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Chuck vs. The Morgan Door

On a good day the closest the spy world comes to impacting my home life is a fake date with Sarah, but today is a bad day. We have exactly 10 minutes to finish setting up the surveillance equipment in the courtyard before a potentially volatile exchange goes down.

Casey will be point for the drop, while Sarah and I cover the scene with audio video equipment from my room.

"You finished with that relay Bartowski?"

"Just one more second."

"Maybe you'd like me to get you some tea and crumpets while you wait."

"That would be lovely Casey, but explain to me again, how did these goons decide upon this particular location for the drop?" Casey is turning a subtle shade of crimson, whether from the shame of being tailed home or his anger at me for the mockery is indiscernible.

"Chuck finish up the sync," Sarah steps between us, gently pressing Casey back towards the Morgan Door. "Casey check the merchandise, we've got less than ten minutes."

Casey grumbles but grabs the briefcase from the window pane and flips it open on my bed. I can hear a steady stream of muttering in which I detect my name, multiple times, and some very disquieting insinuations about my parents being unwed and potentially related hill folk.

Sarah's hand on my shoulder almost makes me jump. "Ready?"

It's a simple question, but her warm breath colliding with my ear is distracting. I falter on the last key strokes, but when it's finally done I can't help but turn towards her. I didn't realize she was so close to me. A few strands of her hair catch on my stubble and our lips are nearly ghosting when I tell her, "Done."

The slam of metal locks on the briefcase breaks the moment and Sarah discretely tilts her head away from mine, barely concealing a half-smile in the process. I turn back to the video feeds only to see Casey flash me a smile and a loser signal. I stick my tongue out at the screen and I hear a small laugh, quickly followed by a fake cough from Sarah.

The gentle buzzing of my iPhone pulls my attention, "Hey Morgan," Casey and Sarah are emphatically miming to me to cut the call, "not a good time buddy can I call you later?"

"It's over Chuck…she's going to kick me out so I figure I might as well leave on my own. I mean I've got my pride," pause, "its cool if I stay with you right?"

"Whoa, back up! Anna kicked you out?"

John Casey puts his hand over the receiver and all but growls, "We don't have time for you to play match maker Bartowski, ditch him now!"

"Morgan, I'm sure it's not as bad as all that, but it's really not a good time for me to talk." I hate this, I hate turning away a friend in need, but then Morgan has never been good at picking up on subtle hints…or even blunt ones such as this.

"You know what, I really can't talk about this over the phone?"

I sigh with relief, "Yeah, you know what buddy just hang tight and I'll call you back in a little while, we'll meet up and I'll buy you a beer. You can tell Dr. Chuck all about it…just…not right now."

"Two steps ahead my friend. I've got a six pack of Zima, a bag of Jolly Ranchers, and I'll be at your place in two minutes."

I hear the line disconnect, "No, no, no…Morgan." I redial frantically and everyone freezes as we hear Morgan's ringtone echo through the courtyard. "Oh no."

Casey's in my face, "In less than 5 minutes a drug trafficking faction that funds terrorist activity is meeting with me in the courtyard outside this apartment. I don't care what you have to do, but get rid of that moron or so help me I'll do it myself."

I cock my head to the side and gently unfurl Casey's fists from my collar, "In all our years of friendship I've never been able to get Morgan to leave this apartment in less than 23 minutes and you expect me to be able to dismiss him in the next 4 ½ minutes?"

Sarah steps between us, "Casey, in the closet now." She physically backs him up into the narrow space and shuts the door.

"Sarah, what are you doing?" I'm familiar with the determined, predatory look on her face, but I can't recall it ever being directed at me before. I open my mouth to repeat the question, but loose all speech capabilities when Sarah pulls her tank top over her head and pushes me back onto the bed.

When her lips crush against mine and her weight settles across my hips, I can't help but buck at the electric shock going through me. It takes a full minute for my brain to catch up, we're putting on a show for Morgan, he'll see he's interrupting and fall back. It's a smart plan. I unlock the tension in my body, pull Sarah tighter against me, and revise my initial assessment…this is a frakking brilliant plan.

