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Full Summary:

Isabella Swan is not your normal eighteen-year-old girl. Bella, as she likes to be called my only her closest friends, is captain of the Breaking Dawn, an all-women's pirate ship that is notorious for their raids on large Caribbean cities. Bella has a reputation for being amazingly clever, cunning and a "man-hater" and her shipmates' are just as bad. She has her reasons for acting this way, but she refuses to tell even her closest of friends of the events that caused her to become this way. Bella can get herself out of any situation that she chooses in a moment's time. But what happens when she finds herself in the one situation that she can't get herself out of? Falling in love with the one thing she despised most. A man. But she has bigger problems. A storm is coming that no one expected and it's up to Bella and her crew to stop it. Let's just hope they make it on time. All Human.

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Chapter 1: The Escape

A small girl with shining brunette curls raced through the legs of the tall men all around her that were raising the sails of the Twilight just as the sun began to set. The men moved out of the way, not wanting to touch the girl that was, in the majority of their minds, going to surely lead them to their deaths.

The girl didn't mind that the men didn't like her. The only thing that mattered to her was her father. "Papa!" she cried with a smile on her face.

A tall man with the same brunette curls turned and smiled down at his child. He reached down and picked up her small form. "What are you doing up at this time of night?" he asked with a playful tone.

She gave him a looked that questioned his sanity. "It's only sunset," she said.

He nodded and laughed at his daughter's tenacity and walked over to the railing of the ship. He pointed out over the Caribbean Sea. "Do you see how the sun sets behind the horizon?"

She girl nodded. "Well, one day when we decide to leave this earth, we'll sink below the horizon as well. Some people think that this is a sad thing and, in a way, it is, but what they don't see is that they can join their loved ones that have left this earth before them."

She little girl smiled. "Like Mama, right?"

The man tried to hold back his tears. "Yes, like your mother." He gave his daughter a smile and hitched her onto his hip. "And now, it is time for you to go to bed."

She pouted, but obeyed her father. He carried her to her chambers and laid her down on her small bed and kissed her forehead. "Good night, my angel."

"Good night, Papa," she yawned as she drifted to sleep to the sound of the waves below her.

The girl was awoken suddenly by the sound of explosions and shouts. She climbed out of bed quickly and ran out of her chambers.

"Papa!" she cried over the noise. She looked around frantically, searching for her father.

She spotted him and ran towards him. "Papa!"

He whipped around and grabbed her and brought her to his chest and ran to put her back into her room. "You must stay here," he said sternly, fear showing in his face. She had never seen her father like this before.

"What's happening, Papa?" she asked.

"Nothing, angel. I promise everything will be all right," he said as he tried to wipe the fear off of his face, so not to scare his daughter anymore.

"Prepare to board!" she heard a man call from a distance. She peeked around her father and saw about twenty very large men land on the deck of the ship.

"Papa! Look behind you!" she cried. Her father spun around just as one of the men brought his sword above his head to strike him down. Her father raised his sword just as the other man's came down.

Her father battled with the pirate and finally cut him down. He turned around to make sure that his daughter stayed in her room until the danger had past, but she was not there. He looked around for her frantically.

"Papa! Help!" he heard her call. He spun around looking for her in the direction that he had heard her voice come from. His eyes widened in fright for his daughter, who was in the hands of one of the pirates from the attacking ship.

He raced towards her but was cut off my two of the other pirates. They were both holding swords. He easily cut them down and raced off again to save his daughter.

He was almost to the man that held his daughter captive when he felt a searing pain in his side. He looked down and saw that there was a gash running down his side, the blood staining his shirt.

He turned to find the man that had wounded him and saw that he was surrounded. He looked around for one of his own men to help him, but he saw that they were all dead or dying.

He dropped his sword in surrender. He would never be able to get out of this predicament. He looked behind him to see that the man that was holding his daughter was still on board the Twilight. He sighed in relief when he saw that she was still unharmed. But that sigh was cut short as he felt a sword getting plunged into his stomach.

"No! Papa! No!" the girl cried. Tears streaming nonstop down her face. "No!"

He fell to the deck of the ship as the pirate that had stabbed him laughed manically and pulled his sword from his stomach.

He heard the others laugh with the man as he looked up to find his daughter. "Papa! Papa!" she continued to cry.

He knew that he was dying fast. "Be brave, my angel… I love you… Bella," were the last words he muttered before his eyes closed for the last time.

Bella's eyes overflowed with more tears. "Papa! No! Please come back! Please! You promised everything would be all right! You promised!" she sobbed as the pirate that was holding her swung back over to his own ship.

She watched as her father's beloved Twilight burst into flames and slowly sink towards the ocean floor.

"You promised," she muttered as she continued to cry as her father sank into the ocean depths.

