said, twisting around. "BAT FLUTTER!" he shouted, swatting Myotismon with his wings. While it had no effect on the vampire Digimon, it did cause him to release DemiDevimon, allowing the bat Digimon to fly over to Kari protectingly.

"Together again, for the last time!" exclaimed Myotismon mockingly as he prepared to summon his bats. "GRISLY WING!"

However, before the bats could arrive, he was suddenly distracted by cries of "ELECTRO SHOCKER!" and "FLOWER CANNON!" Myotismon gazed behind him just in time to see Lilymon and Kabuterimon firing their attacks at him with the rest of the DigiDestined arriving behind them. However, he simply cast the attacks aside by sending a gust of wind from his mouth to blow them into the ceiling, causing a massive explosion.

"It's getting a little noisy in here," Myotismon commented as he began hovering to the now gaping hole in the middle of the viewing platform's ceiling. "Let's find someplace more...quieter," he added, bring Phantomon, Gatomon, and Kari and DemiDevimon up with him.

"Not so fast!" shouted Matt. "Garurumon!"

The wolf Digimon, hearing Matt's call immediately leapt up to the top of the TV station's roof to confront Myotismon. "You owe me a rematch from last night," he snarled at the vampire Digimon as Garudramon, Zudomon, and Puppetmon began flying up from behind him.

Garurumon Digivolve to...WEREGARURUMON!

Kabuterimon Digivolve to...MEGAKABUTERIMON!

"HORN BUSTER!" the giant red rhinoceros beetle Digimon shouted as he flew towards Myotismon. However, Myotismon saw the attack coming, and with a wave of his hand, shifted MegaKabuterimon's direction to attack WereGarurumon, knocking the werewolf Digimon off the edge of the rooftop. Panicking, WereGarurumon was barely able to grab onto the edge of the roof.

"CRIMSON LIGHTNING!" Myotismon shouted, letting out his blood-red whip to loosen WereGarurumon's grip, causing the werewolf to fall to the ground below. "That's got to hurt," the vampire Digimon chuckled observing the fall.

"PUPPET PUMMEL!" an immature voice suddenly came from behind Myotismon unexpectedly, as an energy blast knocked him to his knees. Turning around, Myotismon was stunned to see Puppetmon as the originator of the blast! "YOU'RE STILL ALIVE?!?" the vampire Digimon exclaimed disbelievingly.

"Hello, Mega-level Digimon?" Puppetmon asked rhetorically. "It'll take more than the likes of you to destroy me! Kari, catch!" the marionette suddenly shouted, throwing out the Crest to Kari, who immediately caught it.

Unfortunately, this move left him open to Myotismon's next attack, as he suddenly fired a bolt of Crimson Lightning, knocking the puppet Digimon unconscious.

"PUPPETMON, NO!" shouted Kari and DemiDevimon.

"Heh, that stopped him," sneered Myotismon as he turned to Kari and DemiDevimon. "Now give that Crest to me."

"I don't think so!" a familiar voice suddenly shouted out. Everyone looked to the other side of the rooftop to see Greymon standing there glaring at the vampire. And standing next to him was none other than Mimi and-

"TAI!" shouted Kari, glad to see her brother there.

"You just messed with the wrong guy's little sister, Fang-Face!" Tai growled at Myotismon. "Kari, catch!" he suddenly shouted throwing Kari's Digivice at her in an exact replica of Puppetmon's move from earlier. This time, however, before Kari could catch it, Gatomon, her tail ring aglow, suddenly leapt up and caught it herself.

"Good work, Gatomon," complimented Myotismon.

"What can I say, I was born lucky," the feline Digimon purred as her tail ring stopped glowing.

"Allow me to deal with these interlopers, Master," requested Phantomon. "I already injured the Greymon earlier, so it should be as easy as sliced bread to do it again. SCYTHE CUTTER!" he shouted flying towards Greymon with his scythe raised.

Greymon Digivolve to...METALGREYMON!