Her mouth opens on a gasp and I slowly kiss her…open mouthed, just a trace of my tongue along her lower lip. The key to a really good kiss is finding that delicate balance of restraint and release. Her fingers are tangled in my hair and they twist reflexively and painfully each time I dance away from deepening the kisses. My fingers are tracing the delicate contours of her face and stroking from the small of her back up to the clasp of her bra. I tuck a strand of hair behind her ear and follow the trail with buttery soft kisses before nibbling on her ear, "Has he gone?" I haven't opened my eyes since this began, but I know, sadly, that Sarah's a consummate professional. I'm shocked when I feel her lips ravish my neck, rather than reply, the timber of my voice is husky, "I'll take that as a no."

I nuzzle down to her shoulder, giving her a better vantage point of the window, and discovering a curious spot along her neck that makes her breath hitch in the process. I follow the delicate lace pattern of her bra from the back to the front and curling my hand into a loose fist, I drag the back of my knuckles across the swell of her breast. I spread my palm out above the valley of her chest, content just to feel the wild rhythm of her heartbeat. Each thunderous slam builds up my courage. I slide my hand up the column of her throat and turn her head so we're cheek to cheek. She turns into me, seeking that elusive release and finally I acquiesce, brandishing all the longings I've stored away with a kiss so deep we're both shuddering for breathe.

I've never hated the tedious act of breathing so much in my life. The air is cold in contrast to the heat of her mouth, arid compared to the succulence of her tongue twined with mine, and oxygen tastes like bitter ash after the perfume of her kisses. I inhale deeply, but I can't bring myself to stop touching her lips to mine. Her shaky intake of breath forces my eyes open and my stomach clenches. There's no clear blue depths looking back at me, no dilated pupils, no hooded eyes…Sarah Walker's face is flushed and her eyes are closed tight.

It takes a blind man or in this case woman, to truly see. And for the first time ever, I can see it…I can see that she loves me. I do the only thing I can think to; I cup her face and press a kiss to each of her closed eye lids. Her breath catches and her eyes fly open in shock and maybe just a little bit of horror.

Her line of sight travels over to the window, "Morgan, what the hell?"

I turn around to find Morgan staring open mouthed at the two of us. Funny enough I forgot all about why this was happening, being far too engrossed by the novelty of the fact that it was happening to begin with. I angle my body so that Sarah's obscured from view and let my sexual frustration vent in Morgan's general direction. He may not deserve it, but national security is at stake and I need a minute to compose myself, "Dude, I told you now was not a good time."

"So sorry man, look I can just hang in the living room until you guys are…"

Sarah gets to her feet and approaches the window in just her bra and jeans. "Morgan, I'm sorry about the thing with Anna, but Ellie and Devon are gone for the rest of the day, Chuck and I haven't seen each other in 3 days, and if you don't turn around and leave right now, I may just have to hurt you."

Morgan glances at me, a trace of fear in his eyes and I can only shrug with an unapologetic smile.

Sarah smiles sweetly, "You can play with Chuck when I'm done with him…tomorrow."


She leans in managing to be both sexy and threatening in equal measure, "At the earliest."

Morgan gives a little bow in my direction, "Later, Chuck."

"Bye, Morgan." I watch him leave on the monitor and check the clock, we've got 2 minutes.

Casey pulls the door aside, "Well that was disturbing."

It's the obvious joke, but I just can't help myself. "What coming out of the closet?"

A menacing step in my direction is impeded by a now fully clothed Sarah, "Casey, the mission, focus."

He eyes her incredulously, "Pots and kettles, Walker. Tell me, did you even notice that the little gnome was standing there wide-eyed for a full minute?"

Sarah's jaw sets, "We had to sell it."

"Well then maybe you should do the exchange today, because you're a hell of a salesman."

"Are you questioning my…"

I loose the thread of their conversation as the barrage of data assaults my senses. When the flash is over, I take a deep breath and watch as the three men enter through the gates. "Casey, they're here."

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