(Bella's POV)

I woke with a start. I felt tears running down my face. It had been seven years since my father was killed my the very pirates that kidnapped me, locked me up in the smallest room on the ship, and made me their personal slave.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and sat up. I've had that very dream for the past seven years. It constantly haunted me and never let me forget that horrible day.

My thirteenth birthday was in a fortnight and all of the horrible men on this ship were very excited about it.

The captain of the ship had told his crew that I was not to be used as a bed-warmer until I was of the age that he designated and that was thirteen. I've even heard them arguing over which one of them "got me" first. I was disgusted to say the least.

I wasn't about to let some slimy man steal away my virtue. I was going to give it away when I wanted to and I had decided long ago that that would be never. I have learned to hate men and everything about them.

I was planning to escape from this horrid place and find a way back to the Caribbean (we were somewhere near England at the moment) and find a ship that I would let me be part of the crew. It was always a dream of mine to have my own ship and my own crew and sail the seas just because I wanted to.

I had been planning this escape since I was brought aboard this ship and I now knew that it was time for me to put it into action.

I had stolen two extra swords from below decks when I was seven and have learned to use them well. I had watched the crews many duels on board and practiced when I knew everyone was asleep at night. I could use both hands equally well and I was fast.

I planned to sneak away in the night when I knew that the laziest of the crew was on watch. I was planning on knocking the man unconscious and then cutting away all of the row boats and use one to escape to the London port and taking a ship over to the Caribbean Islands. I had gone over the plan so many times in my head that I knew that it would work.

I placed my feet on the floor and got up and peeked my head out the door to see what time it was. I saw the sun peeking out over the horizon and knew that it was just after dawn.

I sighed and got dressed in the ridiculous dress that they made me wear and left the room to go to the kitchen to fetch the captain and his son's breakfast.

The cook grunted at me when I walked into the kitchen and picked up the plates. I trudged up to the captain's quarters and knocked on the door. "Come in, Isabella," I heard the captain call.

I pushed open the door and walked over to the table where the captain and his son were seated. "Thank you, Isabella," the captain said with a very false smile. I nodded and went to stand in the corner like I was supposed to and waited for them to finish.

"Isabella, there's an important event coming up for you, isn't that right?" Captain Black asked. Captain William "Billy" Black was rightly named. His heart was as black as his name. He was cruel to even his own crew. He was kind to me, but I knew it was a false kindness. The only person he was truly kind to was his son, Jacob, and that was only because Jacob was equally as cruel.

Jacob was almost very full of himself. He thought that just because he was the captain's son, that he could just march around the ship giving orders to the crew. The only difference between the two was that Jacob looked at me with lust in his eyes. I knew that if I stayed until my thirteenth birthday, I would be in his bed first. I held in a shudder at the thought.

I nodded, not wanting to speak. I continued to look at the floor. "I expect you to be on the deck for the celebration that night," he said. I just nodded again. If I'm even on the ship, I thought to myself.

They finished their breakfast and I took the plates back to the kitchen and washed them and put them back where they belonged.

I went back to my room and waited for someone to call me to do something for them.

Five days later at midnight…

I poked my head out of my door to make sure no one was near. When I was satisfied that no one was around, I snuck over to where I knew Quil, one of Jacob's lackeys and one of the laziest people on this ship, was taking his shift of the watch. The thick fog helped conceal my presence from him, as well.

I was wearing a pair of trousers and a loose fitting shirt to hide my woman parts and my best pair of boots. They were worn in, so they made no noise as I traveled across the deck to where Quil was standing. I pulled my dagger out from its hiding spot in my boot and quickly rapped him on the temple with the hilt. I caught him as he started to fall and I gently laid him down on the deck, so that no one would hear the thud that his body would have made.

I traveled over to the first of the row boats and threw the oars into the water and then cut the ropes that held it to the ship. I did that with the remaining boats and then climbed into the last one and lowered myself into the water. I cut the rope that held the boat to the ship and picked up the oars and started rowing in the direction on the London port, which was only a few hours row from where Captain Black had his ship anchored.

I smiled as I rowed towards my freedom.

Dawn that same day…

I arrived at the London port at dawn and hopped out of my boat, not even bothering to tie it up. I wouldn't need it anymore.

I went over to the dock listings and looked for the first ship that was sailing for the Caribbean. I found one that was leaving in not even half an hour and I saw that was very close to the ship as well.

I ran over to were the ship was and snuck past the guards that were guarding the entrance and slid below decks into the cargo hold. There was plenty of food down here and I doubted that anyone would notice if a little bit was gone by the end of the voyage.

I settled into a corner of the cargo hold and waited for the ship to depart. When I heard the sound of the captain yelling commands to lower the sails and the ship beginning to move forward, I smiled to myself.

I was free.

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