summary: well this is it but from what anybody can guess it's bangel sorry to plp that have used that term already.


There are these two people who are destined for each other, but they're always separated until angel decides to ask buffy to marry him. She says yes. After the hellmouth is done for she goes to L.A. and works things out with angel. But he doesn't take the offer for Wolfram & Hart. They keep doing the usual. Angel worked everything out with connor. Cordelia is dead. Fred and gunn are still on the outs after what happened but they still get along with a little bit of tension. Buffy and Angel get married but willow does something for Angel, she binds his soul which means angel can have perfect happiness without any repercussions. After this happenes Giles decides to go with Buffy to L.A. to continue being her watcher.

so here it is please review and let me know what you think want me to continue or just quit well im ahead let me know