"Time out!" the ghost Digimon said nervously upon seeing the intimidating form of MetalGreymon.

"Coward," Myotismon muttered disappointedly upon observing this.

"Time for a rematch, Myotismon!" shouted MetalGreymon as he prepared to fire his missiles. "GIGA BLASTER!" However, just as the missiles were about to hit Myotismon, the vampire Digimon suddenly raised up his hand, causing the missiles to burst into data. The rest of the DigiDestined's Digimon attempted to fire off their attacks, but Myotismon simply did the same thing to their attacks.

"He's strong," muttered Matt while observing the battle. "Too strong."

"We can't give up!" shouted Garudramon as she attempted to fire another Wing Blade attack, which Myotismon blocked with a Grisly Wing.

"We have to save Kari and DemiDevimon!" agreed Zudomon as he attempted to pound Myotismon with his hammer, only for the vampire to block it with his bare hands.

Upon hearing those words, DemiDevimon was stunned. I don't believe it. After all those horrible things I did to them, they're still willing to try and save me. I guess I really AM supposed to be part of the DigiDestined.

"Are you done yet? I'm bored," Myotismon asked the DigiDestined sarcastically, not noticing T.K. and Patamon preparing to enter the battle. "It's time I finished the Eighth Child and her Digimon off once and for all!" he added, turning to Kari and DemiDevimon, who only glared at the vampire. "NIGHTMARE CLAW!"

Patamon Digivolve to...ANGEMON!

Before Myotismon could fire off his paralysis attack, he was suddenly distracted by a glowing light from behind him. "Now what?" the vampire snarled, turning his head towards the source of the light to find Angemon floating there, ready for battle.

"HAND OF FATE!" the angel Digimon shouted as he shot his holy energy out towards Myotismon and Phantomon, deleting the ghost Digimon and sending Myotismon to his knees.

Myotismon was furious. For the second time in less than 24 hours, that accursed angel had shown up at the last minute to ruin his seemingly-inevitable victory! Gazing upward, he glared hatefully at the Champion-level Digimon.

"Have you had enough or do you want some more?" Angemon shouted towards his foe.

"Odd, I was about to ask you the same question," commented Myotismon, a wicked grin on his face. "GRISLY WING!" However, instead of firing the bats at Angemon, he sent them in the opposite direction-straight towards Kari and DemiDevimon!

"KARI!" shouted Tai horrified.

Nobody had seemed to notice Puppetmon getting up after Myotismon had knocked him unconscious. Upon seeing Myotismon's bats heading towards Kari and DemiDevimon, he knew what he had to do. In a burst of speed the marionette Digimon suddenly appeared in front of the bats, blocking Kari and DemiDevimon as the bats tore through his wooden body.

"So much for being a Mega-level Digimon," sneered Myotismon upon observing Puppetmon's broken body. "Next time, don't get in my way!"

Kari and DemiDevimon immediately ran over to the fallen marionette. "Puppetmon, please be all right," Kari cried, holding the wooden Digimon.

"Are you...all right...DemiDevimon?" Puppetmon asked weakly to the bat Digimon.

"You saved me," whispered DemiDevimon, his eyes filling with tears for the first time in so many years. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" asked Puppetmon. "If I had never met you, I would never have been able to earn redemption for all the terrible things I did before we met. In that way, I'm glad we became friends." His gaze then turned serious as he continued: "DemiDevimon, listen to me...the DigiDestined need to be warned...about...the Evil Ones...promise'll tell them..."

"Don't worry, I will," DemiDevimon promised.

"Thank you...Thank you for everything, DemiDevimon..." said Puppetmon weakly as his wooden cogs finally stopped moving.

"Puppetmon, are you okay?" cried Kari looking at the fallen Digimon. "Puppetmon, please answer me?" In response, all Kari got was her reflection in Puppetmon's dead eyes right before the marionette burst into deletion. "PUPPETMON!" Kari cried as her Crest suddenly began glowing.

