A/N: Why not?

"No, Natalie."

"Come on, Uncle Bret. I haven't even met him yet. How can you tell me to stay away from him?" Nattie Neidhart argued back, crossing her arms at her uncle.

"I know him. He's a bad kid," Bret Hart explained.

Nattie hopped out of the ring in her family's famous Hart Dungeon. She walked over to her duffel bag and pulled out her water bottle, taking a long sip. "What makes you think I'm even going to talk to him? I'm going to SmackDown, remember? He's on RAW."

"Canadians always find each other in wrestling, you know that," Bret said, causing his young niece to roll her eyes. "Trish and Christian...Edge and Christian..."

"Oh my god, Uncle Bret! That is weird. Edge and Christian grew up together, and I don't think they liked each other like that," Nattie exclaimed, tossing her bottle back into her bag. "Besides, isn't Jericho like...fifty?"

"Natalie, I'm just over fifty. Chris isn't even forty yet. Look, I'm not saying that you're just going to run and jump into bed with him, but be careful. Chris likes Divas, okay? He likes them a lot."

"I thought he was married," Nattie said nonchalantly as she jumped back into the ring and rebounded off the ropes.

"Yeah...was...Look, just promise me you'll be careful, alright? You're a beautiful Canadian woman, and that's just what he likes."

"How do you know? How do you even know any of this?" Natalya wondered, hopping up on the turnbuckle and doing a backflip, landing squarely on her feet.

"You see that ring you're standing in? He trained here when you were too young to remember. I know Chris Jericho very well."