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Prologue: How it started

"We'll be back at around ten." Jacob said to my dad as we left the house for our movie night at Jakes house. His house was so convenient. When we moved from forks two years ago, he came with us. All of us Cullen's live in our huge house, and Jake has a cottage which is just far enough away that my dad can't read his mind while he's at home. That was great for when I wanted some privacy in my own mind. When we got to his place, he popped in the movie and plopped down onto the couch next to me. We didn't actually watch any of the movies. We just made out the whole time. Then, he stopped for a moment. "I love you." He said. He had said it a million times before, but, this time felt different.

"I love you too." I said back to him as he held me closer. I could tell from that exact moment that this was going to be the night. I made my decision. I was ready for it. I moved my arms up his shirt. Okay, here it goes…

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