At the same time, her Digivice began shining off a radiant light in Gatomon's paws, blinding the white cat. "Augh! I can't hold on!" the feline Digimon shouted, throwing the Digivice away. Unfortunately for her, the Digivice ended up right in Tai's hands.

"Let's try this again!" shouted the DigiDestined leader as prepared to throw the Digivice to his younger sister again. "Kari, catch!" This time, Kari was able to catch the small device.

"Oh, no, not Him!" panicked Myotismon.

DemiDevimon Digivolve to...LUCEMON!

The DigiDestined were amazed. Now floating in DemiDevimon's place was a young child-like angel with blonde hair and twelve wings wearing a white toga and golden anklets and bracelets staring at Myotismon with cold gray eyes. "DemiDevimon is really an angel?" Kari asked confused upon seeing the new arrival.

(Yes, I know Lucemon is supposed to be a Rookie-level, but let's say for writer's convenience, he's a Champion, okay?)

"Myotismon," Lucemon began towards the vampire Digimon, "you have attempted to conquer both the Digital and Real Worlds and have caused suffering to human and Digimon alike. Have you no remorse for your actions?"

"I don't need any justification for what I have done!" Myotismon exclaimed scornfully towards the angel. "It is my Destiny to plunge these worlds into Darkness and become their King, and no human, Digimon, or angel is going to stop me!" Lucemon only continued glaring at Myotismon in reply.

"Myotismon, do you seriously have no regrets for the things you have done?" Angemon asked the vampire disbelievingly.

"Regrets? Me?" asked Myotismon sarcastically. "You must be thinking of the wrong Digimon! NIGHTMARE CL-"

"CLEANSING LIGHT!" shouted Lucemon, blocking Myotismon's attack by firing a wave of light that completely paralyzed the vampire Digimon. The light continued spreading until it had covered the rest of the DigiDestined's Digimon.

"Our power! It's increasing!" shouted MetalGreymon as the light began covering him.

"And I think we know how to use it," growled WereGarurumon as he leapt back onto the station's roof.

"Everyone, give your energy to Lucemon!" agreed Garudramon as she suddenly flew into the air. "WING BLADE!"







All seven attacks came together towards Lucemon, who immediately combined them to form a spear of light. "DEVINE FEAT!" the angel shouted, throwing the spear at Myotismon.

Still paralyzed from Lucemon's Cleansing Light attack, Myotismon was unable to escape the spear being thrown straight into his chest. The vampire screamed as he disappeared in a burst of light.

As the light faded, Kari and the others stared to find no trace of Myotismon. " gone," Kari said, looking around for any trace of the vampire Digimon.

The rest of the DigiDestined cheered for their victory over their toughest enemy to date until the viewing platform began rumbling ominously. "Let's get out of here before we get crushed!" shouted Sora as the Digimon immediately ran to their partners and began flying them down to the ground to safety just before the platform fell off the TV station and smashed to the ground.

A few minutes later, the Digimon had De-Digivolved back to their In-Training level forms with the exception of Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon, and DemiDevimon. "You guys were awesome!" exclaimed Tai. "I can't believe we finally defeated Myotismon!"

"Hopefully the Real World will finally be able to go back to normal," agreed Matt. The rest of the DigiDestined nodded in agreement until Sora suddenly noticed T.K. and Kari staring up at the sky, Patamon and DemiDevimon on their heads. "What's up with you two?" the Child of Love asked concerned.

"Look up," said T.K. pointing towards the sky. The older DigiDestined did so to discover-

"The fog barrier is getting thicker?" Matt asked confused.

"But how can that be?" Kari wondered. "Myotismon is gone."

"Maybe not," muttered Joe worried. "He is an Undead Digimon, after all: maybe he's still out there." His gaze turned serious as he continued: "What if, instead of destroying him, we only made him stronger?"

The rest of the DigiDestined had no reply to their friend's comment as they continued staring up into the fog.