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Light fled into my room and burnt into my closed eyes. The room was chilled and I wasn't quite ready to start my day. I groaned and squeezed my eyes tighter together, rolling over in the bed pulling the cover with me as I ducked under it. I heard an almost noiseless chuckle from only a few inches away from my face. I huffed and furrowed my brows into the pillow I rested on comfortably. I pulled my knees slightly closer to my chest and curled up against the figure I could feel lying outside of the covers. The comforter was gently pulled from over my head as I fought tiredly to place it back in my hands and cover up my face from the gray light flooding in.

"No," I mumbled lazily, "Stop. Sleepy." My words weren't making sense, but I figured a century old vampire could figure it out. He chuckled and pulled the blanket completely from my face.

"Noooo" I whined pitifully. "Too bright!" I felt cold breath against my face as the light was suddenly gone. I slowly cracked my eyes to see Edward's dark topaz eyes staring down at me with a smile playing on his lips, slowly cracking into the crooked smile I loved. The tired state of mind didn't even affect his ability to dazzle me beyond wonders. Light shone around his head and his eyes, as dark as they were, were sparkling. He wore an off-white sweater and I chuckled to myself at the angelic figure before me. He was always my angel, however the way the light shone and the way his eyes seemed so relaxed made him look even more reverent than usual. He raised his eyebrow.

"You look like an angel." I whispered closing my eyes as I smiled. He chuckled lightly as I cuddled into his arm that kept him hovered above me. He leaned forward and kissed my lips sweetly. A jolt of electricity burst through me, even reaching the tips of my toes causing them to curl slightly as his icy lips pressed into mine gently and tenderly. As the kiss intensified I tasted the sleep in my throat. I pushed him away slightly and turned my head away from his lips. He jumped backwards and sat perched at the edge of the bed.

"Did I hurt you?" His eyes were anxious and full of pain. I blushed and realized how rash I had been about something so mundane. My eyes widened slightly as I shook my head quickly.

"Then what is it?" He asked slowly inching closer to me. "Bella, why aren't you breathing?" I grimaced when he reminded me about my aching lungs.

"Human moment!" I gasped before covering my mouth with my hand as I struggled to get out of the bed. I grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt from my dresser as I rushed into the bathroom and brushed my teeth frantically. I couldn't even stand the taste of the morning or the smell of it, and yet I kissed Edward with it. His vampire senses were so acute, there was no way he didn't smell it.

I flushed red as the door slowly opened as I was brushing my teeth. He smiled a relieved smile as he stood behind me while I spat the remaining toothpaste in the sink; so ladylike. I smiled a bitter smile as he spun me around by my waist as I placed the tooth brush in the cup where I kept them neatly. I gasped and stumbled as his hand rested on the small of my back steadying me. He smiled and kissed my forehead. I had naively hoped that he would let me just rest against his chest for a minute before pulling me backwards to stare into his ocher eyes.

"Mind telling me what that was all about?" He said softly as he pushed a strand of hair behind my ear.

"I needed to brush my teeth…" I said honestly.

"Are you really that worried about plaque?" He teased raising an eyebrow. I shook my head slowly as he let me slide back into his chest. He kissed the top of my head and whispered, "You're perfect no matter what," He paused and I could feel his lips smile against my hair, "With or without morning breath." I blushed furiously and he laughed happily.

"Shut up," I mumbled into his chest. His chest shook with laughter.

"It's not as bad as you think, love."He promised before tearing me away from him and kissing my lips gently and chastely. He pulled away and slid out the door, closing it behind him.

I grabbed my clothes and quickly changed into them, not wasting any time. I ran a comb through my hair and headed to my room. He sat gracefully on my bed and smiled as I entered the room. He patted the spot next to him on the bed and I willingly took a seat. He smiled as I stared into his too-dark eyes. I reached out and touched his face, and ran my thumb over the dark circles underneath them. I placed my other hand on the other side of his face and slowly moved both my hands behind his neck as I wrapped my arms around him and began to kiss him smoothly and more coordinated than I had originally planned.

Edward smoothly shifted me so I was straddling him. I wrapped my hands in his hair and got caught up in the kiss. Edward leaned back, now resting horizontally while I rested above him. A few moments passed and instead of breaking away like I was accustomed to by now, he flipped us so he was now pinning me onto the bed. He deepened the kiss further and on a regular basis, I would have encouraged such behavior. But right now his body was fierce and rigid, and slowly I could feel my lungs begging for air. I lightly removed my hands from his hair and placed them on his cheek, and ever so lightly I pushed him a few inches from my face. His eyes were nearly black; not with hunger, but with lust. I gasped for air and his breathing was rushed. He stared at me intently while I caught my breath. He rolled from above me to my side. His body was still and his eyes were still dark.

After my breathing was back to normal and Edward's posture had relaxed, I let my head fall into his chest.

"I'm sorry," He muttered as he stroked my hair. I abruptly pulled my head from his chest and stared into his hardly-lightened eyes.

"Sorry for what?" I asked, my brows pulling together.

"I took that too far," He said softly. "I didn't mean to be so…so aggressive. I just couldn't stop myself." His voice was tainted with chagrin. I smiled after his apology.

"I really didn't mind," I smiled up at him and a faint smile played on his lips.

"You should go hunting," I insisted quietly.

"I can wait," He said stubbornly.

"Your eyes are so dark," I said honestly. "Didn't you say something about a family trip today? Why did you decide not to go?" I asked curiously.

He shrugged, "I didn't like the idea of leaving you alone without any of us to stay behind. Besides, it's torture having to be away from you that long." My heart skipped a beat as he flashed my favorite crooked smile. He laughed lightly.

"Don't worry about me," I promised, "You really need to go hunting and I haven't hung out with Angela in a really long time. She invited me to Port Angeles today, and I guess I'll go with her. I'll be perfectly fine." He stared at me sideways before finally nodding his head, conceding with my decision.

"Fine," he sighed, "They're leaving in thirty minutes. I should go home and get ready. Promise me you will keep your phone with you?" His voice was so pathetic when he worried.

"I promise," I said rolling my eyes. He eyed me carefully before standing up slowly taking me with him and walking slowly to the window.

"I should be home by tomorrow morning. I will keep my cell phone on, and if you need anything, call me immediately. If I don't answer, try Alice or Carlisle. They both keep theirs on all the time, as well." I felt as if he was making a list that you leave for a babysitter; all the emergency contacts are right here, and if anything were to happen…

"Edward, I'll be fine." I insisted. He sighed heavily before wrapping his arms around my shoulders pulling me to him and kissing my lips chastely and resting me against his chest. As I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath taking in Edward's scent, the phone began to ring. I jumped in Edward's arms as he kept me upright and still. Charlie yelled that he 'got it' before I could even consider answering the phone. A few seconds passed as I rested my head on Edward's chest again. Edward stiffened and I wasn't sure what was wrong. I pulled away and looked him directly in the eyes. He growled almost inaudibly under his breath.

"Edward?" I called. His eyes snapped from the wall and focused on m y face as his softened slightly.

"Jacob and Billy are coming to watch the game tonight," He stated warily. My heart raced. He had said Jacob. The very same Jacob who had been off God knows where for weeks if not months, without a single word to anyone. My chest still hurt thinking about his abandonment. Although losing Jacob was nothing like losing my soul mate, however, losing a best friend is painful in its own way. Edward seemed to understand as he just kissed my cheek and let me process.

"Would you like me to stay, now?" he whispered. I shook my head.

"I…I don't think I want to see him. Not just yet. I think he needs more time. I'll just do my best to get home after the game would be sure to be over." My logic was flawed somewhere in its master plan, yet somehow it seemed silly to try and locate where. Edward watched me cautiously and nodded.

"If you're sure," He accepted his defeat. After all, he knew better than I did that he needed to hunt and that there was no way he could be around me safely much longer.

"You should go, really. I'm just going to call Ang and then I'll be going with her to Port Angeles. I'll be fine." I promised. He nodded and kissed me passionately on the lips. A jolt of electricity shot from my spine to each crevice of my body. I swooned in his arms as he rested me on my feet and immediately took off out the window. I would have been more concerned with the rapid exit if Charlie hadn't walked in only seconds later.

"Jake and Billy are coming over to watch the game tonight. Would you like to join us?" He tried. His hand awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck as he tried to find some way to reunite Jake and me.

"I've made plans tonight. I'm going with Angela to a few stores. We'll be out all day. I'll be home later, though. Tell them I said hi." My voice was quiet and simple as he shrugged and walked out.

I caught a glimpse of the clock and gasped as I dialed Angela's number quickly and promised her to meet her there and confirmed that today would be catching up on all the time we had missed lately. She asked me to meet her as soon as I could and I promised I would do my best. I took off running down the stairs and grabbed a jacket on the way out to shield me from the rain.

"Bye, Charlie!" I shouted behind me as I ran out the door. Of course, as much as I tried, the rain proved to be more dangerous than any vampire coven. My foot slipped from underneath me as I yelped. I waited to hit the harsh stone of the driveway and covered my face when two stone hands caught me inches before the ground. I gasped as I looked into the smiling eyes above me.

"You didn't think I would leave without a proper good-bye, did you Miss Swan?" He asked innocently. The rain drizzled on my hair. I blushed as he pulled me into a cradled carry. He walked me to my truck and placed me safely inside the bed of the truck. He smiled as he kissed my cheek.

"Take care of yourself," He whispered before pulling away. I smiled and nodded.

"I love you," I said quickly before he shut the door. "I'll miss you." I added. His eyes lit up.

"I love you more than you will ever know." He promised. And with that, he shut the door to the truck and ran into the rainy forest. I revved up my truck and slowly made my way to Port Angeles.